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Big Al
April 13, 2022
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We are living in non-sensical times
    Apr 13, 2022 13:53 AM

    The Russian diplomats appear more open and willing to use diplomacy than the west…

      Apr 13, 2022 13:26 AM

      You really want Biden to attend on the part of America. By the way, I do agree with you Tommy.

    Apr 13, 2022 13:54 AM

    The U .S may have left the planes and helicopters, but anybody with half a brain cell left knows the maintenance and spare parts that are required to keep them operational.
    It’s really a non issue, but once again Mr McKinney is making it to be some big deal.

      Apr 13, 2022 13:28 AM

      Morning John,

      I would assume that the maintainence and spare parts were covered, but I will ask Jim.

        Apr 13, 2022 13:32 PM

        Al, who do you think is going to maintain all these aircraft? Do you realize how highly skilled and trained the U S Military personnel are that work on these aircraft?
        I do and I use to be one of them.

          Apr 13, 2022 13:55 PM

          Ditto John………..
          MOS…… Helicopter repair/tech… OH-23. .. NG… 🙂

            Apr 13, 2022 13:58 PM

            Hi Jerry:. F-111D, F-4E, F-15
            46250. Weapons systems release.
            Top Secret Security clearance. Human Reliability Program qualified to work around Nuclear.

            Apr 13, 2022 13:45 PM

            Dang John…… that is impressive……. I must say…..
            by my..Observation …..

            Apr 13, 2022 13:35 PM

            SP4 McKinney, 67U, Chinook crew chief, 1981-85 – 132nd Av HAAF, 213th Camp Humphreys ROK, 49th ASH Stockton CANG. Then CPT McKinney, 1-160th SOAR, Nightstalkers. I know aviation.
            They may crash them, but someone will sell parts to anyone. Somebody will train them, probably Chinese who already stole the tech manuals.

            Apr 14, 2022 14:49 AM

            Six and Out……… figured out long ago……. ONE BIG CON JOB 🙂
            Drafted, so it does not count in the stupidity of War……….
            USSA…. is being killed within. MICC at your front door and nobody keeps reminding
            themselves of what is really going on.
            Snake oil in your meds…….. Good one chartster…….
            Roche, in your closets………. shame people take the medical
            advice from killers.
            Nothing against those who felt compelled to server.

            Apr 14, 2022 14:59 AM

            GOD….. FAMILY……….. humm…… Country of war mongers…….. Congress full of demonic minded souls..
            who support killing and stealing……… humm……
            Pray for those idiots……. which do not server the right master…….

      Apr 13, 2022 13:31 PM

      Agree it will be hard to maintain and supply, but $84 Billion is a non-issue? YGTBSM.

      BTW, Iran still flies F-14s, from the 70s. Guns last a long time. Anybody will sell parts.

        Apr 13, 2022 13:53 PM

        I always look at things a little differently than most. I say what did we gain in the 20+ years we were in Afghanistan?
        How is our Country better off economically?
        Are we really any safer?
        I for one am very happy no more American Military Personnel are dying in Afghanistan or coming back to the U.S and committing suicide.

          Apr 14, 2022 14:59 AM

          No question John, we gained nothing, and lost a lot of lives, treasure, and credibility. It was a tragic ending, and there is no justification for it.

          That goes all the way back to the 1980s Afghanistan problem, even before, the Carter appeasement of the Khomeni in Iran and commies in South America, Kennedy in Cuba and Berlin, Truman in Korea, but the big mistake that we all suffer from and cost more lives than all of human history, allowing the Soviets expand and to take Eastern Europe in 1945-47.

          We always quit too soon, once you are in a fight, you better win it. Better not to poke a stick at a predator – but if a predator attacks, kill it or die, it’s that simple – it doesn’t matter if you started it. We never killed the corrupt Marxist ideology behind socialism, or the extremism behind Al Qaeda, we just let it fester, and exacerbated it – now they surround us and will destroy us if we don’t act. I do not want that to happen for my children, or for the world, regardless of our past mistakes.

            Apr 14, 2022 14:38 AM

            Thank-you for the reply Mr McKinney.
            I will confess that my knowledge of the Soviet expansion in Eastern Europe during 1945-1947 is not to the level of yours.
            I like this as it challenges me to fill that void.
            I just finished “The Israel Lobby And Foreign Policy” by John Mearsheimer and Stephen M Walt.
            The Middle East situation after 9/11 has changed a lot, but the players are the same
            I could argue the Iraq invasion benefitted Iran, as Iran was Iraq’s principal enemy in the region.
            As far as Al Qaeda, the Bin Laden attack on 9/11 was as much about the Israeli treatment of the Arabs in Palestine as it was about American troops on Arab soil.

    Apr 13, 2022 13:07 AM

    NWO neocons ! Removes Pakistan President Ginebra Cane ! Ginebra Cane revusse to follow the NWO plane ! The Politicians in Washington and Brussels think printing money is economic growth the insanity is know starting be strong Boys !

      Apr 13, 2022 13:27 PM

      Ukraine war ! Mass surrender of Ukraine troops in Mariupol !

