Our Current Views on Russian vis a vis Ukraine

Big Al
August 9, 2022
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A little specividy regarding our views on Russia.
    Aug 09, 2022 09:25 PM

    “”The Korelin And McKennie Hour””

    You should have your own show on the all the cable networks and major television stations.

    There would be a high demand with what’s going on and highly lucrative as well.

      Aug 09, 2022 09:35 PM

      Holy Grail,

      I believe tht we have one of the very best podcasts out there. Thank you for the compliment and God Bless you,


        Aug 09, 2022 09:49 PM

        Blessings to you too AL, I was serious about what I said. You have major experience under your belt with interviewing guests and a real pro. Both of you could really be successful on the networks because Jim is so knowledgeable, courteous and eloquent with all his words, as with you AL.

        I know it’s a stretch with all the financial arrangements but if they could ever be made, be a real successful program and show on the networks. Great deal of investment there with studio and negotiating all the air time. Just need a sponsor and the energy to move forward. LOL The audience is there now too. People are going to want to be informed of these very chaotic times we are in.

      Aug 09, 2022 09:54 PM

      Yes…HG…and they could have you on as a guest…

        Aug 09, 2022 09:06 PM

        Hopefully, the dream becomes a reality. A formal invitation and accommodations would be thoughtful. LOL

          Aug 09, 2022 09:28 PM

          And they could get on Al Sharpton and you could debate him…

            Aug 09, 2022 09:38 PM

            Whether anyone wants to agree with Al sharpton or not. He’s a courageous guy.

            So much so, I wouldn’t show up for the debate. LOL

    Aug 09, 2022 09:47 PM

    Но что вы думаете о Минских соглашениях и о том, что Украина затягивает переговоры.

      Aug 09, 2022 09:13 PM

      Too lazy to type in Cyrillic, but I think the Minsk agreement was done under duress – Obama was weak or compliant in 2014/2015, EU was scared, no one cared about corrupt Ukraine then, and Putin broke it anyway. I think the Budapest Agreement from 1994 supersedes the Minsk agreement – Russia agreed, with the UK and the USA to provide security assurances to Ukraine so they would give up 1/3 of the Soviet Arsenal – looks like a mistake now.

        Aug 09, 2022 09:27 PM

        Sure, Putin broke the agreement, eventually,…… but he waited patiently for 5 years or so, trying to negotiate.\ My observation is that Putin is feeling his age, and wants to get things settled for Mother Russia.

        Aug 09, 2022 09:31 PM

        Cyrillic??? You sure CFS wasn’t speaking in tongues??? 🙂

    Aug 09, 2022 09:53 PM

    Very impressive, Mr. Big Al Korelin…but I know you can speak Chinese, too as your parents were from China….or was it grand parents…

      Aug 09, 2022 09:19 PM

      Don’t forget Paul Pelosi junior.
      He’s a lot smarter than Hunter, but corrupt and games the system.
      He travels with Nancy ALL THE TIME (and accepts “donations”), But Paul jr. does not binge drink and he keeps his head down. Nevertheless he plays a significant role in the multi-million dollar Pelosi family corruption.
      Nancy often illegally edits Paul jr. presence out of plane logs for his free trips to Ukraine, China, etc..

        Aug 09, 2022 09:44 PM

        And I bet he doesn’t do crack cocaine or meth either…but maybe his dad does…

      Aug 09, 2022 09:40 PM

      And Mr. Big Al Korelin, on your next show could you say something in Chinese for us???

    Aug 09, 2022 09:56 PM
    Aug 09, 2022 09:57 PM
    Aug 09, 2022 09:44 PM

    Jimmy, are you still fluent in Russian??? When you were speaking Russian all the time did you think in Russian or English?

      Aug 09, 2022 09:40 PM

      I knew I could survive when I started dreaming in Russian – I have gotten rusty, but was decent – a 3/3/3 in DoD lingo, could manage like a native high school grad level with a Baltic accent, Russians told me. I processed thoughts in Russia, had to in order to be an interpreter.

