Vizsla Silver – Drilling At Copala Hits High-Grade, Long Widths and Expands The Mineralized Footprint, 9 Drill Rigs On Site

June 24, 2022

Mike Konnert, President and CEO of Vizsla Silver (TSX.V:VZLA – NYSE:VZLA) joins me to recap recent drill results from the Copala-Tajitos resource area announced June 21st. Many high-grade intercepts were reported headlined by hole 169 which yielded 1,030g/t silver equivalent over 20.45 meters (true width). 


I have Mike start by outlining the significance of this resource area to the overall project that has an initial resource of 106.7 million oz silver equivalent. We discuss the doubling of the mineralized footprint and the make up of the silver equivalent results that are all gold and silver. With 9 rigs turning on site the Company continues to expand resource areas and test new targets.


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    Jun 25, 2022 25:41 AM

    Or… send out a new RE asap to shove it down the throats of the sellers and stop the carnage. But that is perhaps a bit of overkill, he he. If my math is correct, Vizsla should (could) have 200m oz now. I mean, Copala is already 600×400 with great grades and width. Add to that what has been discovered at Napoleon since the first RE arrived.

    Does anyone know how far they have gotten with the 120 000m drill program? How much is left? If they continue like this, the next RE will be closer to 300 M oz. Mark my words. In any case, Vizsla’s high grade AgEq is valued at about $1/oz now if you include all the data since the first RE. Damn it, the market punishes us instead of rewarding us. Incredibly frustrating. I bet if they find more gold, that would be seen as more positive right now. Oh wait, they a r e finding more gold with the silver… I give up. This carnage will not end for months it feels like. Hope I am wrong. As always, thank you for another stellar interview.