US market weakness picking up steam… Is this the correction all the bears have be waiting for?

September 20, 2021

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at ONADA joins us for a focus on the sell-off in US markets today. The market weakness is pulling everything down outside of bonds and gold. The S&P broke below the 50day moving average for the first time in over 6 months which is leading to some more technical selling. Plus the Evergrande news out of China continue to spook markets.

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    Sep 20, 2021 20:58 AM

    The US market is picking up weakness along with the remains of human rights all over the world.
    Everyone should watch and share the following:
    Funeral Directer Blows the Whistle on Covid'Looney-Blows-the-Whistle-on-Covid:9

      Sep 25, 2021 25:02 PM

      Thanks for the link. I needed a good laugh. Seems everyone is lying.

        Sep 26, 2021 26:58 AM

        Yes, that funeral director is lying.

          Sep 27, 2021 27:47 AM

          Correct paul. Too bad Matthew believes the nonsense that he posts.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:22 AM

    Barrick is still up a small fraction of a percent. However everything else is down huge in the gold space. That’s where the smart money goes into the big caps like Barrick so this could be a good sign.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:43 AM

    I was backing up the truck after seeing all the good buys in the mining market, and the truck got hit by a bus. Hope it gets better in the near future.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:49 AM

    We’ll, if you had a fleet of them you would be in really good shape right now.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:54 AM

    Avoid rear of dump truck.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:59 AM

    Or use a dump truck to dispose of all the toxic assets including the cryptos.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:20 PM

    The gold and silver miners made their lows for the day during the first half-hour while the stock market has just gone lower and lower. That is a good sign for the miners.
    SILJ has been diverging bullishly for the last two months versus QQQ and now finds itself at the confluence of three fork resistances (it’s unbelievable how often that happens)…

      Sep 20, 2021 20:24 PM

      The lower Bollinger band was pierced on Thursday but has marked the low since and is rising.

      Sep 20, 2021 20:40 PM

      I hadn’t checked all day on the price of Gold as I didn’t think it mattered…I just checked and it doesn’t matter.

        Sep 20, 2021 20:44 PM

        It may not appear to matter today but it does. The fact that it is up while stocks are down and getting weaker will get noticed and likely bring in more bids.

        Sep 20, 2021 20:49 PM

        I had that thought…

          Sep 20, 2021 20:52 PM

          It’s a very good sign. Although, if they turn the stock market around and it starts to rally they’re going to hit gold hard. Possibly, there’s an outside chance.

          All these Dynamics are going to take time to play out and nobody’s going to know anything until we’re weeks into this. All depends on how quickly it all unfolds.

            Sep 20, 2021 20:12 PM

            Maybe but I bet the miners will go up if stocks go up since stocks are now technically broken. With today’s gap down, stocks could rise soon in an attempt to fill the gap and/or backtest the bearish breakout.
            The miners have been so thoroughly wrung of weak hands that they could easily continue to decouple from the stock market and do so quickly. The popular perception that stocks might crash will keep a lot of retail money out or even selling while smart money rotates into the sector.

            Sep 20, 2021 20:27 PM

            I agree, completely realistic outcome and scenario. Exceptional observations. Although, right now I wouldn’t bet on it. I’m not adding any positions right now. I keep all that dry powder to protect my core positions and that’s only when there’s a big fire sale. So, in either type outcomes I’ll make a lot of money. If the fire sale falls in my lap that’s great. Otherwise, the wise thing to do is keep that dry powder for something coming out of left field over the next several months which is a good possibility. I would go all in now but I’m not completely convinced. That’s a big high-risk jugular trade you better know very precise timing.
            Price and time is everything sometimes you don’t want to be off too much destroys all your multiples. That dry powder is my key to success. At least, for the great big multiples returns. Otherwise, you might be looking at a real dud. WhackATrade.

            Sep 20, 2021 20:45 PM

            Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I am relying on a decoupling of miners quicker than 2008 time frame. In 2008 the miners were not in a depressed state like today.

