John Rubino – Volatility and Fed Rate Hikes – What To Expect When The Hikes Start

February 1, 2022

John Rubino, Founder and Editor of The Dollar Collapse website joins us to focus on the upcoming Fed rate hikes. We discuss how the process will play out and how many the financial markets can handle. All considering the forecasts of a market crash or financial system reset, but just how likely are these this time around.




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    Feb 01, 2022 01:25 AM

    Most already know this….but, some will tell ya… :)……. from 321 gold….. Stew Thomas
    21. The miners? Well, the miners are the first love of most of the Western gold community, particularly in America. That’s likely because of the love of capitalism; if gold is money, the companies that mine it must be incredibly awesome investments!

    22. That’s true, but mining stock investors need to pick their spots and focus on compounding booked profits. Hoping that the miners will do as well against the dollar as gold bullion does, with a buy and hold strategy, is not a great way to buy the miners.
    24. GDX and associated miners have a history of surging 20%-30% from these major support zones for bullion, allowing disciplined gold bugs to outperform the world’s top money managers. The juniors can surge 30%-50%. A gold price of $2089 is coming, and it’s a much bigger buy zone than the previous (and great) zones of $1671 and $1778. When it happens, I expect the seniors and intermediate miners to then surge 100%-200%, and the juniors to blast 300%-1000% higher. To get in on the action, simple patience is all that is required!
    KEY WORD………………… PATIENCE……………… have a great day….. 🙂

    Feb 01, 2022 01:58 AM

    Nasdaq went from 5k to recent new high 6k since 2016. That’s 300 PCT.
    It just corrected approx 18 PCT.
    Who cares if it falls 50 PCT as long as it does it gradually. USA needs to get control of inflation and start balancing it’s budget, we can’t handle $30 trillion in debt.
    These politians and rich will not even stop buying cars, boats, vacation etc. It working man that has to work longer instead of retiring, or STD of living goes down until next wave starts again. I still say these politians don’t need free healthcare for life, 90 PCT of them are millionaire they can pay thier own insurance like the working man in this country.
    Go to flat tax and everyone pays same whether you make $1 or $1B, no write offs or special loop holes we all be better off.

    Feb 01, 2022 01:15 AM

    The politicians have already hoodwinked every sheeple…………. since 1913……..
    Lol……. 1%tax for the war 1863 effort was the beginning of stupidity…well, close to it,…. lol….. 🙂

    Feb 01, 2022 01:09 PM

    New buy- HSTXF – 5k @ $0.485

      Feb 01, 2022 01:37 PM

      Welcome aboard Heliostar Marty.

      Feb 01, 2022 01:53 PM

      Helio was a Gwen Preston tout 2 years ago . Bought a little,sold out with a nice gain, re-entered last year, took a 22% loss. I’ll ride this one for a while, Charles Funk( formerly of VZLA ) has a hot hand going, plus summers in Alaska and year round plays at multiple sights in ( Silvercrest territory)Sonora, Mx.. I’m not a fan of Alaska at all, a crap shook up there it seems.

    Feb 01, 2022 01:01 PM

    I won’t be surprised if gold dips back into the 1780s tomorrow.

    Feb 01, 2022 01:01 PM
    Feb 01, 2022 01:13 PM

    NVO holders do not want a weekly close below a dollar and I bet they won’t get one.

    Feb 01, 2022 01:16 PM

    I haven’t been interested in the LA Rams since Roman Gabriel was their quarterback. This year a Rams victory in the Super Bowl will bring a positive close to the general stockmarkets in 2022.