Altiplano Metals – An Introduction To This Small Scale Copper Producer In Chile That Just Received It’s Processing Permit

July 5, 2022

Alastair McIntyre, President and CEO of Altiplano Metals (TSX.V:APN – OTC:ALTPF) joins us to introduce this copper producer focused primarily in Chile, that just received a final Processing Permit to begin operations at the El Peñón Plant.


We start by having Alastair provide a background on the Company and current operations. We then focus on the start of operations at El Peñón and how this will bring down costs in a couple key areas. With 5 properties/assets in Chile; Farellon, Maria Lusia, Pastillas, La Isla and the El Peñón plant, we quickly touch on which ones will be advanced in the near term.


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Click here to visit the Altiplano Metals website to read over the Corporate Presentation.