    Apr 13, 2022 13:05 PM

    Those weapons left in Afghanistan may have been negotiated.
    There may have been a reason the Taliban were armed.
    Just sayin, it may not have been a mistake but intentional.

    Seems like a pretty big thing to overlook for a professional military.

      Apr 13, 2022 13:44 PM

      I think you are on to something – they can’t be that stupid to leave Bagram and go to KIA for the evac, and let the Afg Army fall the way they did with CAS on standby. Had to be a deal cut – one day we will know.

      One of the largest lithium deposits in the world in southern Afghanistan, Helmand province – Chinese thinking ahead, Biden team selling out?

    Apr 13, 2022 13:19 PM

    I’m going to post this again for those that didn’t see it. It’s a serious eye-opener.

      Apr 13, 2022 13:32 PM

      Thanks Chartster.

      Apr 14, 2022 14:56 AM

      Chartster…………..good one on the snake oil……. figures , the demonic nature of Fauci and crew

        Apr 14, 2022 14:21 AM

        VenomTech company announces massive library of snake venom peptides for Big Pharma

        A UK company literally named “Venomtech” announced a massive venom peptide and venom fragment library to be used for drug discovery by pharmaceutical companies (as well as pesticide used for agricultural companies).

        They write: “…[we are] helping our customers worldwide make pioneering advances in drug discovery, crop protection, and cosmetics. We have the largest library of naturally sourced venom-derived compounds in the UK, from a growing collection of vertebrate and invertebrate species.”

        The use of snake venom in pharmaceuticals isn’t a “conspiracy theory.” It’s a common practice, representing what most bioscience experts would describe as the cutting edge of drug discovery.

    Apr 13, 2022 13:35 PM

    There’s a reason democracies only last a couple of hundred years.
    Democratic Rrpublics with a few extra checks and balances might last a bit longer, but sooner or later they too collapse.
    They collapse when an amoral power structure developes, misusing public funds to entrench power regardless of law.
    The corrupt spoils of power simply become too great a temptation to politicians who have a lifetime of lying.
    Unless this time in history is different, I fear that once more it will take a violent revolution to restore an honest government.
    I don’t know if it is the MSM censorship or simply poor quality of reporting that has failed to produce truthful reporting over Ukraine.
    Ukraine is a resource-rich country, which has been used by the CIA, much like Panama was about fifty years ago, to manipulate neighboring countries.
    Look into Soros funds to “non-profit” organizations. Look at money paid to Biden relatives for access to the corrupt traitor Biden. (and even Obama before.)
    The government of Ukraine has been corruptly manipulated for decades, regardless of who was in power…..the U.S. could always make an offer that couldn’t be refused.

      Apr 14, 2022 14:08 AM

      US is determined to escalate its involvement, supplying more weapons and helping Ukraine locate targets on Russian territory. All this will be legitimate targets for Russian forces, with the death of US empire being greatly accelerated. Europe will also be one heck of a mess…again.

    Apr 13, 2022 13:46 PM

    I suspect senile biden is controlled by pro-Iranian traitor Obama,
    There seems no other explanation.

    Apr 13, 2022 13:01 PM
    Apr 13, 2022 13:18 PM

    I have been keeping up w this Geoengineering…No mass media covers this at all….The powers know that they get away w scamming the public as job #1….Madness IMHO

    Two embedded documentaries on the link below…glta

    I put this on KER site because preserving your purchasing power w metals investing makes sense…But this guy is describing a nothing to purchase scenario…global collapse that makes supply chain collapse look sophomoric….

      Apr 14, 2022 14:02 AM

      Thanks larry……… it is disturbing……… I have been following this for years…….
      Sheeple still asleep

      Apr 14, 2022 14:35 AM

      This geo engineering has got to stop. I’ve noticed the collapse of the bullfrog population in my area. It’s very concerning. I pray it’s not as bad as these two men in the video are saying.

        Apr 14, 2022 14:52 AM

        They have been spraying for years……. we have pointed this out before……..
        usawatchdog… has been posting this info for a number of years……..
        The govt ussa…… micc……. globalist are of corrupt perverted minds……..

          Apr 14, 2022 14:07 AM

          Ionospheric heaters, ozone depleters
          Government scientists playing God
          Captain Marvel on the site
          Something here isn’t right
          Blue skies turning white
          Global warming, look at Mars
          Go outside, count the stars.

            Apr 14, 2022 14:37 AM

            Govt Scientist ……. better get ready for the HOT SEAT………

        Apr 14, 2022 14:53 AM

        btw……….. thanks for the snake oil post……….. very disturbing………..

          Apr 14, 2022 14:24 AM

          You should see the 3 part video Dr. Ardis did with Mike Adams. They get very technical and detailed. It’s truly shocking.

            Apr 14, 2022 14:36 AM

            thanks Chartster, …. I will try to catch it later……. appreciate….
            Unbelievable how low they can go…….. then again not…….
            Unfortunate, … their god is the devil….. demonic mind set
            Coming up This Friday…….. Death , Burial and Resurrection ….
            Some will be blessed, others will be cursed…….

    Apr 13, 2022 13:20 PM

    Same site the …give these links some time to load..sorry

    Apr 14, 2022 14:47 AM