GMG – Q&A with Craig Nicol – Addressing Your Questions On The Battery, Thermal-XR, and Lubricant Divisions

February 16, 2022

Craig Nichol, Founder and CEO of Graphene Manufacturing Group (“GMG”) (TSX.V:GMG) joins me to answer a wide range of questions all sent in by shareholders and you, our listeners. After our last webinar on January 31st, there were a number of questions that we didn’t have time to address, plus a lot of questions sent in after the event.


On this Q&A segment we address questions related to all 3 of the Company’s divisions. We start with questions on the Thermal-XR division. Then move to the Lubricant division, and wrap things up with a number of questions on the battery division.


Since there is so much interest in this Company Craig and I will schedule more regular Q&A segments to address all the questions coming in. Please keep emailing me your questions to 




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    Feb 16, 2022 16:00 PM

    In my country (norway), heat pumps are a big marked. Have you tested if Thermal XR can improve the efficiency of a heat pump? After all it’s more or less a reverse technology to aircondition.

    Feb 17, 2022 17:52 AM

    Have your managers put the graphene lubricants in their cars?

    Feb 17, 2022 17:22 AM

    How do the batteries hold up to physical force (i.e. cell phone is dropped, car fender bender)?

    Feb 17, 2022 17:55 PM

    I love GMG

    Feb 17, 2022 17:50 PM

    Has any new equipment been recently delivered to the GMG factory for battery production?

    Feb 19, 2022 19:17 AM

    Have you had your coin cells tested by Novonix, just down the road from you guys in Brisbane? They appear to be the recognized standard for battery testing and their endorsement carries much weight with potential institutional investors.