Libero Copper & Gold – 9 New Porphyry Targets Surrounding The Large Mocoa Copper Deposit

May 4, 2022

Ian Harris, CEO of Libero Copper & Gold (TSX.V:LBC – OTCQB:LBCMF) joins us to share more information on the 9 new porphyry targets announced yesterday, May 3rd, at the Mocoa Project in Colombia. Following up on the successful initial drill hole at Mocoa that intersected 557meters of 0.89% copper equivalent, part of the entire intercept of 1,229metres of 0.58% copper equivalent (announced April 19th) the news yesterday is showing exploration potential around the current 4.6 billion pounds of copper and 511 million pounds of molybdenum.


We have Ian further detail the 9 targets and the location to the known resource. We also discuss the process of drill testing these targets that have never been drilled before. 


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Figure 8: Magnetic inversion vector model 3D radial symmetric isosurface intrusions (porphyries), with draped Analytic Signal Magnetics, de-magnetized zone and target areas (CNW Group/Libero Copper & Gold Corporation.)
Analytic Signal Magnetics Map – Outlining The 9 Porphyry Targets
    May 04, 2022 04:54 AM

    > Goldfinger:

    “So finally, let’s wrap up with Libero. (LBC) This is a company that announced a pretty good intercept, 840 meters of .72% copper equivalent. And by the way, this is the first hole they’ve drilled at the Mocoa project since acquiring it a few years ago. Mocoa has an existing resource of 4.6 billion pounds of copper and more than 500 million pounds of molybdenum. Do you have any comments on Libero?

    >> Bob Moriarty:

    “Again, I think the only issue there is the sovereign risk issue. The results were absolutely incredible and to give them all the credit in the world, to do that on the first hole is nothing short of remarkable. It’s a good company, you wrote it up. Everybody had a chance to make some money and for some strange reason, there’s been a big selloff in its stock. But when you’ve got 1200 meters of economic copper, you’ve got a mine. It’s going to go a lot higher. They’ve got a market cap right now of about $40 million, and that’s just absurd.”

    May 06, 2022 06:41 AM

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