            Sep 20, 2021 20:53 PM

            That’s why I’m cautiously bullish because they’re in a depressed state however they can get a lot more depressed. We could see values go down as much as 30% or more by the end of the year although that may never happen. Why my dry powder is kept for incidents like that because what you think may not happen, happens and I’ve been through this so many times in the markets. I will always prevail because that dry powder keeps my trades making a lot of money. When you’re out of fuel, you can’t go anywhere when the opportunities arise. You could even end up selling most likely that’s what most people will do.

            Sep 20, 2021 20:09 PM

            David, I agree with your logic. The miners were riding high in 2008 and were widely owned as the crash began. The situation is completely the opposite today.

            Sep 21, 2021 21:58 AM

            And here we are, stocks are up and so are the miners but the miners are up much more…

      Sep 20, 2021 20:42 PM

      SILJ looks slightly more vulnerable versus the dollar but buying when it is below a mostly horizontal lower daily Bollinger band is usually a good bet, at least short term…

        Sep 21, 2021 21:59 AM

        And it was a good bet again.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:36 PM

    GFI is up over 2% and Barrick keeps rising over a percent now. A good bullish indicator although no cigar yet.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:53 PM

    Some great and timely charts. At times like these, it is very useful to assess real-time damage.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:13 PM

    I sold out of half of my positions today, this market is going to crash and I want to be sitting in cash with stink bids! LOL!

      Sep 20, 2021 20:42 PM

      Stink bids, for stinking mining companies. They’re all mismanaged.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:02 PM

    As mentioned before I went short the conventional market 3 weeks ago—we should have somewhat of a recovery but then watch out below—I also averred that if we had a sell off it would not be favorable to the PM stocks which today proved prescient. The stocks performed poorly with rising PM prices. One of the keys is the 20 month MA of the Monthly BBs which we’re now below—-we in all likelihood will close below that MA this month or next month which is not a positive. Most of these PM stocks are moving lower and will challenge their March 2020 lows. The end of this year is not going to be impressive for the PMs. I do expect the PM prices to move higher short term but the stocks are signalling once again that there is not a massive move higher any time soon.

      Sep 20, 2021 20:16 PM

      We’ll ya, very likely that lower prices are coming the trading action is ominous. Gold perma bulls here always discounting the inevitable.

      I’m very cautiously bullish and looking for lower prices by the end of the year that’s been going on for a more than about 2 weeks. Lower prices are pretty much baked in the cake. That’s why I don’t add to any new positions.

        Sep 20, 2021 20:43 PM

        Gary Savage through in the towel on mining shares. He capitulated

        He’s now stacking silver. Expecting a $250 handle in a few years on silver.

        Gary is done playing the paper schemes in mining companies. Mining companies are complete garbage in most cases. Mismanaged and wasteful decisions with officers and directors of the company including the CEO and the CFO. Not only that, the mining business is a very bad business. Operation costs keep escalating. We’re going to need a gold rush to get these companies moving.

          Sep 20, 2021 20:14 PM

          Looks like Gary will just have to hang out on the cliffs for awhile, more rock climbing and weight lifting…. No need for a newsletter….

            Sep 20, 2021 20:30 PM

            Go to the subscription page. Subscribe and then tell me how much money you have left in your brokerage account by this time next year.

            Actually, Gary has had some pretty good calls however he’s had a lot of bad ones too. The mining shares have been brutal the last 10 years. Nothing unusual though go back to the 1990s. 20 years of up and down 1980 to the year 2000.

            Timing is everything and there’s been no cigar in this market for a very long time unless you’re catching falling knives and that’s not very lucrative.

            I do suspect that next year should be a gangbuster for mining shares. Doesn’t come around that often though. The monster rallies with the 10 baggers. Everything goes ballistic.

            Gary Savage is a contrary indicator could be very well possible.

            Sep 20, 2021 20:26 PM

            Timing is indeed , (almost) everything……
            As far as a subscription…, have never subscribed to any newsletter, and do not intend
            to start. Especially , with most guru ratings below 50%….

            Sep 20, 2021 20:33 PM

            Interesting comment by Holy Grail about Gary being a contrary indicator—I have a list of certain individuals that I’ve developed a contrarian model with that has been quite effective.

