Would you send a Priest to a gunfight?

Big Al
March 28, 2022
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We agree that American no longer enjoys it status of strength.
    Mar 28, 2022 28:22 AM

    The Elite never STOP ! Russia is part off the NWO ! High commodities is the way to put us all in The 5G internet prison ! Ukraine /Users/lesagefranky/Downloads/Ukraine silently implemented the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ by setting up a Social Credit Application combi….webloc

      Mar 28, 2022 28:32 AM

      Sorry ! /private/var/folders/zy/prlsp_p149scj477bfkc6z880000gp/T/ Ukraine, an air of social credit with the Diia application – Gearrice.webloc

    Mar 28, 2022 28:43 AM

    Would I send a priest to a gunfight ?
    Perhaps, if he were Juan Diaz, whom I believe was the priest accompanying Hernán Cortés. A priest who clearly had no conscience against the acts of the Conquistadors.
    Certainly a Thomas Moore would not be a good choice.

    Mar 28, 2022 28:48 AM

    On re-thinking my position, perhaps a priest like Thomas Moore is precisely the type of person
    we do need at the moment……a person who would pour oil on the troubled waters, to calm things down, snd prevent a WWIII.

    Mar 28, 2022 28:59 AM

    In myopinion, there is not a shadow of doubt that the SARS CoV-2 Alpha variant was lab-created.
    Some scientists are now claiming possibility that so too was the omicron variant.

    (Although technically this variant does require two mutations and no intermediate step has been found, I am less convinced these scientists are correct.)
    I still want Fauci tried and jailed for life……along with co-conspirators, who have been silent.

    Mar 28, 2022 28:15 PM

    Do you think Russians don’t play by a conventional set of rules ?

    less a set of Marquess of Queensberry rules, and more a Marqui de Sade.

    Mar 28, 2022 28:09 PM is simply democrat scum liars.

    The emails on the laptop, which have been verified, clearly show thatif Joe were to be treated like an ordinary citizen, he would have spent the last few years in jail waiting to be tried, and once convicted of TREASON, dealt with permanently.

    Mar 28, 2022 28:20 PM

    Have you listened to the “news” today ?
    Really ? Is someone punching someone else at the Oscars more newsworthy than a rocket hitting a hospital or sinking a ship and killing tens or hundreds ?

    Or how about a rocket hitting a fuel storage facility, thereby destroying thousands of gallons of fuel needed by farmers in Ukraine to plant wheat and barley ?

    Anything to distract fromidiot Joe’s incompetence seems to be the order or the day.

    Mar 28, 2022 28:30 PM

    Utterly incredible !
    Doesn’t our illegally elected leader not have advisors that know our production capability ?
    Do they NOTKNOW OUR PRODUCTION IS NOW FALLING, because of stupid executive orders signed by the senile idiot.?
    Ammonia-based fertilizers will have reduced production this year because of supply limitations of nat gas..
    Don’t they know liquifaction CANNOT be increased without building new facilities?

    Mar 28, 2022 28:51 PM

    Game, Set, Match – Putin Wins The Great Reset for Gold

    Bob Moriarty – Mar 28, 2022

    “The most important piece I have written in just over twenty years of running this website was posted on March 1st of this year where I predicted that the sanctions imposed on Russia would end up destroying both the EU and the US.”

    “In the past no one in America paid any attention to sanctions. We have had sanctions against Cuba for just short of sixty years. No one in the US really cared unless you happened to prefer Cuban cigars. Likewise when US sanctions against Iraq killed 1.5 million Iraqis no one in the US gave a damn or shed even a single crocodile tear even as they simply forgot that Saddam Hussein’s first paycheck came from the CIA as an assassin. He may have been a monster but he was our monster that we created. But the sanctions didn’t have even a slight effect on Americans.”

    “With Russia it is different. First of all most of what you think you know about the war is a lie produced by the WEF, the CIA and the Neocons. If you think Zelensky is some sort of superman, take a gander at what the media of the world said about him in the past….”

    Mar 28, 2022 28:56 PM

    Good post, Excelsior!
    Bob M is correct!

    The title of this segment should be:

    Would you send a Priest to babysit? (..uh,

    Mar 28, 2022 28:02 PM

    Jim Morrison sang: You cannot petition the Lord with prayer.

    3-2-1: Accion!!! Chris Rock needs to walk thru a few XTRA DOORS. Like, llevame to Portugal take me to RED taillights—

    Principe Phillip, AC/DC El Rey, shall put Will Smit in his place….

    Mar 28, 2022 28:22 PM

    Friend of mine, is a backdoor man