    Aug 09, 2022 09:52 PM

    Democrat scum going fishing.

    Aug 09, 2022 09:14 PM

    I remember JFK calling J.Edgar Hoover a rattlesnake (or like a rattle snake)
    Clearly the FBI has not changed much over the decades.

      Aug 09, 2022 09:33 PM

      When Trump was elected he said he was going to release all the JFK records. Yet Trump did not release them. I wonder what or who stopped him.
      I also wonder if he took some of these records to Mar-A-Lago.

      Of course, it could simply be Trump-haters that caused the raid, but it could also be something else.

    Aug 09, 2022 09:37 PM

    I wonder why 87,0900 new IRS agents.

    How come 50,000 was not enough, or why 100,000 was too many.

    Aug 09, 2022 09:42 PM

    Do your own d&d however canned goods can last indefinitely. In fact, the history or lesson… have to listen to video some can was found like 50 or 100 years later or something and it still had all the nutrients and was edible. So, don’t throw your canned goods out because of the expiration, you’re throwing your money away.

    Disclaimer: I am hold harmless and the advice is from the YouTube creators in the video. Seriously, don’t send your ambulance chasers after me LOL

      Aug 09, 2022 09:20 PM

      Canned goods lifetime comments.
      1. Cans are improving with a thin plastic internal coating.
      2. Cans are getting a lot thinner than they used to be.

      If kept at cool, fairly constant temps I would expect a good long life.
      However, If kept at exposed temperatures with high changes over the years OR if contents are high acidic (e.g. Tomatoes) I would be worried about life length.

        Aug 09, 2022 09:01 PM

        Excellent advice regarding the canned goods. I just discovered the information and been throwing away some of my stuff. I never eat it because it’s just there incase of an event or whatever you never know.

        Survival food….

        Thanks for the info good information

    Aug 09, 2022 09:51 PM

    I had not looked it up in a while……

    Trump’s re-election fund just passed $300 million.
    Wow ! That’s a lot for this early.

      Aug 09, 2022 09:23 PM

      There’s the motivation 300 million That’s why they want to destroy Trump. He’s got a real nice hefty war chest to win the election in 24. Also, he has two more years to increase those funds substantially. Not a Trump fan but anyway Ron DeSantis is much better. I believe, by a long long shot. Maybe they’ll run together that would be okay. Because Mike Pence was never the man and Ron is. Ron would help pull everything together and drain the swamp.

        Aug 09, 2022 09:49 PM

        Major problem is Trump’s family too. If Ron DeSantis was vice president and they won the election would Trump’s family members overwhelm everything. Ron might have a tough time making decisions with all these other family members wanting to steal the show. It’s a struggle, because it’s all about fame and fortune and that’s what we have here in the Trump family. There was quite a display of that when he was in office.

        I think it would be a big problem. Fame and fortune first and country last. I don’t see that with Ron and that’s why the Trump family is a little dangerous here.

        Then again, maybe not it’s all speculation although it’s in their blood that greed in the Trump family. Not worried about Donald Trump it’s the younger family members that are foaming of the mouth for that Fame and Fortune because it’s in their blood. Donald already arrived LOL I would hope, however that greed just keeps going

    Aug 09, 2022 09:47 PM

    That’s why the CCP has their tentacles everywhere. It’s all about power and money. These treasonous politicians have been bought off and they have foreign bank accounts with who knows how many hundreds of millions. Apply asset protection with privately held companies and corporations offshore and there’s no trace of the money. The treasonous politician has wiped all the records clean. It’s such a simple maneuver and easily done. LOL

    The treasonous politician taking in maybe even 50 million dollars making him the happiest man on the earth. It’s a done deal and the CCP owns em. Higher ranked politicians couple hundred million and same. Right now, we have treasonous politicians that are just infesting Washington and even individual states with their governments.

