Tristar Gold – Recapping The Key News Of This Year, Including The PFS, And A Look Ahead To Next Year’s Catalysts

December 10, 2021

Nick Appleyard, President and CEO of Tristar Gold (TSX.V:TSG – OTCQX:TSGZF) joins us for a year end recap of the work completed at the Castelo de Sonhos Project, in Brazil. We start by highlighting the PFS that was released in October. We discuss the project’s economics at lower gold prices to ensure it is still profitable if gold continues to drift lower. 


We then look ahead to the general work plans and catalysts for next year. As nick outlines, the Company will continue to de-risk the asset with a goal of selling to a larger Company. On this point we discuss the recent M&A activity in Brazil and the large mining companies that are operating in Country.


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Click here to visit the Tristar Gold website and read over the Corporate Presentation.

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    Dec 10, 2021 10:35 AM

    Morning Ex. ..Was KER. Site Down most of yesterday? I Was just able to access about an hour ago..Thx.