Argonaut Gold – Overview of Production, Development, and Exploration

September 16, 2021

Pete Dougherty, President and CEO of Argonaut Gold Inc. (TSX:AR – OTC:ARNGF), joins us for a company introduction and comprehensive update on the Company’s production, development, and exploration assets.  We start off with a review of operations at the 4 existing mines: El Castillo, San Agustin, La Colorada, and Florida Canyon, and how the company has optimized them for future growth. Next Pete reviews the progress at their two key development projects, Magino and Cerro del Gallo, both with near 5 million ounce resource estimates. We wrap up with some of the exploration focus of the company drilling at depth at Magino, and under the El Creson pit at their La Colorada mine.

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Click here to visit the Argonaut Gold website and read over the Company’s Corporate Presentation.

    Sep 16, 2021 16:18 AM

    Well, you had your warning, now you have to sell into weakness.
    If you haven’t sold out by now, you can just give up now or give up later when companies like this one have seen their share prices halved.
    By end of November is when it will be at it’s worst, a wasteland of losses should you decide to hold out and wait for the next leg up. But you’ll be waiting a long time.
    And it won’t be just gold and PM stocks, which will get decimated because the cost of everything will be going up and the price of what they mine is falling. It will be almost anything in the market, we’re heading into a dark winter and people will need cash over everything else.
    It won’t end next year either. The Dems have cheated and cajoled their way into power and they won’t ever give it up.
    Years of pain and suffering ahead for anyone with an ounce of god given common sense and the willingness to use it.

      Sep 16, 2021 16:27 AM

      Time to buy sounds like…

        Sep 16, 2021 16:24 AM

        Good point David. That looks like a good contrarian indicator eh?

        I was sure on the bid today in the Silver and Gold stocks, utilizing some of the recently harvested gains from selling Uranium stocks, and also doing some horse trading with other positions.

        My strategy today was to shed some non-core positions and fortify some of my favorites with more concentrated position sizing. I’ve actually reduced down my number of companies in the portfolio by about 1/3 in the course of 2021, compared to where things ended 2020, so I’ve become less diversified and more focused as their year has developed as an observation and strategy.

          Sep 16, 2021 16:44 AM

          As for the notion up above that “now you have to sell into weakness,” that would be the antithesis of what people should be doing, and investors don’t “have” to do anything.

          What wise investors do is buy low, (not cry low), and then sell high (not buy high).

          Most of the herd gets it wrong though, and human psychology remains the same time after time. Investors get spooked on corrective legs down and sell into weakness and go to cash, instead of buying in tranches during weakness to obtain a more favorable cost basis and better risk/reward set up. Conversely, when markets are racing to the upside, those that “sold wrong and sat tight” in cash then watch the next rally unfold, and once the easy money is made and things start ripping to the upside in a big breakout, then they buy much more near the end of that rally and often get stuck holding the bag. After waiting so long get back in, and finally getting the stones to buy into strength, they then become disillusioned when the rally ends shortly thereafter and blame the sector or companies or cabals instead of blaming their own poor judgement and execution of entry points and exit points. That’s what makes a market.

      Sep 16, 2021 16:46 AM

      There’s a possibility of a deflationary rout. You never know. There’s so much talk of inflation that you have to wonder. Tax law selling season and there’s a lot of dynamics.

      Kathy Wood is really a deflationist right now. She’s no one to scoff at.

      When someone is very overly confident of a certain outcome especially in the very short term as an example with Glen here recently pride becomes our worst enemy.

    Sep 16, 2021 16:26 AM

    I was looking at some of the charts on my stocks and noticed several have gone below their Bollinger Bands and some of the various ones moving sideways on the outline of the bottom of the charts. A bunch have a RSI around 30. I guess we are prime for a big move down…:)

      Sep 16, 2021 16:45 AM

      As the wise Ira Epstein often reminds traders, stocks or assets typically will only trade above or below their bollinger bands for 3-5 trading sessions. If we see follow through selling tomorrow, then it would seem likely to get a snap-back rally next week.

    Sep 16, 2021 16:21 AM

    It was great to have Pete on from Argonaut Gold to unpack their production growth potential, the massive development project underway at Magino at present that will nearly double their production output over the next few years, and substantially lower their all in costs of production for the company.

    In addition it was nice to get a few highlights on some of the exploration work going on to expand Magino even further at depth, and also to get an exploration update on the recent drilling going on under the La Colorada mine for the potential to transition to underground mining there down the road.

    > People toss out the phrase “growth oriented producer” quite often in this sector, and Argonaut is one of the better examples that comes to mind where they are growing production through better operating practices, growing through development of 2 large projects that would each be flagship projects in their own right, and still aggressively exploring their properties.

    I remain a happy shareholder of Argonaut, and have held it for a few years now.