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August 13, 2022
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  • Segment 1 – We open the program discussing the Mar A Lago situation
  • Segment 2 – Most of the covid restrictions have been eliminated and we discuss this.
  • Segment 3 – We discus the inconsistencies of some law enforcement.
  • Segment 4 – We finally discuss China



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    Aug 13, 2022 13:28 AM

    Aug 11, 2022 11:05 PM

    Re. Mar A Lago ….. I am more concerned about what the fbi , left behind rather than what they took. Unless they have added something to what they took

      Aug 13, 2022 13:54 AM

      I hope that we have not gotten to that point, Tony!

    Aug 13, 2022 13:42 AM

    I am no expert on American law , but i believe the Raid/Search may have been illigal. It is my understanding that a search warrent must be handed to the person named on the warrent , or a legal agent, of that person. In this case they refused to hand the warrent over, so the person reading it could read it. Also did the FBI have a right to tell the staff to turn off all the camers on the property that the search covered, & ask Trumps legal Rep to leave the premisess ? I am sure someone on here can set me straight , about what i just posted.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:56 AM

      I cannot comment because I simply do not know. I would guess tht Jim will comment on this.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:09 AM

    IMO…. The Restrictions had nothing to do with the Corona virus, i believe it was all about control.
    IMO…. It was a MASSIVE experiment, to see how easy it would be to get the people to conform , in order in order for “THEM ” our OVERLORDS to usher in The Great Reset in 2030. And as a bonus a lot of these Evil Scum , made a S**T load of mony off of it……………… Some may say i am wrong, but i will stand by what i wrote.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:57 AM

      I don’t know about restrictions, but I will contrast the U.S. versus China:
      By May of 2022 the U.S., according to CDC, had over 1 million deaths, whereas China with tight restrictions, had approx 5,000, with most of those occurring early on.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:00 AM

        All I can do is rely on my own experiences. I had two jabs and then one booster and I contacted Coved after I had the one booster and it only lasted about 36 hours.

        Aug 15, 2022 15:25 AM

        COME ON MAN!??? DO you think China death reporting is accurate at any level? The Chinese are trying to clean out their elderly state-dependent population, these deaths would never even be checked for COVID CFS, let alone reported.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:57 AM

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Even you and myself.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:43 AM

    CFS…late for work today…

      Aug 13, 2022 13:54 AM

      Hello EBO… Its my fault he is late , i fiddled with his alarm clock , so i could beat Him into work today , to gain some browny points. lol just kidding CFS.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:02 AM

        You already have a ton of browny points with your great comments, Tony!

        Aug 13, 2022 13:45 PM

        I can’t remember when I last used an alarm.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:44 AM
    Why does biden favor our enemies ?

      Aug 13, 2022 13:56 AM

      ABBA………………………….. Money-Money-Money.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:04 AM

      All you have to do is to ask yourself how much money he and his son have from many of our enemies who he obviously does not consider to be our enemies like China.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:02 AM

    It certainly appears that our politicians are more interested in enriching themselves, than in doing what is best for the country.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:08 AM

      From what I understand, they have a right to be angry!

    Aug 13, 2022 13:38 AM

    It seems obvious to me the recent search of Mar-A-Lago WAS A FISHING EXPEDITION.

    Regardless of what the FBI may claim, or the search warrant may state, it seems to me the FBI were NOT searching for specific documents Trump had.
    They were searching for anything that might help the left’s cause.
    It could be J6 comments or quotes.
    It could be classified documents…….except Trump had the power to declassify.
    It could even be they planted top secret documents in an attempt to indict Trump in the future.
    Certainly, waiting until Trump had moved back to New York, and rejecting Trump’s attorney from watching the search, STINKS OF FISHY BEHAVIOR.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:43 AM

      I cannot disagree with you, CFS

    Aug 13, 2022 13:25 AM

    Once again I hear J Epstein’s name mentioned when talking about equal justice.
    Remember this. D Trump’s Labor Secretary. I suppose D Trump knew nothing about him as well when he appointed him.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:28 AM

      Go back to those events in Florida, the trail leads directly to then Atty General Alberto Gonzalez and none other than G W Bush.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:37 AM

        John … Correct , & none never will. Its how the system works.

          Aug 13, 2022 13:40 AM


            Aug 13, 2022 13:39 AM

            double ditto………… at this point……….. the system is corrupt beyond belief……….
            Sheeple just do not get it……………..