            Sep 20, 2021 20:59 PM

            Very few investment strategies that make money especially for subscribers because in order to serve investors you have to use sell stops. There’s a lot of overtrading too. Of course, in the general equity markets it’s been very easy. Resource mining newsletters writers analysts have.been kicked in the teeth. Nothing new though. There was 20 years of it up until the year 2000. Right now we’re about 10 years.

            20/20 HINDSIGHT INVESTING….LOL

            We’ll, all the free money was in the general equity markets. Get paid before you even wake up.
            Real estate is good but it’s a lot of management and all kinds of issues tenants etc that’s no fun. General equities you didn’t do anything if you were in like a five star mutual fund. Good one, probably 30% to 50% of appreciation at least per annum on average for the last 10 years easy.


            Next year looks like a really good year for the gold equities. Maybe time to make up for a lot of mistakes missing out on all the free money in general equities.

            I’d much rather see a decline in the gold equities into November December that would set up a monster rally for next year. About as perfect setup as you can get. A rally into year end is not a really good setup for next year. Although, I haven’t considered a rally into the end of the year because it’s off the radar screen right now for me. Still, the odds are substantially much better for a monster rally next year with a decline into the November December time frame this year. If we trade up and down into year end with just maybe a small gain from here that would be okay. The best set up is a decline from here into year end paving the way for a colossal monster rally I think next year. ALLLLLLL ABOARD !!!!

            Sep 20, 2021 20:14 PM

            Doc, regarding the contrary indicator list. lol. I have one too although this funny money trend has been going on such a long time with all these bubble assets and toxic policies with Fed purchasing all these toxic assets. There’s no price discovery with anything. We have completely disconnected with free markets.

            My contrary list stopped working a few years ago. lol. J POW never stops cranking that printing press around the clock Non-Stop on steroids lol

      Sep 20, 2021 20:38 PM

      Barrick was in green today and most senior producers showing reversal candle. I think they would run for a few days here.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:13 PM

    Monday Price Quality :
    PMs begin bottoming. Full moon may have assisted.
    PGM turn thwarted. Uranium not hot right now.
    Fed in focus. FOMC feeding frenzy, or dud?

    Sep 20, 2021 20:28 PM

    To the penny, SILJ’s low today happened at the pre-covid 2019 high weekly close of 12.05…

    Sep 20, 2021 20:24 PM

    Silver is oversold versus gold but still has the potential to plunge versus gold tomorrow.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:53 PM

    The industrial situation in The US is not sound, the credit situation is terrible, the market values do not reflect the prosperity of The US. Speculation is blown out of the water. The disaster is coming.

    Soon the margin calls will be coming. Soon there will be a niagara of liquidation. I will be waiting to buy at the bottom. It can’t come soon enough. I love chaos in the markets. It is long overdue but it will be spread out over the next 6 weeks, there is a lot of trouble coming starting with the debt ceiling at the end of this month. Traders with a lot of money that is not in cash are going to be part of the panic.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:09 PM

    Aussie mid tiers +2%, U miners flat Tuesday AM.

      Sep 20, 2021 20:44 PM

      IAG is still a mess. If you want exposure in that part of Africa try WAF:AX, it’s well managed and finding more gold continuously.

    Sep 20, 2021 20:59 PM

    I’d mentioned on the weekend blog that with it being a Fedbabble week, I was anticipating continued pressure in the PMs in the early part of the week, but wonder if the meeting on Wednesday may prompt a reversal after that for a better Thursday and Friday this week (at least better than this last Thursday and Friday – ha!).

    There wasn’t much to do in the PMs today as most of mine were only down 1-3% on average, but I did blow back out the FURY position I’d picked up recently to raise some funds and they’ve stayed weak for a long time, and likely will have to come back to market soon to raise more funds, so I’m waiting for that before diving back in.

    I decided that with the Cannabis stocks pulling back significantly, that it was a good idea to add more to my ETF (POTX). I trade it a little, but consolidated all my funds from the other ETF (MJ) into POTX a while back and am just passively monitoring pot stocks using that investment vehicle. If there was a bounce-back relief rally soon in the PMs, I’d likely scalp some profits on recent positions put on the very end of last week on Thu/Fri and roll some of those into POTX and maybe some clean energy stocks.

