Laarge amounts of oil being sold out of America.

Big Al
July 7, 2022
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Why are a large portion of America’s strategic reserves being sold to China and to other coutries.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:16 PM

    Jimmy, I have travelled the world looking for somewhere else to go. Other than small islands, there is nowhere better to go. Unfortunately at my age, I dare not stray very far from a major medical facility and you don’t find those on small islands.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:26 PM

    Hunter Biden, is tied to Sinopec. In 2015, a private equity firm he cofounded bought a $1.7 billion stake in Sinopec Marketing. Sinopec went on to enter negotiations to purchase Gazprom in March, one month after the Biden administration sanctioned the Russian gas giant.

    Now we are told the oil out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is not being kept in America to lower prices, but is being SOLD TO CHINA.

    You may now have a guess as to which Chinese company the easily refinable sweet crude out of our petroleum reserve is being sold.
    Ding, Ding, Ding……

    Even liberal attorney, Alan Dershowitz, said that is an impeachable offense and mis-use of power.

    This oil fiasco would make a good movie.
    Of course, like all good movies, I would expect a happy ending.
    Perhaps one in which the traitorous villain of the story ends up rotting in jail after being stripped of his ill-gotten gains.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:26 PM

    Expect more and more problems from EU farmers.

    Typical of authoritarian, unelected bureaucrats, the DU Commissioners have gone too far in regulations.
    The new nitrogen/ammonia regulations will take much, if not all, profit out of farming.
    Nitrogen producers will be the most affected in the fertilizer sector by tighter emission regulations. The European Commission’s new ‘Fit for 55’ climate plan is the latest regulatory proposal that will affect the sector, if approved by the EU Parliament, mostly through the revised terms for the Emission Trading System (ETS), and the introduction of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). This proposal will affect European producers and exporters to the EU, but many countries outside the EU are considering similar regulations. With carbon costs for fertilizer producers projected to rise as a result, ammonia producers will be most affected by the drive to cut emissions as hydrocarbons, mostly natural gas, are used as a feedstock in its production. The nitrogen industry is responsible for about 1% of global CO2 emissions. When applied to soil, fertilizers containing nitrogen emit nitrous oxide, which has at least 275 times higher impact on climate change than CO2. Also, urea has the largest ammonia losses and its untreated use is banned in Germany.
    It is likely that demand for some fertilizers, such as nitrates, especially calcium ammonium nitrate, will increase as Europe targets carbon neutrality by 2050.
    As nations and industries try to cut greenhouse gas emissions to tackle climate change, agricultural practices are in the spotlight. There’s good reason for that: Agriculture accounts for 16-27% of human-caused climate-warming emissions, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). But much of these emissions are not from carbon dioxide, that familiar climate change villain. They’re from another gas altogether: nitrous oxide. N2O. N2O is about 275 times as potent as carbon dioxide at heating the atmosphere. And like CO2, it is long-lived, spending an average of 114 years in the sky before disintegrating. It also depletes the ozone layer. But despite its important contribution to climate change, policy makers have not directly addressed N2O emissions. Today, scientists are looking at an array of ways to treat the soil or adjust farming practices to cut back on N2O production
    . Also the EU is considering placing a head tax on cattle as a mechanism for limiting ammonia emission.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:50 PM

    It will take a revolution to restore law and order.

    Jul 07, 2022 07:31 PM

    Makes about as much sense as negotiating uranium sales with Iran

    Jul 08, 2022 08:34 AM

    You boys never got the memo??? 10% FOR THE BIG GUY!

    Jul 08, 2022 08:52 AM

    But…but…but…how could you get the COVIDs…again??? You are all jabbed up! You are the new COVID kid!

    And maybe…just maybe…those jabs aren’t so effective….ya think??? You ought to ask Fraudci for your money back!

    Hopefully those shots didn’t make you amphibious…

    Jul 08, 2022 08:00 AM

    Here ya go, boys…the upstanding citizen…the first son…makes you proud to be an Ameroconned…don’t it?

    GETTING CLEAN? Hunter Biden video sees him smoking ‘crack’ in shower during sex spree with prostitutes who call him ‘future baby daddy’

    Now get back to work, tax serfs…pay those taxes….for the 10% plus for the Big Guy

    Jul 08, 2022 08:31 PM
    Jul 08, 2022 08:01 PM

    Jimmy sez…”…and Russia comes out smelling like a rose.” Yeah, and we come out smelling like Hunter’s crack pipe! But it’s OK because…10% for the Big Guy…plus more.

    Your tax money at work…the 40% plus the gooberment steals from every dollar you make plus the tax of inflation! PURE TYRANNY…

    Jul 08, 2022 08:42 PM

    “To seek to terminate the Presidency and maybe save her life…”

    Bitem said so himself…and “when tens of millions of womens vote this year..fastets way to restore woe…end of quote…repeat the line…”

    Woe is me!

    And old Javier Backeria was there, too…along with CamelToe…