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Thank God we have freedom of speech to opine
    May 02, 2022 02:10 PM

    Only thing I can say about NANCY……….. she should be in jail by now…..
    She went to Ukraine to make sure her relatives are going to continue receiving their monthly pay check…
    What world……

    May 02, 2022 02:33 PM
      May 02, 2022 02:46 PM

      Thanks Larry, I appreciate your comment.

    May 02, 2022 02:42 PM

    The power of the Speaker of the House is much greater than most people realize.
    Her power to introduce or delay Bills, to assign them to committees, etc. is often make or break power over legislation. She has used this power cunningly to enrich herself and her comrades.

      May 02, 2022 02:47 PM

      Thanks CFS

      May 02, 2022 02:51 PM

      The whole Pelosi family is as dirty and corrupt as they come.
      “Pelosi’s Ukraine Scandal Blown Wide Open!
      By Mark Sidney
      African Diamond Mining Linked To Pelosi Jr. Friend Who Faces 20 Years In Prison

      House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr. visited Ukraine in 2017 to meet with government officials in connection to a business initiative. Now, National File has learned from overseas that Pelosi Jr. was in Ukraine representing his business efforts with Asa Saint Clair, a close Pelosi friend and self-identified business associate who has been charged by the Department of Justice for wire fraud. Asa Saint Clair is under house arrest facing twenty years in prison.
      Video evidence proves that Pelosi Jr. was in Ukraine representing his Corporate Governance Initiative (CGI) and promoting his endorsement from the World Sports Alliance, which shared leadership staff with Pelosi Jr.’s company CGI.

      The World Sports Alliance was Asa Saint Clair’s front group that is accused of running a criminal cryptocurrency scam known as “IGObit” as well as international mining operations including in the diamond-rich, wartorn Central African Republic.”

        May 02, 2022 02:09 PM

        Over the years the corrupt Nancy Pelosi (regretably like many congressmen) has abuse her position to enrich relatives and herself by using her position on Congressional committees influencing bills or using early knowledge, not available to the general public.

        Paul Pelosi, AKA Nancy Pelosis husband, owns Financial leasing services L.L.C. a San Francisco Real estate venture capitalist firm. His net worth is about 120 million. His wife Nancy has sat on various committees that have sent business hs way. e.g. a lot of their personal wealth dates from when she sat on the House Appropriations Committee about 20 years ago.

          May 02, 2022 02:10 PM

          I am really loosing faith in American and its politics.

          May 04, 2022 04:57 AM

          Paul Pelosi is from one of the families that have been running things in California for many decades. He went to Georgetown University to gain a college education, and the start of connections in Washington. There he met the love(?) of his life, Nancy D’Alessandro. After Georgetown, the newly wed couple moved to California. When her predecessor died in office in 1987, it was the Paul Pelosi’s connections that got Nutty Nancy appointed to the congressional district that is San Francisco.

        May 02, 2022 02:08 PM

        CFS, thank you for this informartion.

      May 02, 2022 02:14 PM

      If she enoueraged Olympic athlaets not to speak out against China while they were competing beause she feared for their safety why did She not perhaps bouycott the Games?

      May 02, 2022 02:21 PM

      That is quite an impressive list!

    May 02, 2022 02:22 PM

    A good investigative reporter wanting to find corruption of ANY lifetime Congress-critter has an almost trivial job:
    Look up the politicians list of donors.
    Look up legislation that affected the corporate donor.
    Look up the politicians voting record.

    You will find anomalies in correlations with large contributions associated with positive votes.
    Disguised bribery is a fine art in D.C.

      May 02, 2022 02:22 PM

      Sad situation, CFS.

      May 02, 2022 02:28 PM

      I will contact the author of this article and invite him on our program.

    May 02, 2022 02:28 PM

    Nancy and the corrupt cabal fund this crap.
    What an uninformed public. Sick.

      May 02, 2022 02:32 PM

      Chartster, pretty well known that is not a good place to be. Thanks for the footage

    May 02, 2022 02:55 PM

    In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.

    Edgar Cayce….. American Sleeping Prophet. 1932

      May 02, 2022 02:45 PM

      Interesting comment from Caycewhich I do not agree with.

    May 02, 2022 02:10 PM

    Thank God we have freedom of speech to opine

    Yes, TG

    For now, anyway. The people, the citizens have created this leadership through paralysis in practicing good morals and all judgment has been skewed and misplaced. Thanks for your contribution Dr Frieda and all the insights you provide. Regarding this great nation, it’s no longer great. Just a banana republic of ponzi schemes and immoral values. Dr. Frieda, it’s doomed and I agree. I said this years ago and I was severely criticized for it. So, if you’re ridiculed, don’t feel bad. I’ve been ridiculed for years. Right here on this site and by constituents etc. I held my convictions and I knew eventually this would turn into a cataclysmic catastrophe for humanity. This is the path we’re on. What nobody’s ready for, is war on American soil. It’s going to be a devastating life-changing event. A desolate place and a hissing sound, when anyone walks by.