    The main area I was watching today to pick up some shares was to see if the Uranium stocks continued their slide, that they had already started last Thursday and Friday. With many U stocks down double-digits today, I added more and took my Uranium portfolio of stocks back up to 1/3 positions. These last 2 weeks have been fantastic in this little niche sector. The gains were easy to harvest during the beginning of last week into the extreme overbought conditions , but I was a little concerned they’d just keep running and that I’d trimmed to early in to the frenzy.

    Regardless, I still thought it would take a while for uranium miners to correct down 15-20%+. Instead by Friday I was already nibbling, with many pulling back double digits over those two days. Likewise, I added more today as they’ve already corrected down beyond my buy back targets. If they keep plunging, which would be a gift, then I’d take my positions up to 50%, so we’ll see how the next week or two progresses.

    The swing trading in these Uranium stocks has been epic lately, and much more fun than the PM sector. Congrats to the resource investors that harvested nice gains last week in Uranium stocks into the overbought conditions, and good luck to any contrarians buying into the weakness we today.

      Sep 20, 2021 20:10 PM

      There does seems to be a mostly bearish sentiment and downward projections on the PMs, and in particular the miners here, and most every forum. It’s understandable as the sector has been pretty rough since the rally from March into June. I bought a number of PM stocks on Thursday & Friday into the weakness, but didn’t add anything today, wanting to get more of a feel for how long or pronounced this market rout ends up being heading into the coming Fedbabble.

      We’ll see how it goes…

        Sep 20, 2021 20:21 PM

        Yep Ex, pay your money and take your chances. Actually, nothing wrong with having positions right now I would definitely have a good sizeable war chest scooping up the bargains if it comes to pass near year end. Just my two cents.

          Sep 20, 2021 20:40 PM

          Thanks Holy Grail. You may be correct that later this year in December for tax loss selling or early next year would be the better entry point. I do a lot of short duration swing trading to raise funds, so my goal would be to make some money on a rebound (maybe post Fed this week), and then move those funds over to the side or into royalty companies for the rainy day fund. I still haven’t tapped the funds I’ve stored in the royalty companies, which stay a bit more stable and in an extreme market selloff, I would rotate out of the royalties and into individual mining stocks during a panic selloff.

          Yeah, it’s a calculated risk adding back to the Uranium stocks on the recent weakness, or adding some PM stocks the end of last week, but I’m comfortable with some downside, for the potential upside in the risk/reward setup.

          One good thing that happened for me in 2021 was that I shed most of the stocks I had concerns about, or that didn’t hit what I was watching for in their exploration programs thus far, or that I still had too many questions pending. As a result, I’ve reduced down my number of stocks held some and have become more concentrated into the names I like best (which is still a really big portfolio of names, but moving the right direction). I’ve gone back over and over the lineup, and done a lot of horse trading, but did let go of some companies where I still like their story, but not as much as others. At this point I’m just continuing to build positions in those names that I kept, and if they correct down further, I’m happy to add another tranche or two.


    Sep 20, 2021 20:13 PM

    Thanks, Ya Ex, you’re trading/investing strategies are maybe unique I don’t know everyone has their own different risk tolerances etc. You definitely know how to juggle your funds. That’s how you position yourself and take advantage of opportunities more or less.

    I stopped swing trading and even day trading few years back I’m now retired completely from it just way too time-consuming. Mostly really swing trading although I could get out the same day depends on if the trade produced enough profit. My approach now is to catch the big monster rallies, that being in the gold space longer term investing strategies.

    So, my investment strategy is to stay in and remain in long-term. There’s a monster rally out there in the gold space and that’s what I’m looking to catch that big wave. 🏄 Then I want to get out with my money not hanging around very long. These are shark infested waters.

    Gold mining shares usually peak long before gold futures or physical gold. There was a time though and I think it was in the early ’80s the South African mining shares just kept going. Quite remarkable to say the least. They were completely on fire.

