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Big Al
June 29, 2022
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    Jun 29, 2022 29:40 PM

    Cassidy Was Trump’s Worst Nightmare

    The story she heard was minor and can be easily resolved. Just pull the record of their government phones on the day and let them testify under oath.

    She was under OATH. McCarthy, Meadows, Jordan etc. are furiously refusing to testify. All the witnesses were life long Republicans and Trump voters.
    Anyway, sad she will probably spend the rest of her life in a witness protection plan

      Jun 29, 2022 29:56 PM

      AJ, for once I think I agree with you……”. Just pull the record of their government phones on the day and let them testify under oath.”

      Let’ pull Nancy’s phone and email records.
      I BELIEVE WE WILL FIND THAT J6 WAS SET UP AS A TRAP for Trump and the Republicans.
      I believe that Nancy, who is in charge of the Capitol Police TOLD THEPOLICE TO LET TRUMP SUPPORTERS IN.
      We know Nancy is hiding tapes from J6.
      We know the only two people MURDERED on J6 were Trump supporters.
      We know no capitol police were killed or died because of trump supporters. THE DNC LIED.
      We know Ashli Babbitt was murdered by the Capitol police……shot in the neck without warning.
      We know Roseanne Boyland was brutally beaten to death by Capitol police, WHO ALSO BRUTALLY BEAT OFF TRUMP SUPPORTERS RESCUE ATTEMPTS WHEN SHE WAS UNCONSCIOUS ON THE GROUND.
      YES, Scum Nancy should release ALL THE VIDEO, and her emails and phone calls.

      WE WILL FIND OUT THAT J6 WAS A DEMOCRAT DIRTY TRICK CONSPIRACY to make Republicans look bad……Because without false flag attacks or dirty tricks the Democrats knew they are going to lose badly in November and in 2024.

        Jun 29, 2022 29:04 PM

        Now, of course, Democrats, who have the worst possible economic policies and a pathetic puppet as leader, are lying and trying to do whatever they can think of to distract the general public from how bad their policies really are. Luckily for them the media covers up most of the Biden crime family activity and the depravity of Biden and Hunter, because under normal times they would both be in Jail.

          Jun 29, 2022 29:36 PM

          Joe and Hunter probably would be in jail or at the very least House Arrest.

        Jun 29, 2022 29:17 PM

        Nancy’s blackberry and computer….. she inherited from the Clintons DNC, drug running , gun running, nation raping………. should be pulled ……. Abidine, Weiner,Anwan…… Wasserman….. Brazil…… you get the point………

        Jun 29, 2022 29:34 PM

        Yes, they will loose badly in 2024

      Jun 29, 2022 29:30 PM

      Thank you for the comment AJ

    Jun 29, 2022 29:01 PM
      Jun 29, 2022 29:24 PM

      Funny,………and Sad, but true……………… The clueless might wake up ……..

      Jun 29, 2022 29:41 PM

      it is sad but true so thanks Tony and Jerry.

    Jun 29, 2022 29:13 PM
    Although Planned Parenthood received Billions in aid of tax-payer money, they also kicked back millions to democrats,

      Jun 29, 2022 29:42 PM

      Again, all I can say is really sad but really very true!

    Jun 29, 2022 29:44 PM

    Breyer retiring from SCOTUS

    Jun 29, 2022 29:49 PM


    Jun 29, 2022 29:06 PM

    Greg Philips with 2000 mules is an absolute stud!
    If you are on Truth Social, check out his posts.
    If you’re not, oh well. (ball in weeds)

    Jun 30, 2022 30:15 AM

    The latest pole of just registered Democrats gives 78% of Democrats believe the U.S. Economy is going i the wrong direction.

    CFS: I suspect many of those buy the propaganda; “that it is the Republican’s fault, because the Republicans are stopping Biden from spending more money to boost the economy”

    What does that say about U.S. education ?

    FACT: The truth is: Socialism has NEVER WORKED whenever it has been tried.
    Spending more money (printed out of thin air) ALWAYS LEADS TO INFLATION, higher prices and a depressed economy sooner or later.

    Historically, the Great thing about the US is that if your state turns socialistic, you can always move to another state…….Note the exodus from CA, N.Y., IL, etc.
    The problem starts when the whole country has enough greedy voters to totally turn socialist.
    The only solution then is civil war or death under socialism.

    Jun 30, 2022 30:35 AM


    Jun 30, 2022 30:54 AM

    NUTS !

    Yes, you can get nuts on food stamps for free……stupid Californians will pay

    Jun 30, 2022 30:08 AM

    Those that don’t learn from history……
    are simply dumbasses