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How high is your pride level for America today?
      Jul 05, 2022 05:20 PM

      Sounds like Big Al wasn’t a good boy scout and prepared with Ivermectin

        Jul 05, 2022 05:19 PM

        Did you use Ivermectin. A friend of mine, in the party, did offer it to me about the time that I already got meds in the hospital.

          Jul 06, 2022 06:07 PM

          But…but…but…how could you get the COVIDs…again??? You are all jabbed up! You are the new COVID kid!

          Jul 06, 2022 06:11 PM

          And maybe…just maybe…those jabs aren’t so effective….ya think??? You ought to ask Fraudci for your money back!

          Jul 06, 2022 06:00 PM

          Hopefully those shots didn’t make you amphibious…

        Jul 06, 2022 06:12 PM

        Sounds like Big Al wasn’t a good boy scout and prepared with Ivermectin

        He did as he was told by our rulers and got the clot shots.

      Jul 05, 2022 05:20 PM

      Cute Tony, but why that one?

      Jul 05, 2022 05:25 PM

      Biden, and the perversion know no bounds……….. the entire cabinet is full of perverts………
      ZERO center ground………

      Jul 05, 2022 05:21 PM

      Tony, Biden is definitely not Regan!

    Jul 05, 2022 05:50 PM

    It is clear than biden and his puppet masters neither understand economics or HISTORY.
    What dragged civilization out of the Middle ages was the invention of the steam engine.
    Night and Day for mankind.
    And our moronic leader wants to restrict energy. Could anything be more stupid ?
    Does he seriously think that restricting energy use in the US would actually impact CO2 emissions globally ? Does he not realize the rest of the world is pumping out CO2?

      Jul 05, 2022 05:23 PM


      Jul 06, 2022 06:01 AM

      In the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe, there are air quality sampling stations. In the air coming off the Pacific, those stations have detected flecks of ash unique to coal found in China.

      Could someone please explain this to the feeble-minded puppet in the WH?

    Jul 05, 2022 05:06 PM

    Even if global warming due to CO2 theory were correct (AND IT IS NOT), WHY DO BIDEN and his puppet masters think a few degrees of warming would be bad?
    The latest data from project greenhouse gas warming of 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. (An actual measured temperature change projected out to 2100 gives less than 1C change)
    What happens as CO2 CONCENTRATION INCREASES and temperature increases ?
    Plants grow faster.


      Jul 05, 2022 05:24 PM

      You have mentioned that before, CFS and now I too realize it.

    Jul 05, 2022 05:17 PM

    Has biden or his puppet masters ever looked GLOBALLY at agricultural land use ?
    Have they ever estimated how much MORE land becomes usable in e,g, Canada, Alaska. Russia, China and Scandinavia if the climate were a bit warmer ?
    (Even compared with some small equatorial loss)

    Is biden even capable of analyses ? (His wife had to remind him to say “God bless America” yesterday)

      Jul 05, 2022 05:26 PM

      Are you serious, his wife had to remind him of that?

        Jul 05, 2022 05:02 PM

        Yes, he had finished his speech and was beginning to turn, when his wife reminded him.

    Jul 05, 2022 05:34 PM

    I thought this song , might be the right song, to describe the current FAKE Presedent of America.

      Jul 05, 2022 05:27 PM

      “They can see that hi’s just a fool!”

    Jul 05, 2022 05:40 PM

    We have a major problem that biden is not able to plan ahead…..period.

    Luckily our military appears to be thinking ahead re. Taiwan……..not that they will be able to do much.

    But as regards food and strategic minerals, CCP is cornering the market and stockpiling, while US performance is pathetic.
    The US currently has the WORST (non-existent in planning) leadership in history.

      Jul 05, 2022 05:30 PM

      Not that or it will not be able to do much if anything at all! Actually “nothing at all” Never would and never could!

      Jul 05, 2022 05:32 PM

      I wonder if he can spell the word!

    Jul 05, 2022 05:49 PM
      Jul 05, 2022 05:33 PM

      Now that I am experiencing Coved, I realize just how devastating a disease it actually is not to mention unpredictable.