        Aug 13, 2022 13:53 AM

        I find it very hard to believe that GW was every involved with Epstein.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:50 AM

      Hey John, so the Epstein saga continues. What is your opinion about his suicide?

    Aug 13, 2022 13:39 AM

    Once again J McKinney tries to tell us that there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans and the next election is going to change things for the better.
    The analogy is that of giving someone a bottle of hot sauce and telling them if they drink it and telling them it will not be hot because it is the same color as cherry pie.
    America’s debt based fiat Democracy is a sham. Citizens United guaranteed the Political system will remain a sham as well.
    President Trump is exposing corruption just like he released the JFK assassination documents.
    D Trump was elected because the alternative was worse. Let’s not kid ourselves.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:00 AM

      Jim and I have never discussed that, but we will!

    Aug 13, 2022 13:47 AM

    To expose the corporate media, unfortunately you will put your self in the position to be labeled a racist.
    To expose the Government you might end up like this guy.
    Aaron Swartz: Old CEO of Reddit that got suicided for exposing the Government.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:28 PM

      That is ridiculous to be labeled a racist in that circumstance. I mean really a facist.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:53 AM

    Unfortunately there is no Political solution to the mess we find ourselves in. Just look who is running the Country now.
    Take Al’s advice and put 10% of your total net worth in precious metals. Give it to your kids.
    Their going to need it.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:01 AM

      John, I have never said to put 100% of your total wealth into precious metals. I personally am in cash and real estate.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:31 AM

        You need to re read my post Al. It say’s 10%, not 100%.
        Sound advice to.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:55 AM

    And of course this.
    Why is Christianity the only religion whose mockery is politically correct and accepted?

      Aug 13, 2022 13:27 PM

      Believe idiots believe that it is politicall correct to do that.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:00 AM
    Aug 13, 2022 13:07 AM

    To expose the corporate media, you run the risk of being labeled an anti-semite.
    To expose the Government, you run the risk of apparent suicide.
    Nobody remembers him as well.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:21 AM

      Hi John… Is that Seth Rich ?….. old photo.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:35 AM

        Aaron Swartz. Co founder of Reddit. Founder of Demand Progress, which launched the campaign against internet censorship bills.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:11 AM

      John an anti semite? I don/tthink so!

    Aug 13, 2022 13:34 AM

    Ditto on the OVERLORDS……………. IRISH……….

      Aug 13, 2022 13:06 AM

      Zerohedge………..28 STATES………… Collusion……….. with voting , good luck……. voting again…
      This article has not even delved into the 28 states that “changed voting rules to boost mail-in ballots.” Some States apparently omitted both state law and the need for states’ legislatures to be the sole arbiters of election law, as required by the Constitution; the $400 million spent by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg; the 2000-plus “mules” and the algorithms that sent conservative emails to spam while emails with liberal content went through to the addressees.

      Is it any wonder that many Americans have lost faith in their institutions and leaders? Is it surprising that after the Pulitzer decision, the Russia collusion hoax, the Whitmer kidnapping hoax, the Covid origin hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop hoax, and now the January 6th Committee hoax, that many Americans believe there is something wrong with the system? The media, social media, government officials and others have been complicit in undermining our rule of law and possibly even subverting an election.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:47 AM

    IRS…….. is going to join the FBI……….. in terrorizing the WE THE PEOPLE/SHEEPLE,….. just like they did under with the TEAPARTY…
    With an extra 87,000 more BROWN SHIRTS…………. of course they have a pattern to follow, ..
    History is repeating , since the OLD VETS, are dead or on their last leg, and no one alive will remember because they do not teach HISTORY …. the students of today, are real short on any knowledge of anything, except cell (jail) phone info.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:18 AM

      Your last sentence is pretty accurate.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:56 AM

    ONE BIG HOAX……………………….
    the Russia collusion hoax, the Whitmer kidnapping hoax, the Covid origin hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop hoax, and now the January 6th Committee hoax, that many Americans believe there is something wrong with the system? (zhedge)

      Aug 13, 2022 13:29 AM

      Some of the things thaty you mentioned, OOTB, are not hoxes!

        Aug 13, 2022 13:31 PM

        OWL………… all the hoax(s)…… were from the zerohedge article, which I noted……..
        Which ones do you not agree ,,,,,?

