Skeena Resources – Final 2021 Drill Results, Recapping New Discoveries and A Look Ahead To The Large 2022 Drill Program

March 15, 2022

Paul Geddes, VP of Exploration and Resource Development at Skeena Resources (TSX:SKE – NYSE:SKE) joins me to recap the final drill results from the 2021 drill program at the Eskay Creek Project, in the Golden Triangle of BC.


We start with the latest results that expand on one of the new discoveries, the 21A West Zone and hole 997 that yielded 8.95g/t AuEq over 34 meters. As Pual states hole 997 was drilled within the pit in an area that was previously thought to be waste material. I also have Paul relate these results to the other new discovery of the 23 Zone, announced in January.


We then focus on the 60,000 meter drill program for this year. Paul shares the main areas being focused on with the goal of continuing to make new discoveries and expand on the recent discoveries. 


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Click here to read over the full news release that Paul and I discussed.



    Mar 15, 2022 15:08 AM

    Gold down to low 1900s but climbing back……Hui positive! I see this that the games played in the futures market are beginning to come unravelled. Something is about to break.

    Mar 15, 2022 15:51 AM

    This discussion with fabulous charts on gold, the dollar, etc. is fantastic. Anyone in PMs had better watch. The forecasts for the $$ by Wadsworth is so good. Haven’t seen anything comparable anywhere.
    Do yourself a favor, get that coffee and sit back………
    Kevin is always a great partner in these discussions.

      Mar 15, 2022 15:29 PM

      Good video. Those guys recognize how bullish the situation is as well as the fact that Russia-Ukraine is not the driver of this action.

        Mar 16, 2022 16:14 AM

        Agreed. They do a lot of cycle analysis that many don’t bother with. I like that addition. And the $$ down around 70. Like that too.

    Mar 15, 2022 15:43 AM

    FWIW Hedgeye put out a buy alert on GLD this morning at $179.39. They see it at the bottom of their risk range.

      Mar 15, 2022 15:44 PM

      I purchased GLD this morning.

    Mar 15, 2022 15:27 PM

    Nice to hear Doc call entry point

      Mar 15, 2022 15:44 PM

      Whatever the Fed does tomorrow, the hike won’t amount to fighting more than ‘transitory’ inflation

        Mar 16, 2022 16:16 AM

        Agreed Buzz.

          Mar 16, 2022 16:49 AM

          First comes the realization by the public that inflation is not going away, then hysteria sets in when they go to the grocery store and find out that the cost of food is making it very hard too live. What a debacle, this is no time for any action but the boldest. Washington is burning while Powell fiddle, faddles. LOL! DT