Nickel Creek Platinum – Initial drill results from the Arch Area on the Nickel Shäw yields a new massive sulfide discovery

October 20, 2021

Stuart Harshaw, CEO of Nickel Creek Platinum (TSX:NCP – OTCQB:NCPCF) joins me to recap news released on October 8th highlighting a new discovery made at the Arch Area on the Nickel Shäw Project, in Yukon. The Arch Area is approximately 1KM from the defined Wellgreen Deposit. The news included 6 drill holes out of the 12 drilled in the recent program.


Stuart recaps the results which include Massive sulfide intervals grading 1.22% to 3.85% nickel (Ni) and 0.92% to 2.77% copper (Cu) over 1.0m to 4.3m intervals in five of six holes drilled from the Arch 1 Drill Pad. We discuss the focus of the 12 hole program and the importance of finding high-grade near surface mineralization. 

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Click here to read over the complete news release.

    Oct 22, 2021 22:53 PM

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    Oct 23, 2021 23:29 PM

    Good morning Sir I am a retail investor holding actually 103k shares. I want invest more of my money because I believe the company could outperform any other company among the mining sector. I would like to know:
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    Thanks for your help