    I really think this monster rally’s coming next year so I’m setting myself up for that which I am now with the core position and then if we decline I’ll back up all the semi trucks purchasing everything I can that my finances will allow. Hopefully the levels of the gold mining equities will be down 30% from these prices approximately by year end and I’ll go 300% long on margin maxing out everything I can with leverage. With some of the cheaper gold stocks when they reach $3 you’re purchasing power increases greatly on your account. However, you can’t have any concentrated positions need to have a good portfolio different companies for the leverage play on margin. We have about three more months and hopefully I’ll be completely set up for this big monster rally that I see coming in the gold space with a significant amount of more purchases at the deeper discounts from here.

    That’s all I’m interested in is the monster rally setup and everything else I don’t care about lol
    Don’t care about scalping or anything else. 10 20 hundred baggers whatever the market will allow.

      Sep 20, 2021 20:28 PM

      Good thoughts Holy Grail. Yes, active trading is very time consuming, and needs to be monitored closely. It is also easy to get wrong-footed compounding errors, just like it can pay more if one compounds good trades. Definitely not for everyone, and that is why I have a more diversified basket of stocks l like fundamentally, that I simultaneously swing trade to try and stack the odds more in my favor. It is definitely risky though and more surfing on lots of small to medium waves, while keeping an eye out for the larger macro waves.

      You are correct that in general, these are shark infested waters, and turbulent seas for sure. I’m looking forward to the monster rally you see coming in a year or two, and plan to be there surfing that big wave as well, but trying not to get smashed up on the coral or stung by a jellyfish in the interim. Haha!

      Surfs Up!


      The Beach Boys – Surfin’ USA

    Sep 20, 2021 20:58 PM

    Ha Ha Ex, isn’t that the truth pretty much shipwrecked poor calculations. I did a lot of surfing over in Huntington Beach at the jetty right off of Brookhurst boulevard. Forget the Beach boys music we were the Beach boys Ha Ha. We had a lot of block parties and Beach Boys tunes were very popular. HECK YA…. SURFIN USA. No more block parties Ex. Everyone’s curled up in their homes now.. night and day life compared to that era best of times nothing like it.

    I don’t know what happened. lol

    Anyway, I’ll probably scale off positions when I start liquidating because selling is even more important than when you buy rule number one.

    Ya gotta get in, timing has to be very accurate at least not too far off and knowing when to sell is extremely important. Missing the latter, big price to pay.


    Oh we’ll, can always goes surfin. Then again, no money, no honey. Ah well, much rather go surfin. 🏄

    Sep 20, 2021 20:35 PM

    Anyone who fails to correctly call the bottom becomes a contrarian indicator. That’s happened to Doc here and there, especially Dec 2015

    Sep 20, 2021 20:24 PM

    No one’s predicting a monster rally in gold next year except for 🤡me I don’t see anyone out there. They gave up. They’ve lost patience. Not only that their attention is all on the crypto markets and bitcoin. Many silver and gold bugs moved over into that sector and I strongly believe gold is going to catch fire next year.

    I don’t think $3,000 or maybe $2,700 is not out of the question before summer is over in 2022.

    Perfect setup. Mining shares take a nice little hit from now through November December time frame. THIS IS THE LAUNCHING PAD. Rally starts in earnest towards the end of January of 2022 and mining equities literally explode into June 2022. I suspect that’ll be the first run and then a correction and then another run into 2023. All speculation of course.

    We will know more when the setup completes and this correction in the gold equities continues in the November December time frame this year. We’re only about 10 weeks away that’s not very long. That’s why I’m discussing it. Since we are nearing the end of the year the odds are exceptional this correction is going to continue. There’s absolutely no reason why people are going to be buying gold mining company shares. This could be completely wrong and this setup is going to be destroyed if these mining companies rally into year end.

    That’s not the setup we’re all looking for. 10 weeks of pain is worth it if you own gold mining shares in favor of a monster rally next year.

    Sep 21, 2021 21:12 AM

    China doesnt make any difference, China is overrated,
    all that happens in China is they manufacturer things that dont work, things that break down, after 1 year every item made in china is broken, while they tell us that China is buying luxury cars, So they take our hard earned cash, give us items that dont work, and thats it

    Sep 21, 2021 21:29 AM

    Martin Armstrong’s weekly arrays suggest a low for the markets (Conventional and Gold) today with a rebound until the first week of October. The turning point in the first week of October suggest the markets will again head downwards with the next turning forecast for the beginning of December.

