Organto Foods – Recapping Record Q1 Financial Results And Strategy To Deal With Supply Chain Issues and Higher Prices

June 6, 2022

Steve Bromley, President and CEO of Organto Foods (TSX.V:OGO – OTCQB:OGOFF) joins us to recap the record Q1 results from the Company and outlook for the remainder of the year.


Q1 was strong across the board for the Company. We have Steve outline how the different product lines performed in the quarter and a couple areas that were hampered by issues and conflicts around the world.


A key aspect is looking ahead to how the Company is dealing with supply chain issues and inflation. Steve shares the Corporate strategy to tackle these issues that are expected to remain for a while.


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    Jun 07, 2022 07:18 AM

    I have been following them on a monthly chart…It appears that price will retest the initial breakout around .0427 w 442K shares exchanged…What it means is still vague…Will it survive…If so glta….The volumes are extreme light…Any significant position could easily trap you under forever,,,imho….Wonder who the market maker and institutional sponsor is…However, Food is the new currency,….So anything is possible….

    I like the story and professionalism of the boss…So this would be a long hold if I took a stab…Timely but also prepubescent and hence unpredictable…lmao