McKinney-Korelin Review

Big Al
April 20, 2022
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We can not stress just show interesting these discussions have bcome with all of your input!
    Apr 20, 2022 20:22 PM

    Quick …. Someone tell the green loony’s, that they are promoting CHILD labour , & slavery.

      Apr 20, 2022 20:41 PM

      Great comment, Gordon

      Apr 20, 2022 20:50 PM

      I am reading the entire book now. Started this morning.

    Apr 20, 2022 20:38 PM

    more white man tone deaf bias blinders…it does not matter at all how “smart” bloggers are…the guest is psychology…dime a dozen …not bright…not creative…most importantly, simply deceptive and not honest…worthless

      Apr 20, 2022 20:42 PM

      That is your personal opinion

    Apr 20, 2022 20:50 PM

    News out today……………… Hunter has THREE lap tops………..

    Apr 20, 2022 20:51 PM

    Oh……… thanks for the mention OWL………… 🙂

      Apr 20, 2022 20:31 PM

      My pleasure box!

    Apr 20, 2022 20:55 PM

    look at her positions… scared of covid, isolate, jab, mask…opinion?….she wants the second amendment reversed…it stands between us and tyranny…opinion?

    on and on……we have the best medical in the world..lmao…opinion?….no al…tone deaf statements from your backwards thinking guest stooge who is a system compliant…fact not opinion…you call every poorly thought out statement by your system guests fact and that response to the fallacy stated, opinion…so the logic is…your guest statements are facts due to their unquestionable stooge talents…but the responses proving the fraud of their statement is opinion…true…over and over…

    fact not opinion…..

      Apr 20, 2022 20:53 PM

      Sorry, I don’t agree with you, Larry

        Apr 21, 2022 21:30 AM

        I agree with Larry. I wish you would get another guest. Sorry, but I won’t listen to her any longer.

    Apr 20, 2022 20:57 PM

    What about Hugh?

      Apr 20, 2022 20:57 PM

      Who is Hugh?

    Apr 20, 2022 20:01 PM

    For anyone, especially unbelievers. I would love to hear from you if you disagree with the following in the link below.

      Apr 20, 2022 20:40 PM

      You seriously want a criticism of your God. ? !

      If I were to design life, I would design it so that telomeres increased in times of abundance.

      Apr 20, 2022 20:54 PM

      Often the problem lies not with the existence of a God or Gods, but in the specifications of the God.

        Apr 21, 2022 21:22 PM

        Thanks CFS. Everyone wants to blame God and become hostile against God for many reasons. Incidentally, regarding criticism. In this generation the current times we live in God is criticized consistently.

        Very very briefly, God did not create robots. He could have done that. God created us with our own free Will and that’s the meaning of true love. Love is not programmed.

        This life is our training grounds and everyone needs to be tested to prove themselves worthy to inherit the Kingdom of God. As sons and daughters of the Most High we inherit everything God owns and we share in that. Specifically, only for those that love God and are living in His Will. And those that continue to love a wicked world or so much as going along with it, expecting to inherit the kingdom of God and not living in God’s Will. They’re only reward will be eternal punishment forever.

        God gave us His Holy Word how to live our lives in holiness and righteousness preparing for eternal life that is completely spectacular beyond human imagination in the Kingdom of Heaven.

        However, humanity has decided to embrace corruption, wickedness and abominable sin expecting to have a joyful pleasant life. Over the centuries this is what it’s coming to now. Refusing to listen to God and the only thing that’s coming in the future is major bloodshed and misery. Great human pain and suffering and then eternal 🔥punishment follows.

        Romans 1:22
        Professing to be wise, they became fools.


      Apr 20, 2022 20:54 PM

      God Bless you Holy Grail. I know that God exists.

        Apr 21, 2022 21:23 PM

        Same to you Al and have a “”Great Day””.

        Romans 4
        4 Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

      Apr 21, 2022 21:21 AM

      First, the EUA for the covid jabs needs to be pulled.
      Then fire Fauci for supporting bioweapon research.

    Apr 20, 2022 20:20 PM

    below guest is not of the 99% system profiteering stooge types…so her data must be opinion right al?,,,lmao……

      Apr 20, 2022 20:57 PM

      I can’t comment because I have no knowledge within her field.

        Apr 21, 2022 21:17 AM

        the link was for the blog

    Apr 20, 2022 20:27 PM

    With age comes wisdom….. But not always , just look at JOE.

      Apr 20, 2022 20:59 PM

      That is a great and valuable link!

      Apr 20, 2022 20:02 PM

      The only comment I can make is there was a time I believe that the “system” worked. But, then again maybe not. That is really a thought provoking subject.

    Apr 20, 2022 20:36 PM

    True !!!!! …………….. ” YES “…. IMO

      Apr 20, 2022 20:54 PM

      all three above ssooooo true…and soooo obvious when presented that way…thanks Irish….i actually never go to…i will kill some time in the next few trying…

        Apr 20, 2022 20:07 PM

        Hi Larry … Go to WSS… wallstsilver….. a great reddit . If you like silver , you will like wallstsilver , a great bunch of people , with great views ….. IMO

          Apr 21, 2022 21:17 AM

          Irish……….. do you have a handle at reddit…….?
          wallstsilver…… that is

            Apr 21, 2022 21:59 PM

            Hi Jerry yes … apecirca1951 … & you !!!.

            Apr 21, 2022 21:01 PM


    Apr 21, 2022 21:54 AM

    The thin end of the wedge of control.

    Apr 21, 2022 21:13 AM

    On the subject of the covid jabs, irregardless of what exactly the toxic spike protein(s) are made with, the jabs have pretty much been proven to be unsafe by unbiased scientists… Big pharma and the medical system have a total disregard for safety when profits are involved.

      Apr 21, 2022 21:11 AM

      Hi Tommy …. imo.. You are correct.

    Apr 21, 2022 21:05 PM

    Romans 8…………. KJV……….

    Apr 21, 2022 21:03 PM



    Apr 21, 2022 21:35 PM

    Jimmy, do you have a relative who used to be a police officer in Sacramento? And had a police station named after him?

      Apr 21, 2022 21:33 PM

      I know there were at least 2 McKinney’s on Sac PD but that is such a common name…may be no relation to you.

        Apr 22, 2022 22:56 AM

        My dad was a SAC County Sherrif’s Deputy, but nothing named after him. Are you in the area EBO? I grew up in the NE, Carmicheal, Fair Oaks area.