Metallic Minerals – Drilling updates from the La Plata Silver-Gold-Copper Project and Keno Silver Project

July 26, 2021

Greg Johnson, CEO and Chairman of Metallic Minerals (TSX.V:MMG – OTCQB:MMNGF) joins us to recap the start of the drill program at the La Plata Silver-Gold-Copper Project in Colorado, and the status of the ongoing drill program at the Keno Hill Project in Yukon. La Plata has a 2,000 meter program that just started to test and confirm the porphyry system, while 10,000 meters are underway at Keno Hill.

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    Jul 26, 2021 26:51 AM

    .56% Cu is about $55/ton at spot. not sure if I’m so impressed with that 400m

      Jul 26, 2021 26:10 PM

      There are many producers and developers with projects at .50% Copper, so 400 meters of it is still economic. We are also talking about a potential North American deposit in Colorado with La Plata, not some South American, African, or Indonesian country in political upheaval.

        Jul 26, 2021 26:13 PM

        It’s definitely worth follow up on with more drilling, as there is wide mineralization there, with small amounts of precious metals mixed in.

      Jul 26, 2021 26:02 PM

      .56% copper is medium grade but only just, .5% t0 1.5% is considered medium grade.

        Jul 27, 2021 27:28 AM

        True DT, but with all deposits it will come down to whether or not it is economic to extract it and there are mines in operation at those grades. The other point is that it is enough mineralization at that grade over 400 meters to warrant the follow up drilling they are planning. If they find more of it at long intercepts or pockets of higher grades then it will warrant even more drilling.

        MMG’s flagship Keno Silver project in the Yukon is my primary interest in the company, but La Plata is worth doing some more exploration on it to see what may be there. The prior historic work is just intersting enough to show some promise that more treasure may be buried in that mineral trend.

      Jul 27, 2021 27:18 AM

      Chakana Copper strikes 12 meters of copper @ 27.39%, including 967 g/t of AG, and 0.38 g/t au, at Soledad, SYL-PERU This is HUGE!

        Jul 27, 2021 27:51 AM

        Investors have soured so much on the resource market that they don’t want to trade a stock that comes out with great drill results and is located in Peru. LOL! Investors in the resource market are always wary of the sound of broken glass that is how skittish trading commodities gets but if you look at the conventional markets they are always looking through rose colored glasses until a a tornado shows up for the smack down.

    Jul 26, 2021 26:29 PM

    DV.V. Had a rough day ,down approximately 11%One company that I’ve been watching for weeks and weeks. Couldn’t find any recent news to warrant the weakness .Does anyone know what caused today’s sell off??

      Jul 26, 2021 26:41 PM

      Ann, I’ve been watching Dolly for awhile to take a position—it has taken out the weekly MA with vigor and is probably headed even lower. There is no news that I can find to justify the plunge.

        Jul 27, 2021 27:09 AM

        You’re right about that Ann & Doc – Dolly Varden has been hit hard the last few weeks, but there is not a good reason from any news trigger, and it is just technical chart damage that lead to downward momentum trading. There are more sellers than buyers overall in the PM sector as of late, and DV was certainly not spared from the carnage.

        Personally, I’m optimistic that they’ll have a pretty regular pipeline of good news slated for the 2nd half of the year, so looking to see what they hit with the drill bit, and also some of optionality they may have with their gold targets that are up and adjacent to Fury’s Homestake project. It would make sense for those to potentially be one larger project, so maybe they could JV the property with Fury, or something along those lines…

        Regardless, I expect better days to come for DV and may nibble at a little more down at these levels.

          Jul 28, 2021 28:54 AM

          Still thinking about Dolly Varden… One potential here with prices this low, is someone like Hecla, could swoop in for a takeover at one point, because they initially tried a few years back but the prior management team blocked that transaction by way of a poison pill financing. This time around, the newer team with Shawn at the helm may be more receptive to a merger.

    Jul 26, 2021 26:14 PM

    Appreciate the response Doc.seemed a bit dramatic to me.SVE. Is another I want to buy that I have a feeling will weaken further And Remember….MON-V I asked your opinion on when it was trading in the high 20’s…glad I took your advice

    Jul 27, 2021 27:35 AM

    Michael Boutros on Gold (35:10) :