        Jul 07, 2022 07:10 AM…the covid you imagine is gone years ago…all that remains is the immune collapsing toxic jab components…good luck al…

    Jul 05, 2022 05:06 PM

    I agree that China and Russia know the status of all countries in the world. I think they are actually trying to help the present NATO administrations stay in place as they will accomplish their goals as the West blows off both feet! I think the world seems to have forgotten that the oxygen we breathe is recycled CO2 by the worlds greenery. Please take a look at your leisure, on the reclamation efforts of the Canadian Oil Sands to a healthy environment that just might be the biggest “oil spill” cleanup in history. Have our oxygen breathing levels changed over time? Put another way, is the oxygen we all breathe at risk according to climate change? Just asking!

      Jul 05, 2022 05:57 PM

      I have not recently looked at historical oxygen levels, however I will state something that many folks do not realize……
      Depending on the type of plant and age of leaf that level is around 310 ppm.

      Current CO2 levels vary with location, but are typically about 420 ppm.

      The rate of growth increases linearly with CO2 concentration up to about 800 ppm, at which point it saturates out.

      Jul 05, 2022 05:36 PM

      Just answer4ing, I do not think that we have a problemin that area.

    Jul 05, 2022 05:08 PM

    Is it no wonder why , when Americans vote for unhinged people like this , that the country is in such a mess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Jul 05, 2022 05:19 PM

      Good grief……………. McDonald would be proud………. More sugar please………… no potato famine around here……………..

        Jul 05, 2022 05:41 PM

        Nope, and I will take much more sugar, preferable chocklate.

      Jul 05, 2022 05:39 PM

      That is absolutely amazing and proves the direction in which we are headed as a country.

      Jul 05, 2022 05:22 PM

      Headlines should be…………. Queer thing happened on the way to the Jab………

      Jul 05, 2022 05:06 PM

      Not even close to Biden in my opinion. ten times better!

    Jul 05, 2022 05:17 PM

    — MUST WATCH —

    Chris Martenson

    Jul 05, 2022 05:18 PM

    — MUST WATCH —

    Chris Martenson

      Jul 05, 2022 05:30 PM

      Hard to watch everyone…………… WHAT ARE THE HIGH LIGHTS>…………………….. thanks……..

      What is NEW……………

        Jul 05, 2022 05:13 PM

        It is cut down to highlights

          Jul 05, 2022 05:32 PM

          thanks for the brief………… I will watch….. Energy………….

      Jul 05, 2022 05:16 PM

      Martenson was a great guest to chat with and have on the radio.

      Jul 05, 2022 05:18 PM

      A good example right there CFS. Unfortunately it is one of many!

    Jul 05, 2022 05:36 PM

    So why was not the Highland Park murderer under psychiatric care?

    Listen to Ingraham:

    Jul 05, 2022 05:47 PM

    Lunatics are running California……

    The California Truckers Association is warning that 70,000 independent truck owner-operators will be taken off the roads of California later this week as a draconian new law, “AB-5” kicks in.
    In addition to the direct impact on California’s 70,000 owner-operators who have seven days to cease long-standing independent businesses, the impact of taking tens of thousands of truck drivers off the road will have devastating repercussions on an already fragile supply chain, increasing costs and worsening runaway inflation.
    The new law, passed and signed by Democrats, essentially outlaws independent contractors from operating transport trucks in the state of California. When it goes into effect later this week — after the US Supreme Court refused to intervene last week — California will be hit with a “truckpocalypse” shutdown of transportation capacity.
    While some transportation companies maintain full-time employees to operate long haul rigs, many drivers are “owner-operators” who own their own trucks and who pick up contract jobs from the hundreds of shipping and transport companies that operate in California. These owner-operators pay their own taxes, buy their own health insurance and cover their own fuel costs.
    California Democrats, however, think that independent freedom for truckers should be criminalized, since they want all drivers to be union workers in corrupt union organizations that Democrats routinely use for money laundering operations (dems vote to award public money to the unions, and the unions agree to kick back campaign donations to Democrats).
    And if you don’t think this will affect food supply, happening at a time of peak produce production, you are a fool.

