Tarachi Gold – Exploration Update From The Jabali Concession and The Magistral Project

July 29, 2021

Cameron Tymstra, President and CEO of Tarachi Gold (CSE-TRG – OTCQB:TRGGF) joins us to recap the recent exploration results from the Jabali Concession in Sonora, Mexico and the Magistral Project in Durango, Mexico. We start by reviewing the June 10th news reporting 5 drilling assays that came back from exploring at depth near the La Dura Mine at Tarachi South. Next we shift over to the ongoing drill program at Tarachi North, announced June 16th, where there will be 4 deep diamond holes and 1 shallow hole at the San Javier Concession and La Colorada gold bearing breccia pipe.

We wrap up by discussing the 37 holes drilled at the historic tailings deposit at the Magistral Project that are still awaiting assays and metallurgical test work, which will be incorporated into the Company’s upcoming PEA slated for the 3rd week of September.

If you have any follow up questions for Cameron regarding Tarachi Gold, please email us at or

Click here for a summary of all the recent news out of Tarachi Gold.

    Jul 29, 2021 29:50 AM

    The JAB A LI……… that is a good one… how about JAB A LIE…….. in vogue with Covid… lol…. ok, just kidding…. Orphan section needs some new bodies… lol….

    Jul 29, 2021 29:51 AM

    Loved VIZSF @ #1.80 & $1.76

    Jul 29, 2021 29:57 AM

    Bonzo did it again; just bought more NSRPF. There is no stopping him.

      Jul 29, 2021 29:15 AM

      NSRPF – Bought it for the 2nd time in 2 years @ $1.50, I’m out again @ $2.20

        Jul 29, 2021 29:30 AM

        I loved my silver range call last week – $ 23.70 – $24.80. I think it will hold

          Jul 29, 2021 29:39 AM

          Hi Marty – That was a good call on the Silver range that you posted last week , and I mentioned so at the time. So far so good, and it looks like that range will hold as support.

          Good buys on Vizsla. It looks like the miners have really perked up yesterday and today, so maybe this is the bounce we’ve been waiting for in the sector.

        Jul 29, 2021 29:39 AM

        I might 10% of my NSRPF@10, another 10%@20, etc.

        Jul 29, 2021 29:58 AM

        GSVRF – sold al @ $.47

          Jul 29, 2021 29:13 AM

          Good trade in Guanajuanto Silver Marty.

          I also bought some shares recently at lower levels, but am holding onto my position on this bounce, as I like their pathway to production in the medium term, and they’ll have good economics at anywhere close today’s metals prices, or even if the metals head lower.

            Jul 29, 2021 29:00 AM

            GSVRF- I’ll reload @ – $.39 & $.36

    Jul 29, 2021 29:34 AM

    Some up, some down…almost a break even day with Gold up $30.

      Jul 29, 2021 29:10 AM

      Overall there are far more up than down today though, and many juniors are up in the high single digits to double-digits in percentage terms today, so that is refreshing to see.

      GDX & GDXJ both up over 3% thus far

      SIL up 3.5% and SILJ up 4%+ thus far

      Overall it is a much more encouraging day, especially on the heels of yesterday where we also saw a nice bounce in the miners and a mild move higher in the metals.

        Jul 29, 2021 29:25 PM

        Not a bad day. Ended like it opened. Could of had a 30 second market today and everyone could have mowed their lawns.
        On a more interesting note, on at least 5 occasions in the last 30 minutes of my Schwab account, Vizsla dropped 39.99% and then within one hit on refresh, returned to being up 10% for the day. The first time was concerning. The rest of the time I just hit refresh. I even went to the Vizsla site to make sure there wasn’t something going on. The price kept falling to $1.09.

          Jul 29, 2021 29:20 PM

          I noticed that as well , David @ Schwab, yet it never traded less than $1.88. On the chart. My TD Ameritrade, it traded as low as $1.81 at the open

            Jul 29, 2021 29:42 PM

            Yeah it was a pretty good day overall in the PM miners, including Vizsla.

            That’s weird with those Schwab readings. I see (VZLA) closed at $2.51 up 9.61% today on Yahoo, and that matches the daily close on Stockcharts.

            Here’s the strong daily candle today on this Vizsla chart:


            Jul 29, 2021 29:47 PM

            Actually I think you guys are discussing the OTC (VIZSF).

            VIZSF still closed at $2.00 up 9.11% on the day, which was a nice move.

            It looks like the MACD and TSI on the daily is about to cross up bullishly in the near-term. Vizsla just blasted back up through the 55 day EMA as well on both charts.

            Here’s a Chart for VIZSF with todays nice closing candle.


            Jul 29, 2021 29:51 PM

            Actually (VIZSF) Vizsla Silver, just blasted up through the 34 day EMA and 21 day EMA today, in addition to the 55 day EMA. A solid move.


            Jul 29, 2021 29:57 PM

            We just had Mike from Vizsla on the show on Tuesday. Here is that segment for anyone that may have missed it.

            #KorelinEconomicsReport (07/27/2021)

            Mike Konnert, CEO of Vizsla Resource $VZLA $VIZSF recaps the news from July 21st where the Company announced plans to accelerate the option for 100% of the Panuco Project in Sinola, Mexico. We discuss how having the El Coco mill gives Vizsla a distinct advantage on the pathway to production down the road. We also review the recent success in using EM geophysics to generate new exploration targets, and review some of the recent drill results from earlier in the month.


