Provenance Gold – Introducing this Nevada explorer with 3 projects and a drill program ongoing at the White Rock Project

September 24, 2021

Rauno Perttu, CEO and Chairman of Provenance Gold (CSE:PAU – OTCQB:PVGDF) joins us to introduce the Nevada exploration Company that holds three projects in state and has an ongoing drill program at the White Rock Project. We focus on the history of the projects and goals of the current drill program.

If you have any follow up questions for Rauno or want to share your thoughts on the Company please email us at either or

Click here to visit the Provenance Gold website to learn more about the Company and Projects.

    Sep 24, 2021 24:44 AM

    VIZSF – Added to my largest position @ $1.76

      Sep 24, 2021 24:53 AM

      Nicely done Marty. Yeah, Vizsla Silver has grown into healthy weighting in my portfolio as well, and I was fortunate to have jumped in at much lower prices, before they put out many of their bonanza grade silver hits. I have considered topping it off a bit now that it’s pulled back some, but I’m still concerned about the potential that Silver breaks below $22, and does a dive down to $19. If that happens the silver stocks can get even “cheaper.” It would be great to see $22 hold though for Silver, build a base, and start the next leg higher from there, but just in case it doesn’t, then I’m holding back a few funds to go poaching on a wash out.

      I know you like Silvercrest as well, and so many companies claim “We’re going to be the next Silvercrest…” Cory and I hear statements like that from company executives, IR people, and newsletter writers all the time. Haha!

      The 2 companies that look like they actually could be “the next Silvercrest” to me personally are Vizsla Silver and Silver Tiger. They’re the 2 companies that continue to put out high-grade hit after high-grade hit from their drilling the last 2 years, and have vein swarms on their properties large enough to host district scale deposits.

      Wishing all 3 teams Silvercrest, Vizsla, and Silver Tiger continued success. Ever Upward!

        Sep 24, 2021 24:10 AM

        I also have Vizsla and have a question on how you guys brokerage house is handling the Vizsla copper spin-out. The reason I have a question is that Schwab US (I think arbitrarily) recomputed the basis in a strange way. The spinout was one share for each 3 Vizsla Silver shares owned.
        I googled spin-out and basis computation and the way I read the procedure, they were to compute the relative # of shares (3 to 1) and then compute the relative “price” difference (today being about $1.80 Silver to about …………24 cents US) and arrive at a proportional basis. They didn’t do that. They did a 50/50 split which resulted in me having about a 100% gain on the Silver new Basis and almost a 100% loss.. I

        I have written them about the discrepancy and they felt they were right. I wrote again and told them I don’t think so and asked to contact another brokerage firm. Two days and nothing back.

        How are you guys shares being handled?

          Sep 24, 2021 24:12 AM

          end para 1 above: almost 100% loss on the Vizsla Copper basis. Nonsensical.

            Sep 24, 2021 24:05 PM

            That sounds like a mess David, and Schwab sounds like it is constantly having glitches from your prior comments over the last 2 years.

            My shares in the new spinco (Vizsla Copper Corp) were a straight up 3:1 ratio of the number of Vizsla Silver shares held, just as advertised.

            Sep 24, 2021 24:11 PM

            Getting spinout shares in new mining companies is always a nice perk.

            I’m looking forward to see how things proceed with Vizsla Copper Corp, but the main prize and main attraction is still clearly Vizsla Silver Corp.

            Sep 24, 2021 24:15 PM

            They did a 50/50 adjustment on the “basis” of each. That means if your costs for the silver shares were $2

            Sep 24, 2021 24:21 PM

            If your silver basis was $2 a share then the basis for the silver shares became $1 and the copper shares (.23 cents) became $1. Taxable gain or loss not logical or does it meet the rules.

            Sep 24, 2021 24:01 PM

            Yeah, that sounds like Schwab messed up David. My cost basis didn’t change on the Vizsla Silver from the initial one, and I have a $0 cost basis on the spin co shares in Vizsla Copper.

            Sep 24, 2021 24:23 PM


    Sep 24, 2021 24:44 AM

    Harvest Time Approaches for Low Hanging Fruit

    Bob Moriarty – Sep 20, 2021

    “Provenance Gold (PAU-V) is another story that is so cheap it screams, “Buy me. Buy me.” The market cap is a tiny $10 million; they have only 61 million shares outstanding. The company is operating in northern Nevada near the Idaho border. That’s interesting to me because company President Rauno Perttu (try bending your tongue around that Finnish origin name) believes the project is an analog of the Black Pine project just north of the border.”

    “I have been to Black Pine twice and frankly I think the way they read the project is 100% correct. Given that Black Pine has a 2 million ounce gold resource starting at surface, a $10 million dollar company with a similar project is damned cheap. Liberty Gold has a market cap 26 times larger than Provenance.”

    “Their primary project today is the White Rock oxide gold project. The project manager is Steve Craig and I have known him for years. He is one of the top geos in Nevada. Between Steve and Rauno, you have a first class management team. White Rock is one of those projects that everyone knows about but no one has ever gotten a real handle on. PAU management believes the project holds a near surface 3.2 by 1.6 oxide gold target. In the past operators were attempting to find the feeder structures.”

    “Provenance theory holds that instead of trying to find the structures with blind drilling, they should simply drill serious stepout holes to define ounces. Last week they announced results from an 800-meter stepout hole showing 117 meters of gold mineralization starting from surface. The hole intercepted 85 meters of 0.369 g/t gold. Within that hole were higher-grade intervals of 0.778 g/t Au from 38 meters to 46 meters. In Nevada oxide gold of those grades is all economic. I believe those assays tend to prove their theory and there will be a lot more similar holes. That is exactly what Liberty Gold was finding at Black Pine.”

    “This is one of the few stocks that has actually acted well over the past couple of months. It is so cheap that I took out a lottery ticket on it and bought some shares. If you buy stocks when they are cheap and sell them when they are dear, you can make a lot of money. It’s not rocket science.”

    Sep 24, 2021 24:16 AM

    valiant attempt for spx and gold to close positive for the week, no matter how marginal.
    Same can’t be said for majority of gold producers. The drip drip down continues, gdx share price says it all, same with the majors. Little hope for gold if the guys producing it can’t get a bid in spite of all their touted positive news.
    Most just watching the paint dry with the isolated posting of a nibble averaging.

      Sep 24, 2021 24:08 PM

      Yeah, that’s a fair critique Jonsyl. It is pretty amazing that even at todays metals prices of roughly $1750 Gold and $22+ Silver, where the producers have been making good money, paying down debt, building up cash, and some are now paying dividends, that they still can’t get a bid.

      While GDX only closed marginally below $30 at $29.75, it was not a strong close for the weak in the larger miners. We’ll see what next week brings.

    Sep 24, 2021 24:24 AM

    For the ones who have stock charts

    Let’s see if it’s text book undercut and close above the fork line..

      Sep 24, 2021 24:10 PM

      Hi Glen. I saw your chart, but didn’t see the fork on it. That may just be on my end though, but wanted to send you a heads up in case you wanted to repost it using a print screen feature to show the annotation on it. Thanks!