Vizsla Silver – Recapping the spin-out of Vizsla Copper and an update on 10 drill turning at the Panuco Project

October 14, 2021

Mike Konnert, President and CEO of Vizsla Silver (TSX.V:VZLA – OTCQB:VIZSF) joins us to provide an update on the copper spin-out Vizsla Copper (TSX.V:VCU) and the ongoing drill at the Company’s Panuco Project, in Mexico.


Starting with the the spin-out, Vizsla Copper, we discuss the general strategy for this new Company and the projects it will focus on.


On the drilling front, 10 rigs are turning on the Panuco Project. Mike states that December 1st, 2021 will be the cut off date for drilling to be included in the initial resource estimate. We also discuss the focus of the drilling and the large cash balance over over $50million that Company has in the bank.


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    Oct 14, 2021 14:30 PM

    Gosh, you have to start somewhere. I am a happy shareholder and would love to see small scale production aggressively exploiting some of those incredible drilling results with a view to large scale production. This approach has to help with financial pressures in the future, in my opinion.

      Oct 14, 2021 14:10 PM

      Agreed FIH. While I believe the team at Vizsla is wise to focus on drilling for now, coming out with the maiden resource estimate, and then growing it from there, it is also great that they have the optionality with the mill of fast-tracking it into production in a year or 2 should they want to get some revenues coming in and revenues to continue to expand their exploration with organic growth.

    Oct 14, 2021 14:12 PM

    (VZLA) (VIZSF) Vizsla Expands Tajitos By 40% to 800 Metres, Hitting 3,374 g/t AgEq Over 1.5 mTW at Panuco
    14 Oct 2021

    Oct 14, 2021 14:02 PM

    Wonderful. Love Vizsla interviews. Looking very good. 100m oz in the RE is what I hope for. We will see.

    Oct 14, 2021 14:28 PM

    Given parts and trucking problems I put it out there that if one were to prove-up production it would be the best security for survival. Production should be cash flow positive and profitability ideal. Production may be the way to survive the next 24 months. What good is a gold price of $2500 or silver @ $50 if you can’t deliver to market. I think the smart operators are already stockpiling parts for own usage or trading material for parts they can’t get anywhere. I think early production has to be a strategy in trying times.

    Oct 15, 2021 15:45 AM

    It is difficult to sell anything at top value without knowing what you have to sell. I say they should drill, drill, drill all next year to identify the total resources. Estimates are exactly what the word implies. It means we don’t have the drilling data so we don’t know. “Data, Data, Data, without data, you are just another fool with an opinion”. Once you get the drilling data, you can sell for what it is worth, not at 25% of worth based on estimates

    Oct 16, 2021 16:07 AM

    Tricky, trying to get into production fast is nice, but if more value can come from just drilling… The agony of choice. Or perhaps try for maximum production right away with a bigger mill and everything else. At least things are exciting. If they stumble upon another Napoleon from the magnetic study, things can go really, really well next year. Easier said than done, but at least the odds are there.