    Sep 21, 2021 21:40 AM

    Labrador had some impressive “sample” results this AM that are popping price at open.

      Sep 21, 2021 21:18 AM

      Yes ,nice timing yesterday!!

        Sep 21, 2021 21:19 AM

        Thanks Ann. Now if they don’t trash us again before or after The Fed meeting I will have a small sense of success.

    Sep 21, 2021 21:23 AM


    Since our nation’s debt is completely out of control there’s a good chance they will not extend the debt ceiling. The US will default. Its very well possible.

    What would the repercussions be ? If they decide enough was enough with this out of control pork belly spending x 1000 on steroids.

    Ponder that !!

      Sep 21, 2021 21:35 AM

      Debt ceiling…….. ONE BIG CON JOB….. Nancy is out of control…. no doubt about that, along with Chucky……

    Sep 21, 2021 21:31 AM

    Yellen urged Congress to come together to raise the limit, citing the “economic catastrophe” that could result with the failure to do so.

    A large majority of Senate Republicans are retrenching and following McConnell’s lead, saying they’ll cast a vote against the measure. They’re also insisting that Democrats can employ reconciliation, the same party-line process that’s being used to muscle through a $3.5 trillion social spending package.

      Sep 21, 2021 21:37 AM

      Repubs, are going to let the debt ceiling fall on the DEMS…..

        Sep 21, 2021 21:40 AM

        Yellen is a nut job…. She is responsible for 80% of the mess….. along with green weenie, beanie baby bernake…. and all the before treas sect….

    Sep 21, 2021 21:43 AM

    What’s going to happen on a default ? Economic catastrophe, Janet Yellen.

    Sep 21, 2021 21:53 AM

    CONFIRMED: Gov. Inslee setting up covid concentration camps in Washington state, issuing job listings for “strike team” coordinators

    Chinese UN Peacekeeping Forces Are Now Training at Camp Grayling In Michigan

    Hmmm !!!!

    Start thinking critically.

      Sep 21, 2021 21:13 AM

      That is NOT GOOD…………..

        Sep 21, 2021 21:17 AM

        Continuation of the PRETEND GOVT…selling out WE THE PEOPLE…..

          Sep 21, 2021 21:24 AM

          America is now being invaded. You know what that means ?

          Next chaos and then the peacekeeping forces and the camps …the debts out of control it’s going to end ugly. Credit lines are drying up !!!! America is being invaded because our credits running out.

          Didn’t even mention war on American soil yet

          THE UGLY TRUTH !!

            Sep 21, 2021 21:29 AM

            Well, a few people have been warning about the camps, for nearly 15 yrs. or more….
            America, …….. was sold out long ago……sheeple still not awake, ….
            conspiracy theory ya know….

            Sep 21, 2021 21:33 AM

            BTW………. where did you read the info. on the UN troops in Michigan… ?

            Sep 21, 2021 21:36 AM

            It’s no longer a conspiracy theory. You have Chinese troops training on American soil. You have a nation north of us that is providing this invasion. Trudeau is a traitor. Along with Biden.
            He’s real crafty and he’s a lot more intelligent than people realize he used his son to make billions of dollars. The money is in offshore accounts.

            There’s also a good reason why America is collapsing and going into a nightmarish scenario.

            Sep 21, 2021 21:55 AM

            Camp Grayling Is a FEMA Camp. It’s been a lot of sources that have seen Chinese troops in that area of course you’re not going to hear it on MSN. Trudeau is providing this access on American soil. The Chinese troops are in Canada that’s a known fact. Trudeau is licking the bootstraps of the CCP. Everyone knows America’s days are numbered that’s why we’re being sold out. There’s treason everywhere. Biden will provide the invasion of Chinese troops in the name of the UN when chaos breaks out for peacekeeping it’s all planned.

