GMG Video Update – An Update On The Battery Division Including The First Prototypes Produced

December 29, 2021

GMG (TSX.V:GMG) CEO & Managing Director, Craig Nicol, joins me to provide a detailed overview of recent news from the Company.


News Releases Covered Include:

– November 30th, 2021: Global Patent Application Filed for Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Technology

– December 9th, 2021: GMG Commences Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Plant Operations

– December 22nd, 2021: Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Prototypes Sent to Customers for Testing and Evaluation


Click here to visit the GMG website to read over the recent news out of the Company.

    Dec 29, 2021 29:25 PM

    I’m not in the sector, the great people that I follow are! This type of investment is going to be a winner because it’s been explained to me that it’s the future by Top people in engineering are specifically in electricity.

    I’m basically all in the minors that’s where my bread and butter is but if I had another choice I would be all in on this.

    So thank you for this video update!



    Dec 29, 2021 29:27 PM

    On a different note and I remain with the same position by under dips!

    Not investment advice..


    Dec 29, 2021 29:32 PM

    Just in case I forget, wishing all of you a happy New Year’s and prosperity!

    I believe many are at a point of nervousness and anxiousness‘s. And many believe right now from the charts that it’s going lower, but personally I will put myself out there and say the market structure has changed and don’t let the Algos or charts confuse you.

    As Mr. Calgary said they’re trying to take our shares stand strong.