Libero Copper & Gold – An Update On The Initial Hole At The Macoa Project, Now Extended To 1,200 Meters

April 14, 2022

Ian Harris, CEO of Libero Copper & Gold (TSX.V:LBC – OTCQB:LBCMF) joins us for an update on the first drill hole into the Macoa Project, in Colombia, that has been extended past 1,000 to 1,200 meters. We also discuss the significant molybdenum component of the resource, in addition to the copper resource. 


There was also news in Argentina regarding permitting from Josemaria Resources. We have Ian outline how this news could benefit Libero, which holds the Esperanza Project also in Argentina.


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    Apr 14, 2022 14:52 AM

    Sounds good…added some more. Thanks for the interview. Very timely in that my juniors still picking flowers in Left Field and do not have their eye on the ball.

      Apr 14, 2022 14:06 PM

      Yeah, I’m interested to see how things go here with this deep drill hole at Macoa, because obviously they wouldn’t have gone that deep and then extended it if they didn’t like what they were seeing from the mineralogy in the core. I didn’t realize just how large the Molybdenum resources were at Macoa either, and that they have a deposit almost as large as an entire year’s planetary mine supply. That’s a nice kicker!

      With 4 company projects that all look very promising, Libero has a lot on the go, but I’m most interested in what they keep finding at Macoa personally, and pretty interested in how things are going to develop at Esperanza as well.

        Apr 14, 2022 14:37 PM

        Ended up doing 3 adds today for a 50% increase in shares. Looking forward to see if they get some great drill results. I also have been increasing Osisko Metals slowly as it is creeping up. Increased First Helium, Westhaven and Bitterroot yesterday; and bought new Matador and Vendetta after the Feneck interview. Changing things up a little but the same character of Junior so no real movement yet.

          Apr 14, 2022 14:49 PM

          Thanks for sharing your trading and which companies have your eye Lakedweller2. Yeah, Osisko Metals sure had a big move higher lately on the Zinc prices running and the acquisition of the Gasp√© Copper asset from Glencore. Yeah, Westhaven had the real zinger of a drill hit recently… Very impressive.

          I got burnt on Vedetta in the past Zinc cycle as they never really sealed the deal with the big boys next door and gradually diluted down investors so much as they kept raising capital. However, maybe things are further along now and they did just get that new strategic stakeholder as John mentioned, so maybe things are moving towards them partnering and trucking ore to one of those existing mills.

    Apr 14, 2022 14:29 AM
    I just stumbled onto this website which airs complaints about shady dealings in the mining industry. Has anybody else been there, who would comment on what they have seen there?

      Apr 14, 2022 14:07 PM

      Never heard of that site before. It looks like just a big gripe site though.

      Apr 14, 2022 14:27 PM

      Okay leave it at that, except to say there was a complaint some years back about the CEO of a company featured on KER.

    Apr 14, 2022 14:08 PM

    Many of the smaller silver miners are still stuck in the mud. While they can certainly rally from here, I highly doubt the ones that have gotten the snot kicked out of them (like AXU) will be able to exceed their November ’21 highs this year. There has been a pretty clear range established since those highs and they will need to consolidate for a while at this lower level. The upper bound for many of these miners is going to be their 600 day MA.

    These small silver miners massive negative divergence from the rest of the sector is certainly not unusual, and I do expect them to catch up to the larger cap stocks at some point, I just don’t think it will be this year.

    I really hope I am wrong about my take on the technical picture for the small caps. I think if I am proven wrong, it’s possible many of them can start their moonshots in the June-July period, which is a time of the year that often sees significant pivots across the PM complex historically, but I am not holding out much hope for that.

    Again, I hope I am wrong about all of this and these silver miners can finally break above their 2016 highs for good (it’s hard to believe its been 6 years (!) under those highs) this year starting now.

    Apr 14, 2022 14:41 PM

    Santacruz is having a decent finish to the day. Libero just keeps going. Waiting for the day traders to run away.

      Apr 14, 2022 14:29 PM

      Yes indeed. Santacruz Silver and Libero Copper had bang-up days to end the trading week.