Skeena Resources – Recapping The Acquisition of QuestEx Gold & Copper Ltd. and Concurrent Sale of QuestEx Assets to Newmont

March 31, 2022

Walter Coles, President and CEO of Skeena Resources (TSX:SKE – NYSE:SKE) joins us to recap yesterday’s news announcing the acquisition of QuestEx Gold & Copper and the concurrent sale of some QuestEx assets to Newmont. There are a couple key moving parts to understand in the transaction so we start by having Walter simplify the cash and share components as well as the main strategy for Skeena behind this deal.


We then focus on the two Projects that Skeena will be keeping, both in the Golden Triangle, between the Eskay Creek and Snip Projects. These Projects are the KSP and Kingpin Properties.


As Eskay Creek is still the focus for the Company we have Walter outline the high-level exploration plans and key growth events this year. This ties into a discussion on Skeena as a possible M&A target. It’s a question I’ve received a number of time recently so we have Walter share what he can about this.


If you have any follow up questions for Walter or the team at Skeena please email us at and




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    Mar 31, 2022 31:26 AM

    nat gas is in leg C up weekly chart just testing 200ema….shrinking volume w bullish chart…daily below is wave E on both symmetric counts and is full bullish technically…a sudden rug pull? soon…imho

      Mar 31, 2022 31:30 PM

      Hey larry………. left you a note over in the ORPHAN SECTION,…. on the myths…..

    Mar 31, 2022 31:21 PM

    Jamie Diamond……. gets $56 Million paycheck……. and silver goes down…. lol…..

    Mar 31, 2022 31:44 PM

    They sure do a remarkable job of painting the tape for those quarterly closings, don’t they?

    Mar 31, 2022 31:05 PM

    Apart from all this positive news, I’m curious about the tailings dispute at Albino Lake, which is possibly moving slowly in the courts.
    SKE estimates about 2mil. tons of waste and let’s say there’s 5g/ton of gold in it. That’s over .5B USD.