KER Politics Mc Kinney-Korelin Revue, Inflation Hurts

Big Al
April 28, 2022
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Costco is the word of the day
    Apr 28, 2022 28:31 PM
    Apr 28, 2022 28:39 PM

    Jimmy ! The Ruble is gowing UP ! I ok ! May European Govermont is making may live miserbull ! It’s Hard i buy butles of Bordeaux of 50 to 75 Euro No more 200 to 1000 Euro ! It’s Hard Rock-fore Shees is throw the rove 10 euro a 200 game ! Know in the Alps i ok it’s save Whit Emmanuel Macron the new Napoleon of Europe !

      Apr 29, 2022 29:09 AM

      Let’s see what happens with default on May 4 to the Ruble – does anyone think the globalists will let Putin drive the financial global financial train? Just being realistic.

    Apr 28, 2022 28:58 PM

    I wonder if politicians care about poles and “popularity” if they believe they can “win” at the ballot box by rigging the counting.

    One advantage of being old is that I have little life expectancy. I have moved to a location where I can survive without heating or cooling if I have to.
    I have stored food equal to my life expectancy.
    I have a garden sufficient to supply food, If I am capable of growing it.
    I have recently planted about 2 dozen fruit trees.
    I have more books than I expect to be able to read.
    I have some solar panels. electronics and batteries stored in a Faraday cage in my basement.
    I have propane tanks and propane cooking capability, and limited wood cooking capability.
    2 fireplaces and growing trees, and live in a red state, So….
    Let’s go Brandon.

    Apr 28, 2022 28:13 PM

    I have not yet solved my water independence problem, but I live in a location which has about 4 inches of rain per month:

    Apr 28, 2022 28:15 PM

    Nothing significant here in cost of living unless you’re renting or you drive an automobile quite frequently. I don’t and everything here is at my fingertips with shopping. Major department stores, grocery chains and discount markets, fine dining, upscale fast food joints, hotels if you have visiting guests etc.

    Price of fish is exorbitant now and red meat is not a problem it goes on sale all the time over here. Fresh ribeye steaks most recently $6.99 a pound. Vons had fresh top sirloin steaks trimmed and everything for $3.99 a pound on sale for a whole week and yesterday was the last day. Poultry, I paid $0.99 for fresh chicken breasts over at Vons on sale for almost a week, about a week ago. I’m signed up, they notify me by email of all the sales with about three different grocery chains and discount markets. Fruits and vegetables I get really cheap no changes there in the last 3 years. At certain times, I need to pay more when the timing is off for a sale but other than that, it’s no big deal.

    Apparel has gone up in certain areas but it’s really no change here with me. I don’t wear business suits or fine upscale slacks and shirts. It’s all sport related apparel. Only changes in footwear and that’s gone up about 10% or so nothing to worry about.

    Also, I order a lot of things online and much cheaper than the department stores or wherever you can find them including all my high tech needs needs. Best Buy is right here and I don’t even walk in the store. Unless I want to get some ideas and I’ll buy it somewhere else anyway. They do have some good deals sometimes. We have an Apple store right here too less than a block away.

    Absolutely, I don’t have any higher expenses than I did 3 years ago. Nothing significant. I know where all the deals are and when. I was just going to go out and buy something right away, my cost of living would be extravagantly higher. All my purchases are with precision timing taking advantage of all the sales. When you’re familiar with all the sales strategies in all the stores, it’s like clockwork. Absolutely no inconvenience at all.

    Don’t have any car maintenance because my driving is infrequently. I can also repair my vehicle myself quicker than taking it to the shop. Everything’s labor intensive, the parts are cheap. Example of a car repair pick a number here, say $800. The parts would be less than probably $150.

      Apr 28, 2022 28:27 PM

      HG … And where is this magical place , in wence you dwell ?

        Apr 28, 2022 28:55 PM

        There’s nothing magical about it. It’s all about technique and strategy. The area has some advantages because it’s almost crime free. It can be accomplished in other areas as well. This is living in metropolitan city of course.
        This is not rural type of living here.

        Apparently, you missed some of the information in my comments.

    Apr 28, 2022 28:26 PM

    Our rulers want to destroy us. They don’t want a nation of free and independent people. They want a nation of dependent serfs and anyone who doesn’t fall in line they want dead! Why can’t people see this?

    They want to destroy the middle class and western civilization and decent values and they have the perfect idiot puppet for the job in Brain Dead Biden and Kamal Toe, Pelosi and all the rest of their criminal minions! Why can’t people see this?

    We are a nation of brain dead sheep ruled by evil criminals…it’s obvious…to anyone with even half a brain who is half-way paying attention.

      Apr 28, 2022 28:27 PM

      And ruinous debt and crippling inflation is all part of their evil plan (all part of the “Great Reset).

    Apr 28, 2022 28:32 PM


    On sale at Vons. Sales on through May the 4th. Started yesterday and you can freeze them for a week and they’re still good as fresh as long as they don’t stay in the freezer too long.