          Aug 13, 2022 13:01 PM

          I have to go back and look as I wrote that much earlier this morning.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:00 AM

    everything old is new again…we are failing to make personal individual progress and the corporations like that…the governments require that plus our personal de-evolution..lmao

      Aug 13, 2022 13:08 AM

      BROWN SHIRT RULES>…………… I would say…………

        Aug 13, 2022 13:28 AM

        If you want to make that analagy, I guess that you can!

    Aug 13, 2022 13:11 AM

    attorney Mark Levin, under the Constitution’s separation of powers, Congress, has no legitimacy even to hold a criminal investigation: that power belongs to the Judiciary……………..
    Sheeple better get a handle on the rules………………..

      Aug 13, 2022 13:02 AM

      Hi Jerry … Sadly, the sheeple only go along with the rules that do them the most harm. It would be very diffucult for them to turn off the TV , & put down their smart phones for a day , & think for themselves.
      Quick people run for your lives , the brown coats are coming for you. The sheeple reply, yeah wait a while thers only 20 minutes of the football match left to watch, then we will hide under the bed.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:25 AM

        Hide uner the bed like in the movie, “Taken”

        Aug 13, 2022 13:40 PM

        HEllo Irish………….. sheeple fail to think for themselves……. already proven, … every idiot wearing a mask proved it………. 🙂

          Aug 13, 2022 13:47 PM

          I wore the mask as to not spread the virus to those who were vulnerable. I do not regret this or consider myself stupid for doing so.
          I believe this showed I at least have the capacity to think about the well being of others.

            Aug 13, 2022 13:43 PM

            John….. In all the previous years did you wear a mask during the flu season, to protect the vulnerable ?
            If no , then you were fooled, just like the masses.

            Aug 13, 2022 13:48 PM

            Nobody fooled anybody.
            Ask my brother in law.
            Oh wait, he’s dead. 10 years younger than me.

            Aug 13, 2022 13:59 PM

            I certainly do not consider you to be stupid, John K.

            Aug 13, 2022 13:26 PM

            OK Tony, I was fooled. I followed Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity from the start.
            Covid was no flu.
            I watched my 83 year old step dad get vaccinated as well as my 85 year old mother in law and nothing happened to them.
            When I was in the U S Air Force, I received all kinds of shots. I never questioned what they were for.
            At my age I am not going to have any more kids.
            My doctor also wanted me to get the flu shot. I told her I never have had the flu shot and don’t plan on starting now.
            At that time, I knew what the flu was, I didn’t along with many other people did not understand what Covid was. At that point I relied on my Doctor. Right or wrong, I would do the same thing in that situation.

          Aug 13, 2022 13:53 PM

          I too wore a mask when I was thinking of others! Is that okay?

      Aug 13, 2022 13:27 AM

      Yes, it ultimately does OOTB!

    Aug 13, 2022 13:13 AM

    Obstruction: The Two-Receipt Search of the Former President’s Golf Resort

    On the warrant

      Aug 13, 2022 13:21 AM

      Interesting and thank you, AJ

    Aug 13, 2022 13:37 AM

    The Clinton paid-for Russian dosier and thr Russia-gate impeachment were Washington, D.C. centered investigations. Mar-A-Lago is in Florida.
    Does it strike you as strange that it is the same FBI officials involved in both ?

    Aug 13, 2022 13:31 AM
    Aug 13, 2022 13:49 AM

    Exactly……………. Following the Science.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:14 PM

      I don’t think that it is always about just following the money.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:53 AM

    Since you asked:
    What is my opinion about the Epstein suicide?
    You sleep in the bed you made

      Aug 13, 2022 13:13 PM

      So very true, Mr. John K!

    Aug 13, 2022 13:56 AM

    Following the money is the way of the world…..
    Since I am several miles away from the nearest phone line or TV cable line, Starlink was essentially my only choice for a usable internet.
    It works pretty well except in heavy rain.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:12 PM

      I was under the impression that you lived in Indiana. I was also uner the impression that Indiana had internet coverage.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:27 PM

        I moved from Indiana to California (Sonoma) about 4 years ago, but the politics and taxes were unacceptable.
        So I moved to Tennessee, in the countryside south-east of Nashville, just over a year ago.
        I certainly prefer the climate of California, but the taxes and politics of Tennessee are much better.

