Heliostar Metals – Expanding on the Aquila Discovery and new porphyry potential at Zachary Bay

September 22, 2021

Charles Funk, President and CEO of Heliostar Metals (TSX.V:HST – OTCQX:HSTXF) joins me to recap 2 news releases over the past week reporting drill results from the Aquila Discovery and Zachary Bay Target, on the Unga Project in Alaska.

Starting with yesterday’s news on expanding the Aquila Discovery to 475 meters with multiple gold intercepts from surface. We discuss the follow up work planned to build to an initial resource estimate.

We then focus on the September 16th news release, reporting drill results from the Zachary Bay Target. Results from just two holes showed porphyry potential with long intercepts.

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Click here for a summary of the recent news out of the Company.

    Sep 22, 2021 22:10 AM

    Gold will have it’s day. Batter up !!!!!

    Old Chinese Proverb j/k : every dog has its day. Maybe from the ashes however it will have its day.

    Gold not going to move because of superstitions, fortune cookies along with analysts projections and forecasts that don’t mean a hell of beans.

    The big moves come only with a loss of confidence. Take that to the bank.

    Sep 22, 2021 22:45 AM

    It is just stunning that the stock of a company that is doing good like HSTXF just keeps dropping. It shouldn’t be selling at 0.59 a share or even 0.65 a share. Where are the Robinhood folks when you need them?

      Sep 22, 2021 22:46 AM

      Guess I’ll just have buy some more –;-}

        Sep 22, 2021 22:57 AM

        I don’t do any more trading or scalping or swing trades day trading etc. Longer term focus catching the big monster moves in the gold space right now.

        If you have a position, just maintain it right now because this is going to turn may take a few more months hard to say and then have all that dry powder big bankroll war chest to pick up all the bargains on fire sale only, no exceptions if that opportunity arises by year end.

        Only way to fight a war, you can’t use all your firepower in the very beginning.

        My 2 cents

          Sep 22, 2021 22:23 PM

          HG – thanks for your 2 cents — I just love mining rediscoveries. I have a good start on HSTXF and plan to buy more on weakness. This is indeed a fire sale. I already have a good starter position and I’m gonna try and pick up more in the sub 0.60 US range. I agree with you – this craziness will continue for a while. Sooner or later some sh!t will hit the fan then this and many other miners will run like scalded cats.

          Sep 22, 2021 22:41 PM

          You bet Mike !!! It’s all a psyop too. However timing is everything and that dry powder is so important. That’s the wisest thing you can do is take your position and then keep that dry powder only for the big fire sales no exceptions. That’s if on your first purchase your timing wasn’t too bad and we need a lot of conviction and patience. So ya, the rally faded today in the gold shares and there’s no strength in this market it’s going to be most likely a buying opportunity towards November December time frame. I would consider a nice fire sale 20 to 30% lower than where we’re trading now in that area. Anything less than 20 to 30% discount is not a fire sale opportunity and my dry powder is going to stay right where it is.

          Never will I deploy any more capital dry powder or war chest whatever Ha Ha to my already current position only on the very cheap. That’s the rule, I don’t break it. Never lose sleep at night and never have any bad experiences with great stress and grief with losses.