Maverix Metals – Recapping Q2 Financial Results, increasing the cash-flowing Omolon Royalty, and a new Strategic Partnership with Auramet

October 28, 2021

Ryan McIntyre, President of Maverix Metals (TSX:MMX – NYSE:MMX) joins us to recap the Company’s significant news releases over the past 3 months. We start with the increase and expansion of the Omolon Royalty, which is a significant cash-flowing royalty for the Company. We then discuss the acquisition of a gold stream and strategic partnership with Aurament Capital Partners. This transaction will add 5,000 ounces of gold per year to the bottom line of Maverix. Finally we recap the Q2 financial results, which includes the declaration of a quarterly dividend, and an amendment and increase to the Company’s credit facility, now for $160million.


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