Dr Frieda again discusses Putin

Big Al
April 26, 2022
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Dr Frieda
    Apr 26, 2022 26:16 PM

    There has been speculation in the US PRESS that Putin is sick, possibly suffering from Parkinsons.
    No such reports have come out of Europe. Nor have people he has had meetings with, said anything.
    Protocol for covid in Russia is distancing to 4 meters, NOT isolation.

    I have also watched Putin on TV delivering over a hour long speech (in March) and he appears sound.
    (Infinitely better than senile Joe.)

      Apr 26, 2022 26:21 PM

      I was under the impression that he had cancer.

        Apr 26, 2022 26:31 PM

        Isn’t it sad when one has to question U.S. mdia. ?
        There are no Russian reports questioning his health.

        He is getting up in age (Aren’t we all?) But as a two-time cancer survivor, I can say it is not the death sentence it once was.

    Apr 26, 2022 26:11 PM

    This analysis of Putin is pure propaganda, in my opinion. After seeing the propaganda hit job the main stream media did on Trump, this looks like a rewrite of that same basic premise – the man is crazy – just pick the data to support the conclusion. Be careful what you wish for: Trump gone, now we have incompetent Biden; Putin gets taken out, and what will his replacement be like?

    Apr 26, 2022 26:35 PM

    Thank you for the editorial Dr. Frieda. Like I stated in previous messages, I’m no fan of politicians. We have an acute case of significant widespread corruption everywhere.

    I’ll start with Russia first and then the United States. The rest of the world is following in lockstep to keep this as brief as possible.

    Russia has some serious problems with leadership governance by dictatorship hiding behind a facade claiming democracy. Excluding the Rothschilds who manage every nation on Earth. President Putin it’s one of the most wealthiest people in the world and extremely powerful. Anyone possessing that wealth and power is going to have some serious personality disorders and characteristics. High minded on steroids to say the very least. Egocentric and potentially extremely dangerous to maintain his powerful image and wealth. This is not a declaration by me that President Putin possesses the above characteristics. Just suggesting it’s highly likely. The dictatorship governance is terribly disturbing and they’re military aggression with many lives being lost. Russia has major corruption and is committing abominable atrocities.

    Now for the United States. Who is by far the most corrupt, wicked, evil and abominable nation on the face of the earth. A godless cesspool of filth who promotes and pollutes the rest of the world with same-sex marriages and infanticide debauchery cutting up babies, full grown up to 9 months old. Americans don’t have a problem with it, because Americans are living a life of willful sinful lifestyles. The entire West is in the same condition. There’s a long filthy dirty laundry list that is overwhelming to elaborate on right now.

    As we move into the future and Americans are even more hostile towards God than ever before, we can expect a fiery judgment pouring down from God allowing nuclear war on The West, especially America. Throughout world history, God has used that nation’s enemies, that have turned from God, to utterly destroy and make that nation a desolate place with very few survivors and inhabitants.

    Stay tuned, it could happen any day and at any moment. God is very slow to anger however Americans keep spitting in God’s face and all this talk of nuclear war is a warning from above. How long that takes is up to God. However, all of God’s judgments everyone (approx. 99.9%) we’re caught off guard and perished forever in eternal punishment.

    Apr 27, 2022 27:57 AM

    Let me introduce to you Vijaya Gadde, born in India in 1974, according to Wiki still claiming Indian nationality.
    he was THE PERSON primarily responsible for Trump being kicked off twitter.

    Here she is on Joe Rogan experience:

    Apr 27, 2022 27:58 AM

    Let me introduce to you Vijaya Gadde, born in India in 1974, according to Wiki still claiming Indian nationality.
    She was THE PERSON primarily responsible for Trump being kicked off twitter.

    Here she is on Joe Rogan experience:

    Apr 27, 2022 27:12 AM

    I’ve said before “I don’t understand Ukraine”

    Perhaps I should explain that statement…..

    I believe that 2 important factors MUST BE ADDRESSED in criticising Ukraine and Putin.

    First: Ukraine WAS a nuclear power, but gave up its nukes in exchange for a commitment from the U.S./E.U. for defense of its sovereignty.
    Second: If anyone should criticise Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, they should discuss the Minsk Agreement.
    Primary, if you don’t understand the Minsk agreement, you CANNOT understand Putin’s action.

    (Please note, my position on Putin is tring to be neutral.)

    Apr 27, 2022 27:15 AM

    This is just out of interest, some people think that because Zelinsky is Jewish there are not nazis (which is laughable) it is true tho most people have no idea that many Jews served with the german armies of the 40s. Ranks as high as general. There is a record, a long list around somewhere.


    Dr F mentions Putin being reckless? with nukes? I wonder if she knows that Biden changed the american stance for nukes to “first strike” in 2020.

    After many attempts at negotiations with the west he finally gave up and said if they see 1 thing that even looks kinda nukey they will release everything they have.
    Is he really crazy? or is it us?

    He did try for 8 years to stop the genocide in Donbass before he acted, is that crazy or is that someone that wants to stop a genocide?

    Russia is fighting isis in Syria right now, we support isis, who is nuts?

    I can agree with the amount of support for Ukraine may not have been calculated.

    Dr F assertion that Mr Putin intends to recreate the soviet union is misguided. Russia does not want or need Ukraine, people(Dr F) should listen to ALL Scot Ritter interviews, he explains the situation well.

    A face saving way to end the war?
    Putin has already won this war, the american dollar is no longer the reserve currency. I guess it will take a while for people to understand the consequences of that.
    Maybe its us that thinks Putin needs to “save face”?
    Just shows we dont have a clue. Scary actually now that fingers are on those nuke buttons.

    I am not Russian, but I sure as h@ll am not pro nazi.

      Apr 27, 2022 27:59 AM

      Excellent commentary Southfrontfan and much truth there. Ukraine is a Nazi state. What Russia is doing is not right either and two wrongs, don’t make a right. It’s going to turn into a real powder keg for the world. Regretfully speaking.

    Apr 27, 2022 27:24 AM

    Is it me, or have other people also noticed a change in U.S. policy.

    Hitherto it seems to me, IN OPPOSITION TO Russia, the U.S. has given DEFENSIVE HELP.
    e.g. providing financial aid to allow purchase of Israel’s Dome defense.
    Or providing shoulder-launched anti-attack helicopter missiles.

    Th change that concerns me is it appears to me the U.S. IS NOW SUPPLYING OFFENSIVE WEAPONRY.


    The Russian ship was sunk by a U.S. provided anti-ship missile.

    The large quantity of Howitzers just given to Ukraine are OFFENSIVE weapons.
    I worry about this change in policy by the biden administration.

      Apr 27, 2022 27:32 AM

      cfs, Putin awhile ago days. weeks at most confirmed nato the U.S. the EU is at war with Russia.
      That as well as the nuclear “first strike” position is what caused Russia to threaten a nuclear response from Russia.

      Apr 27, 2022 27:38 AM

      The Moscova was sunk with a Neptune missile, Ukrainian developed. You may want to look into the Ukrainian arms industry, they have a strong legacy from the former USSR.
      And we have been giving Ukrainians lethal weapons since Trump approved them in 2017, including anti-air and anti-tank weapons.
      IMHO, there is no real difference between offensive and defensive weapons, they all kill.

        Apr 27, 2022 27:44 AM

        I should know better than to trust CNN reporting, which said it was U.S. provided missile that sunk the ship.

          Apr 27, 2022 27:55 AM

          CNN…. Hilarious

          I’m in Don Lemon’s fan club LOL