      Aug 09, 2022 09:03 PM

      When you sre talking about movement of money more than a $1,000 in amount, it is NOT as easy and anonymous as you might think.
      There is usually some banking trail.
      People do not physically move dollar bills or gold.
      Some banks do tend to be silent about movement of funds, however….
      The Virgin Islands in the Carribean, The Channel Islands in Europe, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man,….Dubai, and some emirates…The seychelles etc.

        Aug 09, 2022 09:12 PM

        The funds are directly deposited by the CCP into a foreign entity holding company or corporation that hides the owner’s name, it’s not currency or anything else. These are foreign transactions and it can be a form of a bankwire. Or in the form of a check.

        Very easily done. You form a foreign corporation and the one who incorporates is separate from the owner and you can still open a bank account. Panama was a famous country to do this in.

        Many others just have to find a safe jurisdiction.

        Isle of Man was a good one not sure about now and then Monaco. There’s a lot of them out there just have to check the laws and bring everything up to date. The US is the world’s policeman. Regardless, your name doesn’t show up anywhere LOL

        If it’s the treasonous politician or whoever you can’t spend the money in the US. You could get caught so you need to do some foreign traveling and have some fun. You get credit cards connected to the bank account

          Aug 09, 2022 09:35 PM

          If you have a lot of money foreign bank account just move out of the US or renounce your citizenship. The treasonous politician is set for life when he’s ready to spend the money as long as it’s parked in a safe place outside the US. You can buy property with it too with separate corporate entity or holding company. If moved out of the US forfeited your citizenship you can just use your own name.

          There’s plenty of maneuvers in the US. Easy to become invisible only problem is if you’re a treasonous politician could get caught. Obviously

            Aug 09, 2022 09:26 PM

            Foreign Bank accounts give you a number with a separate corporate entity or holding company. If you lose that number, your SOL.

            You can also buy securities on most worlds exchanges and invest it in all the same foreign banking institution.
            There’s no discount commission though LOL

            These foreign Banks can make a lot of money if you lose your account number, there is no way to recover it either.

          Aug 10, 2022 10:31 AM

          I’m not sure Panama is that safe, since the US went after Noriega.

            Aug 10, 2022 10:46 AM

            Regarding Panama, probably not. At one time it was. I’m not updated on anything. No reason to. There is plenty of other options out there I’m sure. If you’re not a treasonous politician, there’s plenty of options right here in the US.

            Asset protection is something that I have a very high education in. That’s why I’m familiar with all the foreign jurisdictions however I’m not updated.

            Litigation, judgments, writs of its execution, seizing bank accounts, protecting property, ongoing businesses etc. Is an area that I’m able to avoid any legal action that presents itself without asset protection in certain circumstances. Every case is different. Settling judgments for pennies on the dollar as well.

    Aug 09, 2022 09:52 PM
      Aug 09, 2022 09:07 PM

      Ukraine’s just a proxy (CFS you mentioned that long ago)and there’s a lot of talk now in Russia and their media talking about nuking London and New York.

      The nuke talk is getting louder and louder

        Aug 09, 2022 09:42 PM

        Moscow will cease to exist if the Russians nuke London.
        The UK and France don’t have a huge number of nuclear weapons, but they do ( Britain does have Vanguard submarines, but I am ignorant of their capability.) have a few nuclear armed nuclear submarines. To the best of my knowledge each Trident sumarine carries eight nuclear missiles, which implies 24 nukes are available to attack Russia most of the time.
        The UK did scrap its long-range V-bomber nuclear program after the Argentine war in the Falklands.

          Aug 09, 2022 09:58 PM

          Thanks for the information I didn’t know any of that LOL

          There’s definitely a lot of moving parts. It’s just a lot of saber rattling on Russians end. When the real war starts there’s not going to be really any notice probably.

          Have to see what happens.

          Let’s hope nothing happens for many years to come.


          Forgot to mention, Russia does have a lot of underground shelters for their citizens. The West has nothing. Again, we’ll see what happens.

            Aug 09, 2022 09:58 PM

            Russia’s vast territory and their shelters for their citizens have a significant advantage in a nuclear war.