    Those that are not right with God, will suffer immeasurably for eternity.

    What’s inconceivable, alarming and repulsive, there are those that are not taking any of this seriously and still joking around. All that pride and being smug before God won’t be there. Hebrews 10:31

      May 02, 2022 02:12 PM

      As usual, Holy Grail I agree with you

    May 02, 2022 02:31 PM

    I personally don’t agree with Mike Adams

    But there are democrat actions that worry me.

      May 02, 2022 02:41 PM

      If Tucker is correct, the Democrats terrify me.

        May 02, 2022 02:16 PM

        CFS, The democrats have scared me for a long, long time.

      May 02, 2022 02:01 PM

      The spiritual darkness and principalities in high places who control the Democrats.

      This wickedness and these principalities who are the elite forces of this world are compromised by the wealthiest families in the world Rothschilds etc.

      They’re only goal is human sacrifices and loss of life. This is who the spiritual darkness principalities in high places represent. In a calamity and a catastrophe many souls will be lost. Those that are not right with God, will be sentenced at the Great White Throne of Judgment.

        May 02, 2022 02:17 PM

        ;You know that I agree with you Holy Grail.

      May 02, 2022 02:14 PM

      I also do not agree with Mr. Adams.

    May 02, 2022 02:48 PM

    If you want the truth about Ukraine listen to this guy. And also why the NWO wants to destroy Russia. (One reason is that they are the most Christian country in Europe.)

      May 02, 2022 02:19 PM

      Eddie, It seems on the surface that they could be The Most Christian Country in Europe although Russia’s actions towrds Ukraine are certainly not Christian in my opinion.

        May 03, 2022 03:33 AM

        Its kinda sad people really dont know whats going on in Ukraine. Why Russia moved.
        1 reason was the nazis were murdering thousands of women and children in the Donbass and Russia wanted to stop that. (pretty evil)

        Another reason.
        NATO may have provoked Russia over Ukraine – Pope(catholic pope)

        Slowly the truths come out.

        Our msm/ gov lies to us constantly, heck there are still secrets from the 2nd ww.
        They have the people figured out tho, the sheeple fall for it hook line and sinker every time.

        May 03, 2022 03:06 PM

        So defending ethnic Russians from being slaughtered in the Donbass and other areas is not Christian?

    May 02, 2022 02:58 PM

    It is stupid to ignore what Russia says directly.

    Where is leadership in the US ? Are we a rudderless ship, going full speed ahead ?

    Please i,pech biden, then Kamala if she too is inompetent.

    I would seriously move to New Zealnd, but they won’t have me. I can afford to live anywhere in the world. Perhaps I should go live on a cruise ship.

      May 02, 2022 02:22 PM

      Yes, it is sillly to ignore anything that Putin says.

      May 03, 2022 03:26 AM

      May 03 On Ukraine, the World Majority Sides With Russia Over US AW

      In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.

      Edgar Cayce….. American Sleeping Prophet. 1932

      May 04, 2022 04:42 AM

      If Biden, then Kamala are impeached, what then? Nutty Nancy in the Oval Office?

    May 02, 2022 02:02 PM


    Draft opinions leaked

      May 02, 2022 02:55 PM

      Banning abortion is a big step in the right direction. Breaking news there.

      Same sex marriages though, is still plaguing this nation.

      It will be interesting to see what happens.

      If they fail to overturn Roe vs Wade ?


      May 02, 2022 02:23 PM

      I would be surprised if the SCOTUS overturned it.

        May 02, 2022 02:41 PM

        You don’t sound very optimistic Al. This Roe vs Wade, I have been praying that abortion would be banned everyday for years and publicly speaking out against it. I don’t have any idea what’s going to happen. Obviously, you’re against it and you know more about than I do… probably, I don’t know.

        If it is overturned, that would be a trajectory upward turning from our wicked ways and God could be moving in this nation.

        By the way, I do agree with you regarding Russia. It’s not Christian like at all. I do understand Russia’s circumstances however it’s all wrong. Goes completely against the Word of God. The deeds are wicked there.

    May 02, 2022 02:13 PM


      May 02, 2022 02:21 PM

      So very true!

      May 03, 2022 03:06 AM

      One has to wonder, assuming the electro-gravitic theory to be valid, how much this theory contribued to the fall of the Soviet Union.

    May 03, 2022 03:00 AM
    May 03, 2022 03:28 AM
    May 03, 2022 03:34 AM

    Now we are beginning to understand WHY the world’s third biggest nuclearpower (Ukraine) decided to give up nuclear weapons in 1989.

    May 03, 2022 03:54 AM

    Listen to a few minutes of this….

    “Fort Dietrich employed more communists than non-communists”
    it was so infiltrated in 1990.

    May 04, 2022 04:42 AM

    doc freda’s argument against nancy is applicable to her psycho fraud…those stooges to cover and dump the medical disaster…no one else mentioned this…thought i would light it up…lmao