Nickel Creek Platinum – Drilling the well known Nickel Shäw Project in Yukon

September 23, 2021

Stuart Harshaw, CEO of Nickel Creek Platinum (TSX:NCP – OTCQB:NCPCF) joined me to introduce the Company and the flagship asset the Nickel Shäw Project, in Yukon. Formerly known as Wellgreen Platinum the Company’s sole focus now is to continue to advance the well known resource of 1.8 billion pounds of nickel, 1.1 billion pounds of copper, 5.7 million ounces of platinum group metals (“PGM’s”) and 107 million pounds of cobalt in the measured and indicated categories. A 1,300 meter drill program was just completed and then a Pre-Feasibility Study is the next step to advance the asset.

If you have any follow up questions for Stuart please email me at

Click here to visit the Nickel Creek Platinum website and read over the Corporate Presentation.

    Sep 23, 2021 23:58 AM

    You guys are putting up the interviews today. I am playing catch-up but really appreciate the volume and quality. I am planning on cooking something on the grill tonight and that is when my attention span is at the highest. Thanks for cooking entertainment in advance.

    Sep 23, 2021 23:56 PM is about to hit a major fork resistance. Could go down few more cents but that monthly chart looks like it’s putting in a long term low this month from what I’m seeing possibly next but very close imo..

      Sep 23, 2021 23:22 PM

      Thanks Glenfidish. I’ve been getting a position going again in (USAS) (USA) Americas Gold & Silver, because they’ve been beaten up pretty bad for missing guidance going into production on Relief Canyon, and for the illegal blockade they had to deal with earlier in the year, with some of the pressure from the President of Mexico to make them accept his crony in the labor union deals. While those were temporary setbacks, that has all been priced in and then some.

      I’m still looking on adding a bit more to my USAS position, and it sounds like if we see just a bit more weakness it could be an attractive place to add.

    Sep 23, 2021 23:57 PM

    The Federal Reserve authorities don’t have to worry about printing money so the speculators can buy stocks and keep the markets going they are no longer the reserve bank, they are the speculators. The Fed no longer worries about loaning funds to brokers, they have become the market. That is The Federal Reserves new policy.

    Sep 23, 2021 23:19 PM

    The Fed. They’re the market for all the above for the exception of mining companies. lol

    The Fed. They’re having a hay day naked shorting all the mining companies including all the futures in precious metals.

    Don’t fight the Fed. Or 😰

    Sep 23, 2021 23:55 PM

    Fury Gold Mines looks really cheap at 80 cents CDN but I’m waiting to see what happens in the next 5/12 weeks these prices are ridiculous but so is the financial World.

      Sep 23, 2021 23:17 PM

      Good observation DT. I nibbled at a little FURY gold recently, thinking the same thing and that it was pretty oversold, but then I sold back out, concerned they may need to do another capital raise soon, which could be further dilutive, and I’d rather wait until after that. I really like their 3 gold projects, and believe it is looking far more attractive at the present valuation, but there are plenty of companies that likewise look very attractive at current valuations that are already cashed up.

    Sep 23, 2021 23:20 PM

    I don’t know what will come first the money panic, or the stock panic, maybe The Fed will go into immediate bankruptcy so we don’t have to endure anymore of their FOMC meetings. I dare say said J Powell we are facing insolvency. Who could arrive at a reasonable idea of what stocks are worth on the conventional markets? The worst of a panic hasn’t yet arrived and neither have the worst of the prices. Paper profits have a way of evaporating very quickly. Investors who dreamed of retiring to live on their fortunes now might find themselves at the beginning of the long road to riches. Prosperity these days looks like a dream dying but not yet dead. A major depression could soon be on the way.

      Sep 23, 2021 23:26 PM

      I’m having an insolvency tantrum, time to talk to Tony Sopranos therapist. LOL!

        Sep 23, 2021 23:00 PM

        👍👍x10 you forgot to mention receivership. Oh no, I need a BK lieyer.

        Not with my X after me lol she got everything. Now wants more

    Sep 23, 2021 23:03 PM

    In China the state owns all land, the property developers like Evergrande own the concrete, steel, and glass that goes into the buildings and then they sell the walls, the floors, and the ceilings to property buyers. That is a real piece of work!

      Sep 24, 2021 24:59 AM

      Probably going to be the Big Big Grand Daddy of all financial collapses in world history coming to a town near you. Isn’t that nice !!! Resources will be scarce. Venezuela on steroids.

    Sep 24, 2021 24:32 AM

    5 red candle walk down pre-open. I must have been a good time to sell to get a progressively worse price before someone wants to buy. Of course as usual, no impact on price direction…. ☠️

    Sep 24, 2021 24:01 AM

    Home on the Range bound… lol…. stupid stuff….. Freaky Friday again….

    Sep 24, 2021 24:14 AM


    Markets change day to day second to second and this is no exception. Way back then when I mentioned the right shoulder would break before it did and doc said that right shoulder needs some repair, I stated we would break lower and we did.

    This is not the news I wanted to give as the duration of this correction has been long in the tooth as savage would say. I do remember mentions “I don’t like this double bottom” to the blog and I’m conversation with ex. There were many many news letter writers bloggers etc that felt the low was in, but the miners kept telling us not so fast why some of us Insisted to ignore price action of gold and look at how they are short selling the miners to oblivion or naked shorting which to my understanding and accountant actually exist in Canada. Regardless of manipulation or fraud or simply market speaking, we are here now and unfortunately my own experience and what I see is fast movement soon into the last blood phase or call it one more take down to a double bottom or close to with some of these miners. Some may bottom before others find good value and stink bids as bob said or doc said and remember there is no perfect trader out there. What Matthew said yesterday is 100% regarding his sharing of his charts which we all agree are some of the best we have seen and sharing is caring and like he said each investor sleeps with there own decision.

    At this point since I believe the miners will make one more push down, I think it will happen here and now and possibly take us into a October final bottom or could turn out to be November/ beginning of December. I’m still holding out the bottom comes next month we see.

    With all that said, it is clear to my eyes and my charts that the market/banksters/fraudsters/mm/ etc want and will take it down below the double bottom simply because that’s were the liquidity is and that’s we’re rookie mistakes are made with stop losses. I think we undercut it but what remains to be see how far. I don’t think we go so far, the market wants to collect all that rich money down there and once we do that the 5 th wave will start. Buckle your seats.


      Sep 24, 2021 24:25 AM

      Thanks Glen…… Hoping you have a Great Week End….. thanks again for sharing….

        Sep 24, 2021 24:01 AM

        Yes, same here
        Thanks Glen.. for sharing!!

    Sep 24, 2021 24:59 AM

    HEY DAVID………..
    New Found to List on the NYSE American Stock Exchange
    Vancouver, BC, September 24, 2021 – New Found Gold Corp. (“New Found” or the “Company”) (TSXV: NFG) (OTC: NFGFF) is pleased to announce that the Company intends to list its common shares on the NYSE American stock exchange (“NYSE American”) in the United States. New Found expects its common shares will commence trading on the NYSE American on or about September 29, 2021, under ticker symbol “NFGC”. New Found’s common shares will continue trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under ticker symbol “NFG”.

      Sep 24, 2021 24:56 AM

      NFG keeps getting better. My zero number of shares have not moved up at all. 😙

        Sep 24, 2021 24:47 AM

        David if you have shares in Novo then by default you have a healthy exposure to New Found Gold, since Novo has a big chunk of NFG shares on their balance sheet.

          Sep 24, 2021 24:41 AM

          Great point Ex, +1000, Thanks for reminding me. DT