            The West is like ducks sitting on a pond.

            Moscow might be destroyed however nothing compared to what the West would suffer massive loss of life. Everything would be destroyed catastrophic collateral damages everywhere.

    Aug 09, 2022 09:47 PM

    After the illegal deep state raid on Trump,

    They had to.

    They had to ensure Trump would never be elected and mortally wound the deep state.

      Aug 10, 2022 10:15 AM

      Quite frankly, there’s been so much controversy on that and even Ivanka I think that’s Trump’s daughter’s name conceded that his father lost the election. In the beginning, it was almost a foregone conclusion until a lot of other evidence came out. I didn’t follow it up so I have no idea anymore. No reason to, anyway CCP has their tentacles everywhere so that’s a fact unless one is unconscious.

    Aug 10, 2022 10:04 AM

    Without some effective protest by the people, we have a banana republic.

    The advantage the people have lies in numbers.

    The U.S. Deep State can only imprison a few hundred thousand people.

    But can the people organize fast enough ?
    Surely the deep state will pick off the first many that stick their heads up

    I am not optimistic…….for many years I have predicted I would die in jail.

      Aug 10, 2022 10:51 AM

      Ya we’ll, there’s really not much optimism with what’s taking place right now. I think a lot of us are going to end up in Camp Fema the way things are going.

      Stay safe and I’m just rolling with the punches. Probably 2023 and moving on from there is going to be a very difficult time.

      Maybe we get some green shoots here and there on the way down.

      We need to all hang in there. Hillary would like to see us all in Camp Fema I know that. She referred to it as a retraining program rehabilitation …very bombastic LOL

        Aug 10, 2022 10:09 AM

        right…camp fema is the next hilton hotel… banana republic….if this does not disturb libtards at all?…what chance do we have…

          Aug 10, 2022 10:21 AM

          For a secular understanding Armstrong is the go-to guy. Long-term trends are intact. This nation will be dissolved at some point in the future before 2032. Major depopulation event and becoming a desolate place.

          We don’t need Armstrong to tell us that there’s something definitely wrong.

          When you have our military bases hosting drag queen shows, we are near the end. This is on a regular basis up until just recently. This is not just a few times. We have that, and there’s much more.

          I forecasted many many years ago the United States was on the edge of being destroyed. It’s a slow burn and it’s not the big crash. In either case, makes no difference it’s the same outcome. I Never bought the narrative just because we never did fix anything in 2009 when that crisis hit. Now the debt is multiple times worse and immoral values have exploded, literally.

          People are still running around with their masks on and the general population believes there’s nothing wrong in light of the above. LOL

      Aug 10, 2022 10:55 AM

      Yep, Mar-A-Lago incident. Perfect national divorce is what he said on Tucker Carlson.

    Aug 10, 2022 10:58 AM

    I will have to say…………. M Armstrong , has some enlightening info on the RUSSIA SEIZURE……..
    If, Bill Clinton bribed Yelson,…. as he claims from his info obtained from FOIA ,
    Sheds a whole new light on the REPUBLIC , and how the elites have stolen the USSA……(just
    more confirmation)…… and further confirming the NWO agenda. What a mess.

    As Martin, suggested…………. TERM LIMITS…….. but, we have been saying that for YEARS.

    Aug 10, 2022 10:00 AM

    Am I still blocked?

    Aug 10, 2022 10:07 AM

    Petro Poroshenko has admitted that the 2015 ceasefire in Donbass, which he negotiated with Russia, France and Germany as president of Ukraine, was merely a distraction intended to buy time for Kiev to rebuild its military.

    17 Jun, 2022 10:52
    Home Russia & FSU
    Minsk deal was used to buy time – Ukraine’s Poroshenko
    Petro Poroshenko said the Minsk agreements “meant nothing” and claimed credit for giving Kiev enough time to militarize

      Aug 10, 2022 10:45 AM

      In other words Russia was lied to in order to delay help for Russian-Speaking Ukrainians.

