A story of war in the Near East and the effect on families.

Big Al
June 4, 2022
Ella Colic

As the world reels from Russias’s invastion of Ukraine, many Americans are focused on gas prices and the the stock market. But American college student Ella Colic knows about the real cost of war. That price is paid in loved ones lost, crushed dreams, experiencing terror, and leaving everything you know – your home, your family, your friends, your hometown – because soldiers are coming

    Jun 04, 2022 04:52 PM

    That was a great interview………… interesting concerning the two religions she must deal with…..

      Jun 05, 2022 05:34 PM

      Thanks much, Jerry!

    Jun 04, 2022 04:55 PM

    The purpose of war is to kill people and break things.
    Most wars are started nowadays by politicians who know they don’t personally have to fight.
    Of course, the politicians control the media and heavily propagandize the public.
    There is a problem with lack of leader’s skin in the game.
    Perhaps the U.N.should make a declaration that those leaders who start any war will be confined at the end of the war by the U.N. for the rest of their lives.
    I suspect another war would never be declared.

      Jun 05, 2022 05:36 PM

      I suspect that you are correct, Cfs!

      Jun 05, 2022 05:38 PM

      Interresting question about the snowfalls, CFS

      Jun 05, 2022 05:40 PM

      You and I and other taxpayers actually had the priveledge of paying for her recreation.

      Jun 05, 2022 05:41 PM

      More and more governmental actions are falling into the category of “insipid”

    Jun 05, 2022 05:26 AM

    To conflate the feelings of a Ukrainian civilian regarding Russia invasion is sophomoric ….Every war has victim civilians who are simply at the wrong place in the wrong time on all sides……Invite a Russian girl to voice her concern regarding the corrupt Ukrainian threat?…humm.Why has Russia invaded…..To secure defensible geographic pathways denied to them…Due to demographics which makes this invasion impossible in a decade or so….Russia opposes the illegitimate globalist favoring political set-up…..Ukraine plays ball w the worst on this globe….The satanic bunch at UN WHO Davos etc…..Russia opposes Ukraine positioning as the headquarters for the new world order, since Europe has collapsed from Islam invasion via immigration…..Ukraine is fighting to preserve its Nazi heritage…Its huge narcotics business…Its huge bio weapons business…Its nuclear future…Its huge child trafficking business….Russia opposes all of that…outrageous?…no, decades of trying to settle these issue diplomatically…Mainly the globalists need war to blame your demise on…..much more…etc etc…

      Jun 05, 2022 05:33 AM

      That was a good outline larry……………and I think you hits some great points……….
      I agree with you on Russia, but, you already know that………..

      Jun 05, 2022 05:43 PM

      If you listened closely or ot even closely, you would realize that she is definitely not a Russian girl or Rooskia Dama

    Jun 05, 2022 05:46 PM

    Hey Owl………… the guy you could not think of………….was John Williams….shadowstats…..

    Jun 05, 2022 05:49 PM

    NPR….. (?)
    22 weeks into the year, America has already seen at least 243 mass shootings

    Jun 05, 2022 05:50 PM

    Such shootings are an American phenomenon
    Mass shootings, as is well known by now, are a common recurrence in the United States. We ended 2021 with 692 mass shootings, per the Gun Violence Archive. The year before saw 610. And 2019 had 417.

    Jun 05, 2022 05:56 PM

    “American Phenomenon”……………
    Average (Mean) Annual Death Rate per Million People from Mass Public Shootings (U.S., Canada, and Europe, 2009-2015):
    Norway — 1.888
    Serbia — 0.381
    France — 0.347
    Macedonia — 0.337
    Albania — 0.206
    Slovakia — 0.185
    Switzerland — 0.142
    Finland — 0.132
    Belgium — 0.128
    Czech Republic — 0.123
    United States — 0.089
    Austria — 0.068
    Netherlands — 0.051
    Canada — 0.032
    England — 0.027
    Germany — 0.023
    Russia — 0.012
    Italy — 0.009

    PAINT THE TAPE………………
    Does the United States have more mass shootings than other countries? It depends on the data.
    Exactly how mass shootings in the U.S. compare to those in other countries is a highly disputed subject. In a widely publicized study originally released in 2015, the pro-gun nonprofit Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) compared the annual number of mass shooting deaths per million people in the U.S. to that of Canada and several European countries from 2009 to 2015. The result? Norway led the world with 1.88 deaths per million, followed by Serbia, France, and Macedonia. Where did the U.S. rank? 11th place.

    Jun 05, 2022 05:59 PM

    NPR………. like duh………….. NPR, prints misleading stories… always…….
    OOTB Jerry
    9 hours ago
    PHILLy……….. another shooting ……… planned I do believe……… the left/globalist,…. is trying to make a Statement, on GUNS ….
    …… Like How stupid is it to leave your AR15, with extended clip at the scene….(biden highlighted magazine clips in prior comments)
    Shooters, do not leave their weapons behind…. seems planned to me………….

    Jun 05, 2022 05:33 PM

    Israel have been stealing Mediterranean gas from Palestinians and now they are stealing gas from Lebanon. It’s a gangster state patterned after US, sanctioned and supported by it with our taxes.