            Sep 21, 2021 21:01 AM

            On Monday, the country’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, outlined his government’s new corona regulations. Canadians hoping to return to their country must be tested before and after takeoff, he said, adding: “If your test results come back positive, you’ll need to immediately quarantine in designated government facilities. This is not optional.”

            “Designated government facilities.” When this happens in other countries, and it does, we call those internment camps. Because this is Canada we’re talking about, a place we assume is passive and polite and Anglo to the point of parody, no one thinks to use that term. In fact, no one seems to think about it at all.

            In the UK:

            UK citizens and residents returning from ‘red list’ countries now need to quarantine for 10 days in a designated hotel, coughing up £1750 ($A3137) for the privilege. Only British nationals and UK residents will be allowed to enter if they are coming from a red list destination


            Sep 21, 2021 21:59 AM

            Thanks for the follow up…………

            Sep 21, 2021 21:09 PM

            You’re in the wrong business you should have been a prosecutor or a criminal defense attorney.

            I don’t have to prove myself. Thank you !!!! Send me the bill and the check will be in the mail.

            Sep 21, 2021 21:17 PM

            Ha, ha…… Trust but verify…. lol……. thanks for the heads up…

            Sep 21, 2021 21:25 PM

            Tooooo funny !!!! Ha Ha

            Next time I’ll lie. You’re the prosecutor. I’ll change my name to Tony Montana. My attorney is so good he’ll send you to Alaska.

            Sep 21, 2021 21:24 PM

            Oh we’ll, I guess you didn’t like that joke you don’t want to be the prosecutor. lol

    Sep 21, 2021 21:01 AM

    Miners are lagging the gold price …for now…..just mentioning…what will change that?

    Sep 21, 2021 21:13 AM

    I would not be hoping for a rally in this environment. There’s no money flows. No demand. Tax loss selling season. Trending down into year end. Maybe some gyrations with small rallies.
    At this point, it looks like 80% odds of the above.

    Some of the gold mining equities are doing a little better today but that’s not going to tell you anything. One day doesn’t make a market

      Sep 21, 2021 21:17 AM

      it’s wet the appetite move. gold 1800, if it gets there may tell the tale at least in the short term.
      Need a producer explosive move with volume, the nickel and diming very suspect.

        Sep 21, 2021 21:32 AM

        There’s going to be a lot of pressure on gold mining company shares. I don’t see how that’s avoided. There’s going to be a lot more selling than buying into year end. Quite possibly. Most likely.

    Sep 21, 2021 21:59 AM

    by Hugo Salinas Price, Plata:

    The bad news is: there are no real prices of gold and silver available in the World today.

    It is useless to follow the investment recommendations put forward, all in good faith, by individuals such as Peter Schiff.

    The prices presented by the Media in our world are determined by a small group of individuals in London and New York; this group decides each and every working-day, what the prices of gold and silver are to be that day.

    TRUTH LIVES on at

    That daily decision has nothing to do with a “Market” for these metals.

    The section of devoted to comments regarding the markets for the precious metals is perhaps entertaining, but otherwise worthless.

    Some days, the prices of these metals are allowed to rise, and the hearts of gold and silver investors go “pitty-pat”. But following that rise, comes a collapse – investors who purchased metals earlier in the day, are now losers.

    Then, other days, the prices of the precious metals are falling and investors rush to sell their stock of metals, to avoid futher loss; the suddently, the price turns around and goes up a bit. But the investors have now liquidated all or part of their stock, and cannot benefit from the rise.

    The real purpose of the precious metals markets of today is TO CONFUSE THE PUBLIC.

    This “Confusion as a Goal” of broadcasting fictitious prices of the precious metals has allowed the Dollar to survive as long as it has, as the World’s No. 1 currency.

    There is one way – and ONLY ONE WAY – to profit in the precious metals markets: you buy, at whatever the price is, when you wish to buy, and take possession of the metals you have purchased.

    You put your purchase away, shut up about it, and WAIT. You MAY die before the price of the metal you bought, goes up and stays up. On the other hand, if you are still breathing, and the Dollar has died and gone to Hell, what you will be able to purchase for one ounce of gold will prove to be the very great surprise of a patient life.

    Sep 21, 2021 21:10 AM

    Good article. The last paragraph 👍👍