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July 16, 2022
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  • Segment 1 – We opened up KER Politics discussing the diminishing strength of the Democrats and many of the challenges facing The American Economy.
  • Segment 2 – We wrap up the first half of KER Politics discussing Biden in The Middle East.
  • Segment 3 – We discuss harm from within.
  • Segment 4 – Will positivity come back to America.

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    Jul 16, 2022 16:36 AM

    We all know as prices are going up, we can buy less with our money. To give you an idea of how much your government is actually STEALING from you by driving inflation……
    Suppose you work for a year at constant pay but the government takes away a month of buying power, or 1/12 of a year = 8.333%. Taking away 2 months of your years work is 2/12 or 16.666%, which is closer to where we really are right now, with food cost up much more than the CPI.

    Rather than repeat yesterday’s blog, YOU ARE INVITED TO LOOK AT THE END OF FRIDAY’S BLOG.

    Jul 16, 2022 16:47 AM

    Joe Biden is in the early stages of dementia and is on medication for it.
    “This is the big one, and the one I have the least direct experience with, but it’s been an open secret for some time. Anyone who has had a relative with Alzheimer’s or dementia can tell you, there are good days and bad days. On the good days, when Joe is at his most lucid, his campaign manager Jen will send him out for photo ops or TV interviews… make hay while the sun is shining, you know? On the bad days, Jen just tells the press pool “No Joe today,” and they’re all like, “Okay, cool!”
    Most of the time, he’s just a little foggy and gets really agitated. But one of my co-workers told me that back in May, there was a day where he thought he was running against Gary Hart in the ’84 primary again. Joe went under wraps for several days after that.

    He’s been more lucid recently because his physician, Dr. O’Connor, put him on Namenda. Jen apparently was worried about someone finding it out, because she insisted that he prescribe it under a series of phony names, and then have the interns pick it up. I bet there are a lot of pharmacists in Philly wondering why there are so many young people on Namenda.

    The dementia medication has had unfortunate side effects.

    There’s no dancing around this… the medication has made Joe incontinent. Though his “good days” have increased dramatically, he can barely get through a press event without running to the bathroom. That’s why he didn’t take questions after announcing Harris as his running mate. They weren’t afraid of the questions, the press loves him… they were afraid he was going to piss his pants on-camera. Lately, Jen’s been having closed-door meetings to discuss which brand of incontinence pads would be best to purchase. Seriously, a group of paid staffers sat around and discussed which brands were the least visible, the least likely to leak, and wouldn’t audibly “crinkle.”

    His wife should put a stop to this, but she’s way too excited about being “First Lady” to care about her ailing husband.”

    Jul 16, 2022 16:20 AM

    Alright boys, roll up your sleeves and bend over…it’s only a matter of time before your rulers demand you get their monkey pox clot shot…and they won’t be monkeying around…

      Jul 16, 2022 16:55 AM

      They have not actually developed a vaccine for monkey pox, but believe the smallpox vaccine is fairly good at reducing deaths from monkeypox, and are thus “relabelling” the smallpox vaccine.

      Hey ! They need to keep you panicked, and controllable……AND TO MAKE SURE REMOTE BALLOT BOXES WITHOUT I.D.s CAN BE STUFFED.

        Jul 16, 2022 16:20 PM

        They are trying to make us a monkey’s uncle.

        Jul 16, 2022 16:06 PM

        Monkey pox…….. is a sexual transmitted disease……. from the sources that were reported several weeks ago,… when they first came out. with continuing the COVID HOAX……… all was reported here…..
        Keep your pants zipped and out of unknown places….. common sense….. cure ….

    Jul 16, 2022 16:28 AM

    The wonder really is: how can America even manage to eat breakfast with its head so far up its ass? Perhaps Dr. Jill Biden can address that question in an upcoming speech to the National Association of Colorectal Surgeons. Now that the mRNA vaccines have Covid-19 so well under control — ask Dr. Anthony Fauci (he knows!) — shouldn’t we be concerned with this new scourge of cranialrectosis (the next pandemic)? Have Americans been wearing their masks over the wrong bodily orifice? Is anyone conducting a peer-reviewed study on this?

    Jul 16, 2022 16:31 AM

    Mr. Big Al Korelin, when are you going to set this blog up so it will show our pictures again? You know, the way it used to show our pictures next to our posts?

    If you are unable to get to this who should I contact? Cory? Shad? Jimmy?

      Jul 16, 2022 16:32 AM

      Maybe Freida?

