Solaris Resources – A Complete Update On The Warintza Project And Growth Plans For This Year

February 10, 2022

Dan Earle, President and CEO of Solaris Resources (TSX:SLS – OTCQB:SLSSF) joins me for an introduction to this copper explorer that has outperformed the market. We focus on the flagship Warintza Project in Ecuador and the exploration planned for this year.


To start I have Dan recap the history of the Project and discovery. We then look at the Warintza Central area, which had the majority of drilling on it from last year’s program. There are also a couple other discoveries on the Project and new target still to be drilled. The plan is to follow up on all the new discoveries and continue to grow the resource.


If you have would like any future information on Solaris or the plans for this year please email me at




Click here to read over the Solaris Corporate Presentation to learn more about the Company.

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