          Aug 13, 2022 13:27 PM

          Yep, Tennessee is one of several States if you’re 65 or over you don’t pay any property taxes or income taxes on your social security. As long as your income isn’t over a certain threshold. Oklahoma has a lot of advantages as well including a few others.

          Ha Ha …it pays to be an old timer.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:19 PM

    My point was that when Alex Acosta, then U S Atty for the Southern District of Florida gave J Epstein leniency when it was more than obvious that he was procuring minors for sex, orders came from above, that Epstein was above his pay grade.
    This came from Alberto Gonzalez.
    To say that G W Bush had no knowledge of this is like saying J Biden had no knowledge of M Garland’s raid on Mar A Lago.
    J McKinney makes it sound like the corruption started with the Biden administration. The corruption has been in place for some time.
    Much like the comment on Epstein, you play with snakes, your going to get bit.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:51 PM

      Hi John…. The corruption took off big time in 1913/4

      Aug 13, 2022 13:11 PM

      Yes, you more likely than not will get bit and very probably die! As Epstein did.

      Aug 15, 2022 15:43 AM

      No John, Corruption is endemic to all parties, and I never said otherwise – but the basic belief of conservative Republicans is less government is better, Progressive Democrats more government is better. There is only strength in numbers, so I will align with the group that thinks I should be responsible for myself – Republicans are more inclined to favor independence. But there are corrupt and power-hungry republicans too, I mention them all the time – you seem to not hear that. Too bad.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:23 PM

    Consider this

    Violence right now is breaking out across all Mexican bordering cities on the southern US border.

    Then, you have especially China and even Russia with major military assets and troops in South America.

    What could possibly go wrong ?

    Just proves, this is building into a real powder keg for the US to be invaded. Sometime in the not too distant future. Could be near-term or maybe within 6 years at the most.

    A slow-moving trainwreck, maybe … however be ready, this event is building and building and building.

    Invasion is one of the major protocols of judgment, because of a sin infested nation, practicing sexual immoral perversions.

    Comprendo or you no comprendo ?

      Aug 13, 2022 13:57 PM

      Sorry i dont understand what comprendo means… please explain.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:03 PM

      You compredo!

        Aug 13, 2022 13:04 PM

        Actually, yo comprendo

    Aug 13, 2022 13:29 PM

    The thing that astounds me even more:
    How could two people like J Biden and K Harris steal an election?
    These two can barely get the same color socks on in the morning.
    Jim McKinney is giving them way to much credit.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:52 PM

      Watch 2,000 mules.

      It took hundreds of people in key states.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:44 PM

        I actually did watch every bit of that movie.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:43 PM

        C’ mon man!

      Aug 13, 2022 13:02 PM
      Aug 13, 2022 13:02 PM

      John…. You silly boy , they did not steal it , it was stolen by “THOSE” who thought these two Muppets , would make good puppets…………………… Now You know.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:43 PM

        Irish, it doesn’t matter who is President. Everybody is bought and paid for.
        The U S has passed the point of no return in my opinion. Many times I have stated that the only thing that can help the U S now is divine intervention.
        We have reached the point where all debt based fiat countries end up in my opinion.
        I am amazed that things haven’t cratered already.
        James Grant wrote “The Trouble With Prosperity” The Loss of Fear, The Rise of Speculation & The Risk to American Savings. That pretty much sums it up.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:02 PM

      Oh, I don’t think so. I People who get to where they have deserve credit.

      Aug 15, 2022 15:47 AM

      So think about the logic of your argument John – if they are so pathetic how did they get elected? Because it had nothing to do with Biden or Harris, it was managed by very influential and financially powerful interests that coordinated efforts to get the two puppets you mention elected to do their bidding.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:36 PM

    The book today is Confessions of a D.C. Madam.
    The Politics of Sex, Lies and Blackmail- Henry W Vinson
    Only the small secrets need to be protected. The large ones are kept secret by public incredulity- Marshall McLuhan

    Aug 13, 2022 13:08 PM

    These people such as Epstein run in the same circles.
    In 2002 , a spokesman of Bill Clinton lauded Epstein as a “committed philanthropist. At the time Epstein was on the Board of Rockefeller University, a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations and was a major donor to Harvard University.
    In 2015, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Epstein invested in the startup “Homeland Security” rebranded as Carbyne in 2018. The start up was connected with Israel’s defense Industry. It was headed by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.
    Another of Epstein’s clients was Saudi Arabian Businessman Adnon Khashoggi who was the middleman in transferring American weapons from Israel to Iran, as part of the Iran-Contra affair.
    Adnon Khashoggi was also the founder of the Saudi CIA.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:28 PM

    Mueller corruption in the FBI was exposed By Sibel Edmunds. She was ultimately blacklisted . She started her own news organization called Newsbud.

