DevvStream – Introducing A New Carbon Credit Streaming Company Focused On Tech Based Solutions

March 8, 2022

Sunny Trihn, CEO of DevvStream (Private Company with plans to list on the TSX.V by the end of this month) joins me to introduce this new carbon credit streaming Company.


I have Sunny start by providing a background on how and why the Company was founded. We then discuss the focus on what makes this carbon credit streaming Company stand out from the rest of the sector. It’s a focus on tech based solutions to help generate carbon credits. We also discuss a couple key partnerships that help the Company store carbon credits on a blockchain as well as trade the carbon credits on the largest exchange. 


If you have any other questions for Sunny or would like more information on any aspect of DevvStream please email me at


Note – The valuation on listing will be $59million not around $90million as Sunny stated.




Click here to visit the DevvStream website to learn more about the Company.


Click here to sign up for the upcoming webinar with DevvStream on Monday March 14th at 1pm PT.