Skeena Resources – A Comprehensive Update On Exploration Work This Year, Cash In The Bank, An Upcoming Feasibility Study and Your Questions Answered

July 20, 2022

Walter Coles, CEO and Director of Skeena Resources (TSX:SKE – NYSE:SKE) joins us to provide a comprehensive update on the exploration plans this year at Eskay Creek and the Sophia Project as well to address a few of the major questions you all have sent us.


Starting with the exploration at Eskay Creek, Walter states that 7 rigs are turning with the goal of expanding on the 5.6 million ounces of gold equivalent resources. We discuss the area that the Company is currently drilling and the grade the Company is looking for. We also look ahead to the upcoming feasibility study. 


Other topics we discuss include the cash position of the Company, work plans at the newly acquired projects from QuestEx and a couple questions we recieved recently. 


If you have any additional questions for Walter please email us at and



    Jul 21, 2022 21:52 AM

    Walter seemed very nervous answering your questions. I wonder how much money they spent jet setting the staff all over the world. If it was to get the price of the stock higher, THAT was an EPIC FAILURE.

    Jul 21, 2022 21:11 PM

    where is the answer to the above question

      Jul 23, 2022 23:19 AM

      sante, if your largest institutional holder, Wilhelm K.T. Zours of Germany asks you to present to a conference in Germany, it makes sense to me to honor the request. The failure to update us on Albino Lake or to disclose the permit timeline bother me more. However, Cory did deliver on “A Comprehensive Update On Exploration Work This Year, Cash In The Bank, An Upcoming Feasibility Study” and his piece helped us to a 9% gain on the week. Thanks, Cory.

    Jul 21, 2022 21:52 PM

    Walter mentioned the company has a timeline for permit approval (presumably with the nod from BC) but then did not disclose it in this interview. Please ask him to disclose it next time, Corey. It is obviously central to the stock purchase decision for many investors and it is not appropriate for insiders and large institutions to know and act on it while the public does not have the same information.

    Jul 22, 2022 22:38 AM

    Also, no questions on Albino and massive stock dilution to finance this operation going forward at this stock price. As far as I`m concerned Walter is dropping the ball on a lot of fronts.

    Jul 22, 2022 22:09 AM

    Who owns the waste rock/tailings area? I understand from previous reports that you had tested 5 percent of the area where you received significant assay results. Please provide an update.