    In April 2004, Edmonds claimed she had provided information to the panel investigating the September 11 attacks in February that year. Although she started work shortly after 9/11 and worked for just over six months, she claimed knowledge of information circulating within the FBI during spring and summer of 2001. The session was closed and over three hours long, she said. Reportedly, she told the commission that the FBI knew of a planned attack months away and the terrorists were in place. She stated, “There was general information about the time-frame, about methods to be used but not specifically about how they would be used and about people being in place and who was ordering these sorts of terror attacks. There were other cities that were mentioned. Major cities with skyscrapers.”[13] On the 26th, a deposition of Edmonds was quashed under the states secret priviledge.
    On May 13, 2004, Ashcroft submitted statements to justify the use of the state secrets privilege against the planned deposition by Edmonds,[21] and the same day, the FBI retroactively classified as Top Secret all of the material and statements that had been provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2002 relating to Edmonds’s own lawsuit, as well as the letters that had been sent by the Senators and republished by the Project on Government Oversight.[22]

    Aug 13, 2022 13:47 PM

    Tyranny comes in the form of the States Secret Priviledge, a foolproof mechanism of the Federal Government to hide Executive branch corruption, incompetence, and illegal activity. This is a practice more at home with czars and naobbs, and should have no place in the United States.- Professor William Weaver, University of Texas.
    Classified Woman- The Sibel Edmunds Story.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:45 PM

      No John, it should have no place in America.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:54 PM

    Liscensed to Lie.
    Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice-Sidney Powell
    Prosecutors are subjected to a variety of powerful incentives that serve to reward zealous advocacy:
    the gratitude of victims, favorable media coverage, career promotions, appointment to judgeships, and the allure of high Political office.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:02 PM

    Farmers around the world

      Aug 13, 2022 13:13 PM

      The people around the World are rising up & pushing back against the WEF/DAVOS crowd.
      “THEY” got too greedy. “THEY” took too much, too quickley,from too many, “THEY” cocked-up. The people ARE awakeing. And are pushing back. Expect to see civil war break out all over the globe.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:24 PM

        Swap the word I , for the word WE & you have the Anthem of the WEF/DAVOS CROOKS.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:39 PM

        Interestingly enough I am hearing more and more about that Irish!

          Aug 13, 2022 13:02 PM

          I agree as well. Two days ago I posted that people would not voluntarily wake up and change until forced to do so. Change will come when families have nothing to eat.
          Looks like we could be getting closer every day to that change.
          I watched a Documentary on the fisherman in Belieze and the stress they were under as well due to high fuel prices and a depleting resource.
          If you just watch the stock market/ U S Treasury market, you would not have any hint as to what is really happening in the world.
          Good catch Tony.

            Aug 13, 2022 13:03 PM

            But I’m sure the fact that our ruler’s minions have discovered 72 genders will be of great consolation to them.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:01 PM

    Nobody helped me’: Austria shaken by suicide of doctor trolled by anti-vaccine haters

      Aug 13, 2022 13:27 PM

      Hi AJ….. How much do you get paid to post crap ? If it’s a a lot i might change my spots & join you. Were do i sign up?.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:13 PM

        Not sure he’s a real person…probably a bot.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:51 PM

    This is what you get, when Garland sends the FBI in to raid Melania’s closet.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:44 PM

    A small ethnic group own America. In the UK if you speak out against this group , you will be labeled Anti *******, & could end up in prison. Even JESUS did not like them. This is why we get this.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:50 PM

    Tedros needs your help, boys…they’re gonna re-name the Monkeypox…any suggestions…a lot of good one in the comments of that article…

    Maybe the Faucipox…Clintonpox…Epsteinpox???

    I’m sure you boys have some ideas…

    Aug 13, 2022 13:52 PM

    Nothing to see here, boys…so just move along now…especially you boys who took the clot shots…although…you can’t square that database…no denying it…

      Aug 13, 2022 13:08 PM

      Wouldn’t surprise me if she gets a big fat demotion or more likely dishonorably discharged or court martialed.