          Jul 29, 2021 29:00 PM

          Vizsla also had these nice exploration results out yesterday:

          (VZLA) (VIZSF) Vizsla Drills New Vein in Cordon del Oro Corridor at Panuco: 1,283 g/t AgEq Over 2.07 M; & 943 g/t AgEq Over 2.17 M

          28 Jul 2021

          9 out of 10 completed drill holes intersected a new east-west trending vein on the Cordon del Oro corridor known as the San Antonio Vein.

          > Hole CO-21-44 returned 1,283 g/t silver equivalent (AgEq) over 2.07 metres true width (mTW) from 99.0 metres (m) including;

          – 2,649 g/t AgEq over 0.78 mTW from 100.5 m

          > Hole CO-21-50 returned 943 g/t AgEq over 2.17 mTW from 129.0m including;

          – 1,551 g/t AgEq over 1.18 mTW from 130.0m

    Jul 29, 2021 29:19 AM

    All good points. To go along with those gains, I have 16 stocks negative. Happens every day and always different combinations. They opened with 5 figure gains and as usual, walked back,

      Jul 29, 2021 29:10 PM

      Yes, agreed David. I’m in a similar boat today with 18 stocks in the red, and 9 stocks basically flat on the day; but fortunately had 72 stocks in the green. In any portfolio, it is less about the number and much more about the weighting, but just an interesting sample size to suggest that there were more resource stocks up today than down.

      The ETFs were up, most commodities were up, most miners were up (as a general trend); and while it may not have been a great day, it was at least a good day.

      (hey, I’ll take a good day over some of what we’ve seen recently) 🙂

        Jul 29, 2021 29:20 PM

        Personally my overall portfolio was up 3.84% today, which I consider a solid day in such a diversified basket. I’m sure there were many resource investors in more concentrated positions up much more than that today, so many people should be pleased.

        – GDX closed up 2.57% (Gold Majors)
        – GDXJ closed up 2.58% (Gold Mid-tiers)
        – GOEX closed up 2.98% (Gold Developers and Explorers)

        – SIL closed up 2.53% (Silver Seniors)
        – SILJ closed up 3.49% (Silver Juniors)

        – COPX closed up 2.92% (Copper Miners)
        – URNM closed up 2.09% (Uranium Miners)
        – LIT closed up 3.19% (Lithium Miners, Battery stocks)

        I’m happy when my portfolio of resource stocks is outpacing the resource stock ETFs, and when most of resource mining ETFs are up in the green on the day.

        Jul 29, 2021 29:39 PM

        I guess I shouldn’t be complaining as I overloaded into Emerita back in May time period or somewhere back then. It is carrying my account for a decent gain this year (after paying last year’s taxes).

          Jul 29, 2021 29:26 PM

          Yes, good point David. You and Doc Jones have been killing it lately in Emerita.

          I believe Doc Jones mentioned over at that over 25 investors have contacted him thanking him for becoming millionaires off that trade set up he highlighted in so many articles and videos. Very well done Emerita shareholders!


          @Drjimjones – “That statement is based on the members of this community reaching out to me and saying “Doc I’m a millionaire now. Thanks.” +25 now.”

            Jul 29, 2021 29:29 PM

            Doc Jones went on to press this point on how well Emerita has treated some people with this post:

            @Drjimjones – “Took my research VETTED it, decided for himself the merits of it and owns whatever outcome. ”

            “So when I say +25 new millionaires created from using my research I mean +25 new millionaires vetted it and decided for themselves. Happy to be of service leveling the playing field between retail and Bay Street.”


            Jul 29, 2021 29:30 PM

            Then this poster chimed in and it made me smile:

            @dcurtis – “Doc I am not a millionaire yet , but I feel like a million bucks.”


    Jul 29, 2021 29:24 PM

    I am not one of those 25 either, but I am getting some house repairs done and looking for some good PRs down the road.

      Jul 29, 2021 29:55 PM

      I’d say that is a big win as well David. One of the nice rewards of all the research and work behind successful trading is for it to eventually enhance one’s quality of life in some way through what the profits will allow one to manifest. So having a good trade that eventually pays off some much needed home repairs is a successful trade indeed.

      One of my all time favorite stories that was shared on this KER blog a few years back was from a poster named Skeeta that made some great trades in the Aussie stocks and then went out and bought the family a new pool and got to enjoy the profits with his family. That’s the whole point (besides the excitement of a trending investment that really takes off). I felt like taking a chunk of those mining profits and converting them over into the seed capital for a tangible swimming pool, that facilitated family fun was at it’s essence the kind of life-changing gains that well-disciplined and well-researched trades can produce. Sure becoming one of the 25 new millionaires minted off their Emerita trades that Doc Jones mentioned is fantastic, but that may sound off-putting to some traders coming from a different starting point or situation. I think the quick example of turning mining profits into a swimming pool, or in this case that your profits allowed for some home repairs are also great success stories. Thanks for sharing David. Ever Upward!

    Jul 29, 2021 29:57 PM

    “The Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet”…still early.