    Jul 16, 2022 16:34 AM

    Secret Service Deleted Jan. 6 Text Messages After Oversight Officials Requested Them

    Probably just a coincidence

    Jul 16, 2022 16:36 AM

    Roe Is the New Prohibition

    Interesting historical parallels between Prohibiton and the Forced Birth movement

    Jul 16, 2022 16:22 PM

    Criminal, lying FBI…and info on a Clinton Body Count Victim….

      Jul 16, 2022 16:45 PM

      But the FBI has insisted for more than four years that it was never involved actively in the investigation of Seth Rich’s murder and that it never opened a case. That lie is now exposed.

      A stunning development on the legal front that directly impacts the so-called conspiracy theory that the death of Seth Rich was something more than routine street crime. The FBI now admits it has Seth Rich’s laptop.

        Jul 16, 2022 16:05 PM

        I don’t understand why reporters claim the F.B.I. denied having Seth Rich’s Laptop.

        They have always said they had a “copy of Seth Rich’s Laptop”.
        Maybe semantics….

          Jul 16, 2022 16:27 PM

          SO,………… Why hold the info back………….. humm……..

          BEcause the scum are part of it………. real simple…….

          Jul 16, 2022 16:15 PM

          F>B>I………. does not have the cleanest of records…………… hummm Hoover seems to come to mind…

    Jul 16, 2022 16:24 PM

    How stupid do people have to be to keep getting these shots?

    Turning periods into exclamation marks…you boys may not want to read this if you’re about to eat your supper…

    Jul 16, 2022 16:30 PM

    Posts disappearing again.

      Jul 16, 2022 16:02 PM

      oops……….. sorry………. I posted the info below,…..did not see your post….

    Jul 16, 2022 16:24 PM

    HELLO………………… NEW AUDIO>>>>> BIDEN
    Biden Threatened Ex-Ukraine Prez Poroshenko With Assassination If He Cooperated with Trump, Leaked Audio Reveals

    I will post the link below…….. TODAY’ RELEASE…………

      Jul 16, 2022 16:18 PM

      I got some info for you………

    Jul 16, 2022 16:37 PM

    The old coot really is beginning to make the U.S. look pathetic,

    Even if Obama plus Greens are actually running the country, they are doing damage so rapidly it will not be reparable.

    Jul 16, 2022 16:42 PM

    Saturday, July 16, 2022
    Ivana Trump’s cause of death has been revealed. The New York City medical examiner revealed on Friday, Trump died of “blunt force trauma to her torso”.

      Jul 16, 2022 16:52 PM

      More to the story,………… I am sure……….
      Think about it……..
      I think it was a message to DT…….
      People are not going to think anything about her death…. other than oops she fell down some stairs.
      But, as the mother of Donald Jr, Eric , and Evonka , … might give some pause to the safety of the remaining members of the family….. and therefore, …might give DT some pause as to running…… JMO

    Jul 16, 2022 16:49 PM
    Jul 16, 2022 16:56 PM

    The same goes for NYC and San Fancisco and even Paris.
    In Europe the theft is slightly less likely if the car is occupied, but in California it is increasingly happening for cars just stopped at traffic lights.

    Jul 16, 2022 16:11 PM

    Just for the Record…………… JABBERS………..
    Steve Kirsch on Substack has conducted a survey (done by a third party) and the results are so disturbing that nobody in the corporate media will touch it.

    Ten million Americans have heart injuries.

    Ten million Americans had to be hospitalized after taking the vaccines.

    Five million Americans can’t work after being vaccinated.

    At least 600,000 Americans died after getting vaccinated.

    info at 321

      Jul 16, 2022 16:15 PM

      I am one of the people with heart damage, but from covid, not the vaccine.
      Probable timing for change of Pretendent is coming into view.

      I’m beginning to expect use of 25th amendment to replace Biden.
      This puts Kamala as President, but I expect a VP person to be nominated, WHO WILL BE THE PERSON GROOMED for Presidential candidate for 2024.
      Normally the Senate would confirm the VP.
      I believe the DNC will be wary about confirmation, and therefore will want a recess appointment, which does not need senate confirmation. This places the NEW VP choice in December this year.
      (Allowing 2 years of exposure prior to the next general election.)

        Jul 16, 2022 16:23 PM

        Did you get any of the tests……. how do you know you had covid…..?

        Did you get a stick stuck up your nose at anytime…….?

          Jul 16, 2022 16:47 PM

          I caught the disease very early on……probably in Shanghai, on my way back from Australia.
          When I was sick nobody (multiple hospital visits with 3 different doctors – Stanford University medical Center) knew what it was. Multiple blood tests, MRI and CAT and gamma ray scans eventually detected heart damage and then later I tested positive for antibodies.