    Jul 05, 2022 05:52 PM

    Tucker on target again:
    (turn on speakers)

    Jul 05, 2022 05:00 PM

    My observation is that the problem IS SUDDEN STOPPING OF SSRI USE.

    I went through a couple of hundred shootings and over 95% of shooters had stopped taking SSRIs within the previous month.

    Jul 06, 2022 06:02 AM

    …………………. IRS…………… WELL ARMED……………..

    Jul 06, 2022 06:04 AM

    As of 2019, the IRS had amassed 4,600 firearms and in excess of 5 million rounds of live ammunition to arm its Criminal Investigation Division. The logic? Apparently a gun isn’t as important to protect yourself, family, and community as it is to collect your taxes. Among those 4,600 guns, the IRS paramilitary unit is stocked with pistols, rifles, shotguns, and automatic weapons. The stockpile of ammunition for those types of weapons comes in at 3,151,500, 1,472,050, 367,750, and 56,000 rounds, respectively.

    Of course, those figures are retroactive to the penultimate year of the Trump Administration and thus does not refer to data relevant to the current President’s office. Yet, the intent of the Biden Administration to expand the armament of the IRS is crystal clear. In its infamous and failed Build Back Better bill, the current administration sought to add $88 billion dollars of funding for the IRS. The bulk of that funding, $45 billion to be exact, would be reserved for enforcement operations. In stark juxtaposition, that proposed funding would have only dedicated $2 billion to taxpayer services. Though enforcement goes beyond just the IRS Criminal Investigation Division’s role at the agency, it would assuredly bolster their budget and consequently enable the expansion of their existing arsenal.

    Jul 06, 2022 06:47 AM

    More confirmation………… on what I said……….

    Jul 06, 2022 06:49 AM

    Prof. Jeffrey Sachs is the high-ranking academic who had chaired the Lancet commission on Covid, and a couple of weeks ago he made public statements seeming to suggest the virus had been produced by America.

    Jul 06, 2022 06:31 AM

    George Webb………. is out with new info. on the coming pandemic………..
    which relates to the above info. Lancet…… humm…….

    Jul 06, 2022 06:10 AM
      Jul 06, 2022 06:18 AM

      interesting………… sheeple are pissed…….

    Jul 06, 2022 06:41 AM

    Hi AL ! You realy take 3 jab’s ?

    Jul 06, 2022 06:16 PM

    De Nederlandse boeren weten wat verstandig is en wat dom

    Jul 06, 2022 06:25 PM

    Dictatorship propaganda lies exposed

    Jul 06, 2022 06:57 PM

    US judge declares ‘invasion’ at Mexican border
    Officials in five border counties have backed Kinney County’s declaration of an “invasion” from the south, a first in US history
    US judge declares ‘invasion’ at Mexican border
    © Getty Images / Mario Tama
    Kinney County in Texas has declared a local state of disaster, officially classifying the flood of migrants streaming from across the Mexican border as an “invasion……..

    I wonder how long it will take to send the military to defend the boarder.
    Sotra funny its not already, maybe they are so into offence they forgot defense.

    Jul 06, 2022 06:04 PM
      Jul 06, 2022 06:18 PM

      kitk…thanks for that post…i will now have the genius of cliff high in my e-mail!

      Jul 06, 2022 06:19 PM

      great article……. clif is great……. appreciate the post………….

    Jul 06, 2022 06:14 PM

    Would biden lie ?
    Do ducks quack?

    Jul 06, 2022 06:20 PM
    Jul 06, 2022 06:43 PM

    This is how biden thinks he can win elections, but HE HAS NO LEGAL RIGHT.

    Jul 06, 2022 06:17 PM
    Jul 06, 2022 06:42 PM

    Biden with his bribes from China IS AN ABSOLUTE TRAITOR.

    He is draining out strategic Petroleum Reserve so that we can’t go to the aid of Taiwan when it is invaded by China.

    Biden, if he is not by deliberation a TRAITOR, he is one out of greed, or stupidity…..

    Biden is even selling some of our oil to China……..A Traitor aiding the enemy.

    Jul 06, 2022 06:49 PM

    What does it take to buy a traitor?

