A bit of a rant which seems appropriate at this point in time.

Big Al
July 22, 2022
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It is amazing the amount of confidence which is waning towards the press.
    Jul 22, 2022 22:21 PM

    Hi Larry … You are going to love , this one….Modern medicine at it’s best ……………………..

    Jul 22, 2022 22:15 PM

    The Western Humanity is no more ( Independent Humans ) day are Smartphone’s and Brainwashed in the smartphone’s are the fake reality ! The Reset is coming in the covid inflation war reset !

    Jul 22, 2022 22:13 PM

    and ker sponsored for decades the lying stooge tool conforming docs who keep quiet on the truth of their health slaughter while solely using big pharma commissioned products to destroy you….lmao
    talk about backwards reasoning and reporting…lmao

    health freedom means nothing at ker….conform to the propaganda lie and sell it w guests docs to the radio listeners out there….

    Jul 22, 2022 22:16 PM

    Given that we are no longer living in the dark ages, where economic production was made by manual labor, I really MUST OBJECT to Jimmy’s statement that we need an increasing population.
    We may not have reached a true Malthusian limit, but there are many factors that suggest poorer life quality with increasing population density and thus I state “We do NOT need an increasing population.”

    Jul 22, 2022 22:23 PM

    Many individual European companies are IGNORING Russian sanctions, because they need materials from Russia….

      Jul 23, 2022 23:40 PM

      FIRING IS TO GOOD…………. She needs to be held accountable ….
      She needs to give back all the money she has earned, then go straight to GITMO…….

    Jul 22, 2022 22:45 PM

    Many of the lkeadership of the DoJ should be indicted by Congress after the November elections….

      Jul 22, 2022 22:47 PM

      What is more the Leadership OWES THE COUNTRY $36 Million for the cost of the bogus Trump trial AND SHOULD BE FINED ACCORDINGLY.

    Jul 22, 2022 22:01 PM

    While no one was looking…..
    Space Force ops and UFO files were re-classified under NDAA.

    Jul 22, 2022 22:58 PM
    Jul 22, 2022 22:44 PM

    I would have more respect for Shawn Hannity, should he take his wife to middle of Sahara desert for 66 days & find out what John The Baptist has to do with self defense.
    Cronies could DRONE in what he needs………