      Jun 05, 2022 05:19 PM

      BS Brumble
      Get your facts.
      Israel compensated Jordan for land, and the Palestinians repeatedly refused to be a nation, under many attempts by the UN at a 2 nations agreement.

        Jun 06, 2022 06:12 PM

        Israel is a gangster state been thieving throughout its history, from bomb grade uranium, nuclear secrets, gas and who knows what else in between.

    Jun 05, 2022 05:12 PM

    The senile c’s puppetmasters don’t give a darn about state’s rights,

    It was a mistake for Jimmy Carter to create the Department of Education.

    Jun 05, 2022 05:26 PM

    Palestine will likely run out of wheat this coming week.

    95% of Palestine’s wheat comes from Ukraine.

    Much of that grain is shipped through Israel (Which also relies heavily on Ukrainian wheat), and the Palestinian Authority does not have its own food storage facilities.
    The situation could get very tense if 5 million Palestinians start getting very hungry, and presume (Possibly correctly) that the food they depend on isn’t making it past Israel?

    (From Forbes)

    Jun 05, 2022 05:38 PM

    Rasmussen Poll on 2,000 Mules:

    “By Greg Piper
    Updated: June 5, 2022 – 1:18pm

    Dinesh D’Souza’s election fraud documentary “2000 Mules” is drawing rave reviews across the political spectrum from those who saw it, according to a Rasmussen Reports phone and web survey of 1,000 likely voters.

    While only 15% of survey participants have seen the film about the 2020 election, which claims hundreds of “mules” stuffed ballot boxes at odd hours of the day in critical swing states, Democrats (73%) and unaffiliated (74%) voters are nearly as likely as Republicans (85%) to recommend it to others “whether or not they share their political beliefs.”

    The film “strengthened their conviction that there was systematic and widespread election fraud” that deprived President Trump of re-election for 85% of Republicans, 68% of Democrats and 77% of unaffiliated voters. Only 19% of all viewers said it weakened their belief in election fraud.

    Perhaps surprisingly, the percentages of survey respondents who have seen “2000 Mules” are not starkly different based on political affiliation: 19% Republicans, 14% Democrats and 11% unaffiliated voters. The film also has relatively high name recognition across Republicans (50%), Democrats (38%) and unaffiliated (38%), and the vast majority of non-viewers are familiar with its claims (75% Republican, 63% Democrat, 74% unaffiliated).

    Rasmussen emphasized findings by income level as well. Those earning more than $200,000 a year are most familiar with the election fraud claims, while the income bracket between $30,000 and $50,000 is most likely to say “public awareness of the documentary’s subject matter is Very Important.”
    The survey was conducted June 1-2 and has a margin of sampling error or plus or minus 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.”

    Jun 05, 2022 05:50 PM

    My CFS personal experience, trying to book airfares for Fall of this year, is that that airfares have increased by MORE than 100% since I last did significant travel about 2 years ago.
    (And International into London or Barcelona seem to be closer to about a 3X increase.
    Although part of this is because Norwegian airlines went bankrupt, as did some European discount airlines.)

    Jun 05, 2022 05:17 PM
    Jun 06, 2022 06:31 AM

    The JAB AND THE MASK……………….. is all being revealed…………… THE HOAX………. as we said from the beginning…………. FEB 22,2020……………. 🙂

    Jan 6……………… FARCE………….

    When will the SHEEPLE wake up………….

    Jun 06, 2022 06:42 AM
    Jun 06, 2022 06:45 AM

    the industry fraud doc freda covers for is more lethal than the shooter incident that outrages her…lmao
    greed driven selective self-serving reasoning by doc…glta

    Jun 06, 2022 06:56 AM

    I find it interesting that democrat politicians care about people being killed.
    That’s why they want to confiscate guns, isn’t it?

    Here’s a number that might surprise you.
    The reported number of abortions in 2020 was approximately 400 times the number of minor children (under 18 year olds) killed by guns in that year.
    Do democrats really care about killing young persons.

    Jun 06, 2022 06:12 PM

    The difference between today and the Great Depression…..

    Jun 06, 2022 06:51 PM

    Supposedly 2 more Rooskie generals got killed in the fighting…well, I tell you that would never happen to General Milli Vanilli or any Amerocon general…when was the last time an Amerocon general got killed in combat??? They keep their assess safe and let the cannon fodder do the dying…

    Jun 06, 2022 06:57 PM


    But right after publication of these results NIH changes research into cancer treatments and puts ARPA-H in charge.

    Jun 06, 2022 06:46 PM

    PENN STATE>………………… 60% of the people think they need to leave the state……..
    Wonder what Joe Paterno would have said……. when he found out his jocks were being perverted….
    TIME TO LEAVE…………..who would have thunk it………
    Joe say ”it isn’t so…. lol ………. the world has gone perverted with JOE BLOW….Toes in the sand BIDEN…

    Jun 06, 2022 06:50 PM

    The SHEEPLE OF PENN…….. need to get some real ones and defend their rights…….. on their own soil,… going somewhere else is not the solution………….. PERVERSION IS EVERYWHERE……….