        Aug 13, 2022 13:42 PM

        Dr. Long was very careful with her words. I do not see her being penalised.
        e.g. She recommended Ivermectin without specifically recommending it.

      Aug 13, 2022 13:12 PM

      Hah! And Greg asked about Lord Austin and General Milly Vanilli!

      Aug 13, 2022 13:26 PM

      It is becoming increasingly clear that the spike proteins, FOR ABOUT 25% of the population, damage the natural (INNATE) immune system.
      i.e. part of the immune system is damaged.
      According to Medcram doctors, it is the innate immune system that suppresses cancer growth.

      The mRNA vaccine creates spike proteins, supposedly to train the immune system…..what a dumb idea!

    Aug 13, 2022 13:53 PM

    Tedrospox…that’s for my post that disappeared…you boys will understand if it ever shows up…

      Aug 13, 2022 13:10 PM

      Hah! Buttigieg Bumps?

        Aug 13, 2022 13:28 PM

        And Soros Sores! But I would also add Soros Sorrows…

          Aug 13, 2022 13:32 PM

          Hah! Fauci Fungus!

            Aug 13, 2022 13:33 PM

            How about Walensky Welts?

            Aug 13, 2022 13:35 PM

            And of course Birx Bumps…

            Aug 13, 2022 13:36 PM


    Aug 13, 2022 13:47 PM

    Well boys, look on the bright side…when the Fauci Juice comes out for the Monkeypox maybe they will let you take it on the rocks instead of getting it injected…and maybe they will give you a whisky chaser…

    Aug 13, 2022 13:34 PM

    The mutual S. Pscific defense pact seems at risk.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:56 PM

    J McKinney talked about the price General Flynn paid. Here is an excellent video explaining Special Counsel R Mueller’s conflict of interest in pursuing General Michael Flynn’s case due to his direct involvement as former FBI Director and his role in covering up and protecting Radical Islamist Cleric Fethullah Gulen and his criminal operations within the United States.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:03 PM

    I never did believe in The Mask Freak Show. In the beginning, they were very serious about wearing a mask in all the stores etc. When everybody started to catch on to what a gimmick/fraud it was, it was much easier just to walk into the store with no mask. LOL I was very cooperative in the very beginning like I stated above however I had a lot of push back from some store employees. I just ignored them and some of them got a little bit aggressive, I just said what are you going to do about it ? LOL this only happened a several times however it was pretty funny. No one ever bothered me about it and if they did, what are they going to do ?
    Can do nothing. Threaten to call the cops too. LOL

    Aug 13, 2022 13:06 PM

    Many of the materials used in electric vehicles come from the D.R.C…..the Congo.

    Did you know the U.N. reports there are 42,000 children working in those mines?

    I guess biden does not know.

      Aug 14, 2022 14:23 AM

      You’re guessing? That’s what Sleepy Joe does most of the time, even on his best days.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:21 PM

    A short one minute clip of the Old America. If you’re normal, you might get a chuckle out of it. Maybe….

    Every kind of perversion is now considered normal. And well accepted. An art piece, with two men and no clothes on, riding a horse, is now popular. Everything goes 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
    The New America. It’s total H.S.

    Aug 13, 2022 13:50 PM

    Fox News
    The FBI seized boxes containing records covered by attorney-client privilege and potentially executive privilege during its raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News, adding that the Justice Department opposed Trump lawyers’ request for the appointment of an independent, special master to review the records.
    Sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News Saturday that the former president’s team was informed that boxes labeled A-14, A-26, A-43, A-13, A-33, and a set of documents—all seen on the final page of the FBI’s property receipt —contained information covered by attorney-client privilege.
    The FBI seized classified records from Trump’s Palm Beach home during its unprecedented Monday morning raid, including some marked as top secret. But the former president is disputing the classification, saying the records have been declassified.

    niden’s justice department may think they can pick a biased judge and make Trump a Felon.

    But I cannot see the Supreme Court allowing such flagrant abuse being allowed to stand.

    Aug 14, 2022 14:56 AM

    fishing trip
    smelling fishy

    Aug 14, 2022 14:32 AM

    Donald Trump is hopeless against the deep state who has trillions of dollars behind them LOL Trump is worth maybe 6 billion I believe if he’s lucky and that’s paltry against fighting the deep state. However, I explained this to everyone before he was elected and they just kept believing in Donald Trump.

