Aztec Minerals – PP Announced With Alamos Gold As A Strategic Investor

May 19, 2022

Simon Dyakowski, President and CEO of Aztec Minerals (TSX.V:AZT – OTCQB:AZZTF) joins us to recap the news from Monday announcing a private placement of up to $3million with Alamos Gold as a strategic investor. This is a significant deal especially considering Alamos’ production asset, the Mulatos Mine, is beside the Company’s Cervantes Project. 


We also look ahead to the work plans this year on both the Company’s Projects, Cervantas and Tombstone.


If you have any follow up questions for Simon please email us at and



Click here to visit the Aztec Minerals website and read over the recent news.

    May 19, 2022 19:54 PM

    Aurcana moved up today beyond my purchase price, when your a gambler you must be continually watching the other players in the room. DT

    May 19, 2022 19:05 PM

    I bought some more Core Assets (SYL-CC) today, I just can’t stay away from that stock. YEAH BABY! DT

      May 19, 2022 19:59 PM

      I am looking into it as their samples look great and the location is good. Thanks for mentioning it.

        May 20, 2022 20:43 AM

        Hi Lakedweller, here is a write-up on Core Assets done by Rick Mills, AOTH, from 2 days ago. Crescat Capital and Quinton are also fans. DT

          May 20, 2022 20:27 AM

          Thanks for the write-up on Core assets. I like the concept as it appears to be in a part of BC where no man go before. Several years ago, I read an article about glaciers receding in BC and that would uncover some new areas. They did indicate they have winter access by snow mobile. It appears to be on a fault. I am going to keep it on watch to see how this goes. Remoteness may be a bug-a-boo, but that may be temprary. Thanks

    May 20, 2022 20:06 AM

    If the equity markets do a black monday…very possible now…this is the TARGET idea for gold…then it launches because the PPT/FED easy money has been provided an excuse to kick back in…All psychotic ramblings…..thorazine is an other miracle drug IMHO…lmao

    weekly bar chart

    the Gartley buy is at the extent of the large ABC down Relative to the 8/9/21 X point….That price is 1568…This needs to be considered…that is my point….not a prediction….outlier events can and do occur in bear trends…sell everything from margin call pressure…an unnatural move in effect…

    May 20, 2022 20:44 AM

    240 minute intraday chart…the B point of this 4 hour ABC down was just broken down thru w volume!….heads up in an already established down trend….first target is 3647….glta…..this is a heavy heavy scene…no joke..

    4 hour chart…crack up boom in real time?