GR Silver Mining – Recapping Initial Drill Results From The San Marcial Area and Exploration Plans For 2022

January 18, 2022

Marcio Fonseca, President and CEO of GR Silver Mining (TSX.V:GRSL – OTCQB:GRSLF) joins us to recap yesterday’s news news highlighting initial drill results from the San Marcial area on the Plomosas Project, in Mexico. We also have Marcio provide a general overview of the exploration plans for this year.


Kicking off the interview Marcio outlines the combined Plomosas Project, for simplicity now combining the San Marcial, La Trinidad and Plomosas Projects into 1 entity. All of these Projects are connected and have been acquired over the past couple years.


We then move to the initial drill results from the San Marcial zone. The first 3 holes were released, out of the 8 hole drill program. The headline results being 18.5 m @ 773 g/t Ag, including 1,792 g/t Ag over 5.6 m. These holes extended mineralization down dip from 250m to 450m.


if you have any follow up questions for Marcio regarding the drill results or work planned for this year please email us at or



Click here to read over the full drill results news release.

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    Thanks Jerry and Irish! We sure enjoy you here on this side and appreciate always your thoughts and wisdom. You have both been vocal and leaders in the direction of gold longer term and that needs plenty of credit.


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    Rick rule states something of the utmost importance when it comes to behaviour! You see most of us in here are well in tuned and well aligned i would think “low in cash” and heavy on miners because the behaviour is exactly what Glen is talking about when it moves you can’t catch it in time your chasing a one day/2 day move which is explosive.

    6/7 trillion cap on miners is a joke when Rick tells you the market is hundreds of trillion. Just like in the movies when the call is made among men and yes women, the money that pours in will overwhelm the mm’s and takes miners up numerous basis points. I can’t stress this enough and he who says he sold at the high and never told us or he who says i bought the lows and never told us will be he who is chasing and will quickly realize they did not nail those bottoms when they were there for the grab. Just my two cents.

    Folks these miners could not should not be this low. What more can i say?

    Also off topic Martin Armstrong mentioned housing had hit a peak in 2016 he believed to be the bull top. Funny enough indid some investigating and this pertains more si to the Canadian housing bubble which by the way never cracked in 2008! From that top Cad went lower and was buying opportunity for housing. Now i expect Cad to go much higher in next 2/3 years and we’re do you think housing in Canada may go? The two biggest asset purchaser that are Foreign are the Chinese and Iranian in Canada. Guess what will happen to there king cycle against the loonie? Go down.. I expect Canadian housing to go down let’s see if this happens. Charts day yes. We have a double top in Chinese currency abasing cad.