      The LIAR “Poroshenko” was a dubiously elected leader, in that the election was moved from March 2015, early to 2014 in order to not allow conservative organization.

        Aug 10, 2022 10:22 AM

        I think its obvious what happened and is happening in Ukraine.
        For anyone thats followed it anyway.

        The Ukrainians are now little more than fodder, the americans refusing to allow Ukraine to negotiate a peace agreement is beyond criminal, psychopathic would be a better description.

        In any case, I just hope it ends before it speads.

    Aug 10, 2022 10:08 AM

    It posted, but wouldn’t allow the link.


    Aug 10, 2022 10:33 AM

    8.5 % inflation was spun as good. LOL

    When someone says this is not a Banana Republic you need to question how many brain cells they have left. In addition to, homelessness everywhere and that population is exploding.

    Aug 10, 2022 10:48 AM

    With prosperity, comes government crackdowns. The IRS is going to be enlarged quite significantly.

    Already been mentioned on the blog. Thanks CFS

    Furthering the discussion, there’s going to be a lot of property seizures and people being turned upside down. That’s why asset protection is so important. However, that doesn’t relieve someone of criminal prosecution for tax evasion.

    Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time. LOL

    Regardless, having asset protection at least you’d have the resources to defend yourself. Otherwise, your Sol. Bank and property seizures are performed immediately. You wake up to an empty bank account and if you own property everything has liens against it. Then your wife dumps you, if that wasn’t enough above.

    Aug 10, 2022 10:10 PM

    How the IRS Was Gutted

    Save the rich

    Aug 10, 2022 10:17 PM

    Here’s a good one for ya:

    Armed accountants

    Special agents, who can be placed around the nation and world, have an interesting job, according to the IRS description. They are financial analysts and armed officers ready for a shootout.

    Ha Ha .. if you like shootouts, this is a good job for ya.

    Aug 10, 2022 10:10 PM

    “Grocery prices in July had largest price increase since 1979 — with one food staple rising by 38% on the year ”

    Even the corrupt, lying lamestream media can’t ignore this any more.

    And remember when the criminals on the Feral Reserve said inflation would be “transitory” and before that inflation would not be a problem?

    Do you think grocery prices will ever go down as much as they’ve gone up in the last couple years?

    How much more of this criminal gooberment will people put up with?

    But just get back to work tax serfs…Zelinsky needs more of your money…

      Aug 10, 2022 10:28 PM

      Who appointed J POW ? LOL

      🤔 Jesse Jackson with the help of Al Sharpton

      Well, according to all the statistics and information at hand, the USA Titanic hit an iceberg.

      The ship is going down anyway. Ain’t nothing we can do about it.

        Aug 10, 2022 10:15 PM

        More reason…for HG to debate Sharption…on KER Politics…

          Aug 10, 2022 10:31 PM

          A death sentence with Al Sharpton

          Txs bud

    Aug 10, 2022 10:04 PM

    The new America.

    Hey…gonna get married next week, this will be my third marriage. LOL

    She’s a beaut. Her name’s “Jezebel”.

    Yep, third time’s a charm. A blessed sorcery marriage with Jezebel. Marriage or no marriage never coming to the love of the truth. A cursed marriage.

    Revelation chapter 2

    20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

      Aug 10, 2022 10:18 PM

      Heard Mr. Big Al Korelin will be your best man…

        Aug 10, 2022 10:34 PM

        Too late, we already eloped. 😂

        Aug 10, 2022 10:37 PM

        Sint Jimmy ! Will be the Husband !

          Aug 10, 2022 10:49 PM

          Franky, don’t go tooooooo far. Must have been a typo. LOL

    Aug 10, 2022 10:34 PM

    Old Russia is no more ! Know we live whit a NEW Russia China Turkey India are looking to Russia ! The western world is delusional whit a Green Agenda of poferty and Hate fore white ness ! And the corupt bankers and endless electronic money are the route of all EVIL ! The offensive will be a disaster fore Ukraine no more people in Ukraine to kill ! The War is loste fore Ukraine !