    It takes more than $31 million, but sources of information on the internet are being removed.

    Jul 06, 2022 06:01 PM

    Oh but surely China is just a world competitor, not an enemy……
    They already, through the socialist left, control much of the media, which makes information hard to obtain, but……

    Jul 06, 2022 06:30 PM

    The US has an “Art in Embassies “(AIE) program.
    According to the State department:
    The AIE program’s purpose is to “connect” American buildings to the host country by “evoking” a “dialogue that supports our diplomatic” challenges.
    “The collections supposedly connect the buildings to the U.S. and host country by evoking both country’s culture and providing a dynamic platform for face-to-face dialogue that supports our diplomatic missions. Biden recently authorized more purchases……11 pieces ($2 million) recently.
    (I, CFS, have an extensive personal art collection, including e.g. 2 Rembrandt prints,
    and the US, in my opinion, paid too much for native art.
    The 11 indigenous pieces of art are just one aspect of the AIE program.
    The State Department states the AIE program encompasses “60 exhibitions per year and has installed over 70 permanent art collections in more than 200 of the Department’s diplomatic facilities in 189 countries.”
    The AIE program raises questions about wasteful federal government spending.
    According to Sen. James Lankford (R-OK),
    the federal government has wasted about $10.5 trillion under Joe Biden.

    “Wasteful spending, whether it’s in the billions or whether it’s in the thousands—is wasteful spending. And at the end of the day,” Lankford said in April on the Senate floor. “We need to understand the American people are counting on us to make hard decisions, and there are lots and lots of hard decisions. But currently as a body, we’re not even discussing 30 trillion in debt.”

    One has to wonder about kickbacks to Hunter and other Biden crime family members.

    Jul 06, 2022 06:32 PM

    Boris Johnson’s UK government has collapsed….
    Basically because Boris ignored covid shut-down rules and held parties at 10 Downing St, and then lied about them.
    While Boris has lost power, that does not mean the Conservative government has failed. They may choose a new Prime minister or may call a new election…….we will find out in a few days.

    Jul 06, 2022 06:39 PM
    Jul 07, 2022 07:00 AM
    Jul 07, 2022 07:37 AM


    Jul 07, 2022 07:45 AM

    COMING, later this year……

    Jul 07, 2022 07:56 AM


    Jul 07, 2022 07:56 AM

    Factories in Germany are warned “There will be natural gas rationing starting this fall.

    UK is warning that gas will be rationed this winter.
    UK only has 2 days usage of gas in storage…….talking about increasing to 9 nine days.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:36 AM

    Who will be the Future Prime Minister of Great Britain?

    Potentially good possibles:

    Liz Truss
    The foreign secretary (equivalent to the secretary of state), Truss has earned praise for her management of Britain’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She has also taken a resolute stand against Russian finance in London, helping to pare back more than a decade of related Conservative Party cronyism. Close to Johnson but with an independent political identity, Truss might offer the Conservatives a means to unify their anti- and pro-Johnson blocs.

    Penny Mordaunt
    A pro-Brexit voice liked by Conservative members, Mordaunt had a three-month tenure as defense secretary in 2019. She currently serves as trade minister.

    Ben Wallace
    The defense secretary, Wallace is a former army officer. Like Truss, Wallace has earned praise for his supervision of the delivery of British weapons to Ukraine. Less of a public-facing politician than some of the other candidates, Wallace has respect across the Conservative Party but evokes little excitement from any particular bloc. He would be another unity candidate. Party members might also see Wallace as a way to signal a clear transition from the chaotic personality-driven Johnson era. Interestingly, Wallace’s support for providing Ukraine with more advanced weapons would likely make for some uncomfortable conversations with the more risk-averse Biden White House.

    Rishi Sunak
    Sunak resigned as chancellor of the exchequer (Britain’s more powerful equivalent of the treasury minister) this week in protest of Johnson’s leadership. Viewed as a hard worker and rising star in a party not known for its youth, Sunak might be a strong candidate to lead the party into the next election (which must be held by the end of January 2025). Still, Sunak has faced recent criticism over his family’s tax avoidance.

    Sajid Javid
    Another former chancellor, Javid has long sought the top job.

