Guanajuato Silver – Silver Production Update and Growth Plans From The El Cubo Mine

November 24, 2021

James Anderson, President and CEO of Guanajuato Silver (GSilver) (TSX.V:GSVR – OTCQX:GSVRF) joins us to provide an update on the early stage silver production at the Company’s El Cubo Mine. On October 28th the Company announced the first sale of precious metals concentrate.


We have James outline the current production and estimated annual production. From there we look ahead to the near term growth plans to increase production by 2023. The Company is taking a different mining strategy than the past operator, Endeavour Silver, which will help keep costs low.


We also discuss a couple corporate news releases over the past two weeks. These updated include the final payment to Endeavour for the El Cubo asset, a new collective bargaining agreement with the union, and the recently announced $8.25 million Private Placement.


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