    Jul 16, 2022 16:14 PM

    The majority dying from covid syndrome characteristics have been vaccinated…The anti-human anti-health non-vaccination jab uses M-Rna to force all overtaken cells to synthesize spike protein…So now you get chewed up from inside…good luck w that…you were warned and warned of the damage caused to our children’s health from the standard vaccination schedule….only an irrational sheeple would have taken an experimental vaccine…sorry, truth…culling the herd…

      Jul 16, 2022 16:18 PM

      getting chewed up from the inside…….. is going to be terrible for the JABBED…….
      One REASON FOR FAUCI TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE……… Hanging is to good for the SOB.

      Jul 16, 2022 16:32 PM

      Covid-19 is a bioweapon.
      It and it’s vaccines are lose-lose situations for the general public.
      Many will be damaged by the vaccine and its boosters which do greater cumulative damage.
      But covid can damage and kill, and early results from China showed that reinfection with covid did even more damage.

      The Chinese close down cities when they find infection.

    Jul 16, 2022 16:19 PM

    Now this is the covid story that requires coverage…Not the doc freda version…Rather, the eugenics story with the medical cartel stooges center stage accomplices…glta

      Jul 16, 2022 16:25 PM

      Well, I guess the 18 month projection , will be extended,…. but, within the last 18 months , there have been plenty of deaths….
      600,000 is a lot of deaths….
      600,000 unemployed……

        Jul 16, 2022 16:52 PM

        Well, there are going to be plenty of jobs available !

          Jul 16, 2022 16:10 PM

          40 Million people in West….. going to run out of water………….
          Lake Mead drying up…………….
          usa watchdog……….. climate man Wigington on the show….

            Jul 18, 2022 18:41 PM

            Sin City and City of Angels – they are getting what they voted for – disaster.

      Jul 16, 2022 16:25 PM

      But part of the problem was caused by biden and Newsom, because those idiots have been redirecting millions of gallons to save a few thousand fish. They should have moved the fish.

      If we have warmed up by 1C over the last two decades, we should be getting about 8% more rainfall.
      More than enough to cover population growth. We just have terrible water management.
      The water management, however, can and eventually WILL be changed….Trump was doing it, only biden reversed things…..probably under globalist (Traitor Obama) orders.

        Jul 17, 2022 17:28 PM

        All part of the cabal plan……… kill the people, steal their land…….

    Jul 17, 2022 17:50 AM

    I really never know if this fella is the “expert” who knows the ultimate truth…If he does…Super GLTA…We be Fuczed….Toxic food plus food supply collapse equals what?

    Jul 17, 2022 17:34 AM
    Jul 17, 2022 17:57 AM

    Billions Continue to Be Laundered Through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to China’s Biowarfare Program
    Published July 17, 2022 at 8:00am


    IMPEACH FAUCI (for theft and illegal activity)
    IMPEACH BIDEN FOR PURE INCOMPETENCE (Asleep in the basement)

      Jul 17, 2022 17:09 AM

      Green Morons planning to remove dams from Snake River…..more water for Salmon.

      Northwest loses human drinking water AND 3.33 GW of electricity.

      The only compensation is that the Green Meanie Morons won’t have power for their electric cars.
      (They originally touted the dams as a green alternative to power stations.)

        Jul 17, 2022 17:26 PM

        TIME is NOW………….. NPR, and PURDUE RADIO joined together…. humm
        I think the student radio station at Purdue, has now joined NPR… check it out..

          Jul 17, 2022 17:19 PM

          Purdue has/had WBAA
          News, Classical, Jazz and either NPR or Live.

          rdue University Gets Rid of WBAA Radio Stations – Barrett Media

          Jul 2, 2021July 2, 2021. By. Ryan Hedrick. Purdue Exponent. Purdue University is getting rid of both of its radio stations, WBAA AM and FM. The stations provide news and music programming for the West Lafayette community. The AM signal is Indiana’s longest continuous operating radio station in the US, having first signed on the air in 1922.

          Jul 17, 2022 17:18 PM

          (Some other radlio stations in indianapolis…….. are joining the black radio network out of …
          The republican based EMMIS is selling out to ….. Urban One…….
          Emmis Communications sells Indy stations to Maryland-based Urban One Radio

          The State of Indiana politics is going to change……… since the radio station is within blocks of the State Capitol Building………..

          Jul 17, 2022 17:47 PM

          I posted some additional info…..which is missing in action……….of radio stations being taken over by Urban One , a black station, taking over a republican based radio station in Indianapolis,….
          What is important, …….. the radio station will be located within walking distance of the STATE CAPITOL, which is sure to have implications on State politics, … …
          Indianapolis is going to become like Baltimore over time……..

          Emmis Broadcasting…….. bought by Urban One………..

