Tier One Silver – Updates on the work ongoing in Peru at the Curibaya and Hurricane Projects

September 23, 2021

Peter Dembiki, President and CEO of Tier One Silver (TSX.V:TSLV – OTCQB:TSLVF) joins me to update us on the work programs ongoing at the Company’s Projects in Peru, Curibaya and Hurricane. The Company recently announced the growth of the high-grade footprint at Curibaya and initial drilling results. At the Hurricane Property the Company is finally on the ground and generating targets.

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    Sep 23, 2021 23:50 AM

    I mentioned 2 days ago with fairly good suspicion and I suspected that they would reverse the stock markets bad fortunes and hit gold. This Ponzi scheme isn’t going to go quietly away into the dark night. All of a sudden, gold’s going to be the shining light. Not a realistic possibility.

    It’s going to take time to lose confidence this isn’t going to happen right away. With that being said, gold shares are still in a perilous condition at least until year end most likely odds favor this decline in the gold space.

    No sweat here. With my techniques and trading strategy there’s no risk at all.


    Otherwise, expect grief and possibly very heavy financial losses. = Rocks for brains.

    Sep 23, 2021 23:16 AM

    Nothing changed today w gold metal…..yet…the TAS support at 1749 IS holding…The Gartley Buy pattern is still valid and actually, still confirmed…This was some sort of rouge movement that cannot be anticipated by my trading method…Especially when the dollar rolled over hard even in the face of higher rates…A very perverse day in markets…Look at spy…like no volume…very dangerous IMHO…

    Sep 23, 2021 23:28 AM

    I hope you’re right for the gold bulls sake counting on a rebound in the gold mining shares.

    Either going up or down works for me. It’s not going to hurt me either way.

    I have plenty of profit left in my core positions. If it’s a real bloodbath over the next several weeks not saying that’s going to happen however I’ll be in 3 to 1 in relationship to the current positions I already hold. Big fires sales only minus 20% to 30% from here. The more, the merrier holidays are coming up.

    Very dangerous regarding your last comment. There’s nothing to fear, but fear itself

      Sep 23, 2021 23:00 PM

      Fear Not…..

        Sep 23, 2021 23:49 PM

        Don’t believe in that horse s***.

        I live in fear everyday. Because of this economy I can’t pay my child support. lol

        I lost my license too now because of it and I can’t drive. lol

    Sep 23, 2021 23:24 PM

    If you’re correct Larry. We bottom right here and now I’ll follow you on Twitter by the end of the year if it proves to be valid.

    Quite frankly, if this is a bottom for the next 3 months and avoids some heavy losses for the bulls that’s fine with me.

    My wish list, I’d like to see the gold mining shares get crunched. Sets up a launching pad for next year for gold mining shares. CRUNCH TIME 🤞 that would be a very very Merry Christmas.