Libero Copper & Gold – Drilling updates from the Big Red and Big Bulk Projects, and an exploration update on the Mocoa Property

August 5, 2021

Ian Harris, CEO of Libero Copper & Gold (TSX.V:LBC – OTCQB:LBCMF) joins us for a drilling up date at the Big Red and Big Bulk Projects, in the Golden Triangle of BC. The 5,000 meter program at Big Red has just started while the 2,000 meter program at the Big Bulk Project is starting soon. We focus on the strategy and overall goals of the drill programs. We also get an update from the Mocoa Project in Columbia which the Company plans to drill in the near term.

If you have any follow up questions for Ian regarding any of the work going on at Libero please email us at or

Click here to visit the Libero website for a summary of the recent news.

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