      Jul 17, 2022 17:45 PM

      Giving away the FARM……….. has a whole new meaning……………

    Jul 17, 2022 17:52 PM

    Watch: As Mask Mandate Looms, LA Hospital Officials Mock COVID “Media Hype”

    In a press conference dripping with a mix of exasperation and dry-witted sarcasm, two officials at one of the largest hospital systems in Southern California threw a bucket of cold water on media and government efforts to whip the public into a state of fear over the latest Covid-19 uptick.

    “It is just not the same pandemic that it was, despite all the media hype to the contrary…I mean – a lot of people have bad colds is what we’re seeing,” Spellberg concluded.

    GOVT TRYING TO CON (lie) concerning HOAX COVID

    Jul 17, 2022 17:55 PM

    biggest story of the century, so far…narrated in extreme detail and clarity by 3 medical soothsayers…not doc compliant stooges…

      Jul 17, 2022 17:26 PM

      .. I brought this up several years ago , concerning GATES,
      …….. LIKE India…., Haiti….. Africa…..
      several years ago….. Well, Well…… glad that some of this info. is coming back to surface.
      A few here on this site,…..thought gates was a very giving person, with his charities…. lol…..

      Hard to believe that the people here are so slow……no it is not a. “”conspiracy theory..”..

      Hey OWL……… you should listen to this one……. I pointed this out to you several years ago….just saying….

    Jul 17, 2022 17:08 PM

    military decimation under fraud of covid jab….

      Jul 17, 2022 17:54 PM

      Operation Warp Speed………… under TRUMP……….. trumpster needs to wake. up…….
      This is some of the issues……. I have with Trumpster…… backing the Jab

    Jul 17, 2022 17:26 PM

    the culling…lead prosecutor is myocarditis….

      Jul 17, 2022 17:02 PM

      I POSTED this above from this article…………… 🙂
      Steve Kirsch on Substack has conducted a survey (done by a third party) and the results are so disturbing that nobody in the corporate media will touch it.

      Ten million Americans have heart injuries.

      Ten million Americans had to be hospitalized after taking the vaccines.

      Five million Americans can’t work after being vaccinated.

      At least 600,000 Americans died after getting vaccinated.

      Maybe Doc and company will read this………… on the JABBER WAKIE REPORT……. 🙂

    Jul 17, 2022 17:25 PM

    s Geralld Celente likes to say:
    “When all else fails, they take you to war.”

    Jul 18, 2022 18:43 AM

    i think this is unposted here…glta….

    people that have not lost confidence in the medical cartel, should…in order to save their life….and of course begin working on health care rather than insurance covered medical non-care…

    Jul 18, 2022 18:11 AM

    When is Fauci going to be fired and indicted ?

    Jul 18, 2022 18:36 PM

    The majority of dropboxes will be videoed in November:

      Jul 18, 2022 18:13 PM

      Or who put the ants in the jar?

      But our rulers do look at us as insects they can crush if we get too uppity.

    Jul 18, 2022 18:01 PM


    The Pretendent does NOT HAVE ARBITRARY POWER to spend OUR MONEY.

    Jul 18, 2022 18:16 PM

    You boys may not want to read this…if it is too close to supper…

    The left wing of the Covidian cult could not stand that we trusted actual women more than Pfizer’s PR department

    Their symptoms have included hemorrhagic bleeding lasting more than a month; heavy intermittent bleeding for four months; passing golf-ball size clots of blood; and extreme cramping, serious enough to land one friend in the ER.

    Pfizer, turning periods into exclamation marks and golf balls.

      Jul 18, 2022 18:17 PM

      “The study also found many women who don’t typically menstruate…”

      Now, now…you can’t say women anymore…you have to say people…or the idiot left will go nuts.

      “It remains to be seen if the menstrual changes are a sign of something more sinister.”

      Really? You can’t see evil when it is staring you in the face?

    Jul 18, 2022 18:18 PM

    You boys may not want to read this if it is too close to supper…

      Jul 18, 2022 18:19 PM

      Pfizer, turning periods into exclamation marks and golf balls.

    Jul 18, 2022 18:27 PM

    Contained within Jill Biden’s y/15/22 speech:
    ……I’m proud of what Joe’s done in these last two years: From historic investments to re-open schools, to addressing the mental and academic needs of our students, to signing the bipartisan gun bill and defending women’s reproductive health care, to delivering on the promise of loan forgiveness for public servants.

    In fact, almost 150,000 public servants have already received loan forgiveness because of changes our Administration has made.

    CFS: Tharts 150K votes bought with tax-payer’s money.

    Jul 18, 2022 18:29 PM
    Jul 18, 2022 18:03 PM