Ed Moya – If Investors Are Staying Defensive Will It Be The Dollar that Benefits Or Something Else?

July 25, 2022

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins us to recap earnings season so far and share his major takeaways. Is the job market that Ed is most concerned about as many companies are forecasting layoffs in the near term. This ties into a conversation about stagflation and defensive assets. Where will investors go if we truly are heading into a recession and stagflation?



    Jul 25, 2022 25:36 AM

    And POWWWW!!!!
    Down goes NEM!!!! Just wait until they cut their dividend.
    Next up on deck, AEM.
    Then Barrick.
    The PM mining space is now in it’s bloodbath phase, and it won’t end anytime soon.
    The next rate hike will cement it into place and ALL PM stocks will continue to get butchered for the rest of this year. Tax loss selling will kick in during Q4 and you’ll see some of these miners go belly up. They’ll be picked up for pennies on the dollar.
    So why wait for even more losses? You can still SELL!!!!
    SELL NOW!!!!

      Jul 25, 2022 25:46 AM

      Pow … up goes NG Energy

      Jul 25, 2022 25:56 AM

      Hi Spanky, nice to see your post, man!

        Jul 25, 2022 25:53 PM

        lol, I thought the same.

      Jul 25, 2022 25:26 PM

      Shoe polish Joe is a joke, the crash will happen but not now! LOL! DT😉😉😉😉

        Jul 25, 2022 25:51 PM

        When the shoe shine boy starts giving you market tips, you want to do the opposite! LOL! DT

    Jul 25, 2022 25:50 AM

    GDX has lost nearly 50% of its value in a mere three months. And keep in mind, this isn’t a leveraged fund. It’s pretty evident that the notion of gold being a fantastic inflation hedge is pure hokum. As a true gold bug I have the losses in my mining stocks that are lets just say “interesting”. I believe the best hope for we gold folks is that gold becomes the “fear” trade as Brandon continues the destruction……….

      Jul 25, 2022 25:34 PM

      I feel your pain, man. I’m kinda in the same situation.
      I read a funny meme on Twitter, I can’t post it here but it goes something like this:

      Cheat Sheat for gold traders:

      Event Impact Reasoning
      Yields Up Bad Competition for gold
      Yields down Bad Declining inflation fears
      Oil up Bad Energy input costs going up
      Oil down Bad Global recession fears
      Stocks up Bad Risk-on, safe haven shunned
      Stocks down Bad Risk-off, margin selling
      USD up Bad Inverse correlation to AU
      USD down Bad Indian gold tax looming
      OI up Bad Too many long positions
      OI down Bad Investors losing interest

      So in other words, always a fekken lame explanation without substance and always ONE explanation not mentioned: blatant manipulation.
      The worst is when PM “gurus” use these events to explain why PM and the miners get hammered day in/out. Except for Craig Hemke, David Morgan and to a certain degree David Erfle, no one else is mentioning the ugly elephant in the room.

      So sick and tired of this manipulated asset class. As Gary Savage always says: Gold/silver are the second most manipulated asset class after the currencies. I can’t wait to unload my miners when they, hopefully, come back to life…

        Jul 25, 2022 25:24 PM

        Good post, thank you……..

        Jul 25, 2022 25:35 PM

        I say it almost every day. Manipulation, corruption, Central Banking corruption, politician corruption, SEC/Justice Dept inaction directed by political appointees, etc etc etc. I am crushed and so disappointed…

    Jul 25, 2022 25:03 PM

    What are the odds of Hecla going under $3? 🙁 I have a stink bid going for $2.93

      Jul 25, 2022 25:24 PM

      These markets are going lower than they are now, when the Crash hits due to margin calls, put your stink bid in it will get filled. DT

    Jul 25, 2022 25:33 PM

    I would say not likely, but in this waterfall anything is possible…………

    Jul 25, 2022 25:51 PM

    NFGC – Newfound Gold- added for the 2nd time this month at the low @ $3.81

    Jul 25, 2022 25:43 PM

    Only 3 comments:
    1. Joe is probably correct as regards the large cap PM stocks—they’ll be the last ones to feel the knife. 2. Hecla in all probability will see $2.00-$3.00 which I mentioned a number of weeks ago. 3. It’s good to be in cash. However, having said that we’re probably getting close to seeing a relief rally (a little v shaped bottom for awhile) but don’t expect a large V shaped rally anytime soon. For most of the juniors and mid tiers the bottom searching is now in sight but the big caps still need to be pummeled unmericifully. Also, why would you now sell except for tax losses unless you own the big caps.

      Jul 25, 2022 25:09 PM

      I can foresee your scenario. Rubber band has been stretched too far down and short term moving averages now have to catch up to upside. Either there’s going to be a V shaped relief rally or miners explode to upside and leave everyone in the dust.
      BTW I like what I see on AEM chart. Not buying yet though.. It’s the best looking chart among the seniors

        Jul 25, 2022 25:12 PM
        Jul 25, 2022 25:20 PM

        Cali, AEM is finally starting to look interesting—the odds favor pricing of $30-$35 in the near future—I’ll then consider nibbling a bit of it depending on the technicals at that time. I haven’t kept up on the stock—have they shown their 2nd quarter earnings yet—if not, they may face the same dilemma as Newmont. The other stock I’m really interested in and following closely is Kgc—I’ll take a position eventually.

          Jul 25, 2022 25:16 PM

          Doc, KGC probably will have a bounce too. I made a lot of money from KGC & AUY in 2016 and gave most back cause I held too long and got greedy. That taught me a lesson, never invest in miners for more than a few weeks and be happy with 10-20 percent.

    Jul 25, 2022 25:17 PM

    Gaps gonna filled to upside now