    I purchased ribeye steaks about 3 weeks ago for $5.99 a pound so these sales come and go all the time.

    The major chain grocery stores have all the deals on meats. The other discount markets that are not major major chain markets the fruits and the vegetables are real cheap. For example, it’s about 65% lower or much more than the major chain markets. And they have sales that come and go all the time and they last for a week. I just stocked up on mangos three large red ones for a dollar. I probably have about 40 stashed away. Sale was on for a week and now the sales over.

    I’m completely stocked up on everything fruits vegetables meats you need it. Bargain base prices too.

    No inconvenience, because I still have to go to the store anyway and I just time the sales. All local shopping within a 3 mile radius.

    INFLATION ? It’s not here. Unless it’s the circumstances in my first message above.

      Apr 28, 2022 28:51 PM

      You sure they aren’t selling you dressed up Soylent Green???

        Apr 28, 2022 28:06 PM

        I do know this, I’m stocked up with a fortress of fresh food.

        In a lot of cases about 75% off major grocery chain prices with the fruits and the vegetables etc. Meats too, bargain base prices

        Purchased apples and oranges for 50 cents a pound few days ago. Sales over however I have about 60lbs vaulted. When the next sale hits in about 10 days I’ll go do it all over again. I was getting 10 lbs for a dollar on oranges not too long ago.

        I don’t eat fast food. It’s all toxic and that includes even fine dining. Home banquet dining only. All you can eat and all day long.

    Apr 28, 2022 28:27 PM
    Apr 28, 2022 28:33 PM

    Inflation certainly has been a hit… let me count some of the ways:
    1. Home heating… natural gas has risen significantly…
    March & April have been cold too… heating cost is over 50% higher than last year.
    2. Electricity… i see this because i am on a real time hourly pricing plan… saving money used to be pretty straight forward… peak usage and price times of day were generally predictable… now, real time pricing is volatile… used to be somewhat rare that the real time price exceeded the standard utility fixed rate… now, it happens for unpredictable periods on many days.
    3. Food… i see many higher prices… oatmeal is one i like to watch… i stocked up last year when the large container went on sale for 2 or 3 bucks, and now the small container is 5, large is over 7. Food quality also concerns me: why do we now see natural flavors added to so many products? Horseradish, ground turkey?
    4. Gas… has gone up as we all know, but i have a hybrid and it works well (40 to 50MPG), except in winter when it needs to run to heat the cabin and loses 10 MPG… electric cars in winter have a problem with energy for heating… my rough calculations indicate i would save little or nothing more with an EV over a hybrid even with gas at $4 and typical electric rates… How many miles per KWH can one expect to get?
    5. Hotels… my vacation cost seemed to be up 20% compared to last year – perhaps where and when i traveled was a factor too.
    6. Dog food… my pup eats premium stuff and the price has gone up and/or the quality has gone down… my dog was sick this winter, and the vet thinks the quality of some ingredients, such as fish oil, has become suspect.

    Apr 28, 2022 28:13 PM

    My home and heating electric costs have not changed.

    I live in a mild climate so never use the central heating system. All my lighting is energy saving bulbs and then I have dimmers on everything so it cuts everything down to nothing. I’ve used every strategy to cut out all the waste for all my energy needs. That’s helped a great deal and no problem with energy costs here. There’s some days though that my energy needs change and I consume more but it’s still under control. Turning down the water heaters natural gas consumption for the heating of the water helped a great deal. The water doesn’t come out hot hot but it’s fine never really have missed it.

    Landscaping too, designed for low low water consumption and drip drip irrigation.

    I designed everything myself. I do everything to try and avoid contractors, landscapers, designers, architects that’s including every professional on the planet only there to milk you and their services are complete garbage. All they do is waste your time and take your money. They’re good at defrauding everyone. That’s all they know how to do. Many of them should be locked up however it’s white collar crime very hard to prove. Even so, it robs you of all your time. All the legalities it’s a complete buzz killer. They’re all licensed however they have a license to steal that’s about it. They don’t tell me, I tell them. And quickly disposed of with no second thoughts. No down payments either. I want to see all the materials or whatever I’m getting for my money. That’s how they rip you off.

    Apr 28, 2022 28:21 PM

    If I need a contractor some small proprietor is who I like to hire and negotiate a deal just for labor only. They’re only paid for the labor as the job progresses.

    I buy all the materials at deep discount prices. There’s no middle man and no gouging. Everything’s done at rock bottom basement prices cheapest possible.

    I save a fortune and I don’t risk a nickel with a contractor. It’s all micromanaged and I control the horizontal the vertical and everything in between.

    The contractor slips up, he’s gone immediately and I just hire another contractor for labor only and my materials are not mixed up in a legal dispute. I have proof of purchase paid for by me. No contractor will try and lien my property or he’ll get “”owned””.

    That’s how I handle all my building needs and everything.