    Nadhim Zahawi
    A refugee from Iraq who moved to Britain as a child, Zahawi replaced Sunak as chancellor this week. He is a composed public speaker to the right of the party who would allow the Conservatives to advance their favored mantra of aspiration.

    Tom Tugendhat
    Tugendhat has long and publicly opposed Johnson, portraying him as a dishonest and unreliable leader. A former army officer known for his passionate speeches on matters including the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the need to support Ukraine, Tugendhat would give the Conservatives a means of earning support from independent voters. But would Johnson loyalists support him?

    Suella Braverman
    A relatively junior parliamentarian, Braverman announced her candidacy on Wednesday evening. While liked by some other younger Conservative MPs, Braverman is unlikely to find much support from the party at large.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:49 AM

    Biden claims to want to cut prices for Americans and complains that Republicans won’t allow him to do so.

    Uncontrolled spending just FEEDS INFLATION.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:55 AM
    Jul 07, 2022 07:12 PM

    I am trying to understand why France compulsorily bought the last 16% of EDF that they did not own.

    Currently France has a CAP ON ELECTRICITY PRICES.
    EDF generates much of its electricity from aging nuclear power stations.
    Most of the Uranium EDF uses comes from the Stans and Russia.
    The US has an embargo on Russian exports, but France would ignore that if it is in France’s vital interests.
    I believe France could increase Uranium imports from Africa, but cost would increase, and China is currently buying all it can.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:15 PM

    Senile Joe’s cue card writer resigns…….The dodo’s in deep do-do now.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:16 PM

    As Each Sacrificial Puppet Falls , Another Is Prepared To Take It’s Place.

      Jul 07, 2022 07:29 PM

      Boris was not the brightest spark, and he had some moral problems, but he WAS NOT A GLOBALIST.

      He was taken down BECAUSE he took Britain OUT of the EU.

      Britain has a problem in choosing so many Etonians as leaders.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:22 PM

    Unbelievable INJUSTICE……

    Jul 07, 2022 07:13 PM

    The CDC appears to be mis-analyzing vaccine problems DELIBERATELY:

    Jul 07, 2022 07:35 PM

    The amendment:×900

    This is a blatant attempt to prevent any investigation into the J6 abuses.

    Schiff KNOWS he repeatedly has lied….. a real scumbag, being paid by my tax dollars, disgusts me.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:39 PM

    Nothing new about that.
    Gates has been feeding us bugs in his programs for years.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:43 PM

    More Biden Crime Family cover-up:

    Jul 07, 2022 07:55 PM
    Jul 07, 2022 07:06 PM

    One way or another bide intends to allow illegals to vote…..

    Jul 07, 2022 07:42 PM
    Jul 07, 2022 07:15 PM

    Hunter Biden, is tied to Sinopec. In 2015, a private equity firm he cofounded bought a $1.7 billion stake in Sinopec Marketing. Sinopec went on to enter negotiations to purchase Gazprom in March, one month after the Biden administration sanctioned the Russian gas giant.

    Now we are told the oil out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is not being kept in America to lower prices, but is being SOLD TO CHINA.

    You may now have a guess as to which Chinese company the easily refinable sweet crude out of our petroleum reserve is being sold.
    Ding, Ding, Ding……

    Even liberal attorney, Alan Dershowitz, said that is an impeachable offense and mis-use of power.

      Jul 07, 2022 07:42 PM

      $8 the last few years…… gone missing…….. to friends and family……… THE USSA govt employees and elected commies, are just one big CRIME FAMILY…….
      When $2.3 Trillion goes missing , under the Bush Family Watch, …. then the way was cleared, Fast track…
      The Fleecing of America has been reported on Evening News for generations……. nobody did a thing…
      Now we have over $30 Trillion, on US DEBTCLOCK and nobody cares……..
      Pentagon is still missing $40 to 90 Trillion, and nobody cares.
      Hunter , is only doing what he has learned………. from the Head Boss Man….and All his associates in Congress…… no exceptions….. Book Deals and OverPaid speeches , and Foundations running bribes…
      We have a real SICK GOVT….. if , you can call it a Govt……..