    Trump’s priorities are with his own image and wealth. Impressing everyone around him including his own family. That’s all his interested in and he would love to be the richest person in the world.

      Aug 14, 2022 14:46 AM

      Addendum to the above message

      That’s why he wants to be president of the United States. He realizes he’ll never be up there with the wealthiest.
      As president of the United States, he’s has all the clout, power and major popularity to feed that ego LOL That’s good enough.

      Aug 14, 2022 14:29 PM

      Trump KNOWS he will never be the richest person in the US or the world.

      Do you, HG, hate him that much.

      I personally believe his policies much superior to Biden’s.
      WE need fewer regularions, but enforcement of immigration and monopoly laws.

        Aug 14, 2022 14:52 PM

        No, CFS. Why would you say such a thing. I do not hate Trump at all however there’s a false hope that’s being propagated and it’s never going to come to fruition or reality.

        Although, he’s much better than Biden but he’s not the answer like the Trump supporters believe. He will fix nothing.

        Things will only get worse and possibly even much more severe under Trump.

          Aug 14, 2022 14:12 PM

          Biden: Raising taxes will cut inflation.

          CFS: Sure, by destroying the economy

          Trump lowered taxes.

          Aug 14, 2022 14:15 PM

          Trump made us oil independent.

          Biden killed oil production.

            Aug 14, 2022 14:37 PM

            That’s why I said, that Trump is much better than Biden.

            The treasonous politicians were never purged. How are you going to turn a nation around unless you get rid of the corruption. It’s just a cesspool of treasonous politicians.

            Sure Biden is much worse. No argument there.

            Trump’s been responsible for a lot of inflation because food price increases started when Trump took office. Trump suggested that Powell should reduce interest rates to zero there was no inflation at all. Look, there’s no inflation.

            Trump had a lot of funny money policies on steroids. No inflation huh !
            Everything started to go up when Trump took office. LOL

            Aug 14, 2022 14:14 PM

            Who would benefit enormously with zero interest rates, TRUMP.

            Real estate

            The average person, doesn’t benefit at all. In the poor house with the cost of living and everything else.

            It’s all about Trump. That’s guaranteed

      Aug 15, 2022 15:00 AM

      The mistake so many make – it’s not a Trump cult, it’s a patriotic American uprising against all the BS you guys complain about. Trump is willing to fight it.

      Some Christians sit around and pray for deliverance, as do I. But the bible is not against fighting for what’s right or your life. And when the fight is on, you don’t hire a priest, you hire a gunslinger. Not many out there.

      Trump is one hell of a thorn in the deep state’s side – show me a better fighter, with more confidence, support and guts, and I’ll support them.

        Aug 15, 2022 15:51 AM

        Very true Jim and I agree it’s really sad that Trump is the best choice. Trump is all lip service. LOL although the fact is, that’s what we’re down to “”Trump.””

        YOU SAY GUTS, JIM. Gutless promises

        Trump’s “Drain the Swamp” Promise Was a Load of Hot Garbage … President Donald Trump addresses a National Day of Prayer event further making promises to drain the swamp.

        1. He has packed his administration with former lobbyists and corporate executives. He has installed a former Boeing executive to run the Defense Department; a former pharmaceutical lobbyist to run the Department of Health and Human Services; a former coal lobbyist to run the Environmental Protection Agency, and a former oil lobbyist to run the Department of the Interior. In total, more than 300 lobbyists now work in the Trump administration – many in key positions overseeing the industries they used to lobby for.

        2. He and his family are personally profiting from the presidency. Despite Trump’s promise he’d sever all ties with his existing businesses and place all assets in a “blind” trust to eliminate any conflicts of interest, documents show Trump remains the sole beneficiary of his trust and still retains the legal power to revoke the trust at any time. Meanwhile, foreign dignitaries have flooded Trump’s hotels, lining his pockets in clear violation of the Constitution. He even attempted to host the G-7 at his own luxury golf course until he was forced to back down.

        3. He is catering to billionaires and corporations at the expense of the American people. In the fall of 2017, mega-donors shelled out more than $31 million in political contributions to Trump and Republicans. And in return, they got a massive $2 trillion tax cut. Not a bad return on investment. As Trump told his wealthy friends at Mar-a-Lago just days after the tax bill became law, “You all just got a lot richer.”

        Before Trump was even president, he stiffed all his investors in the casino business. Promised big returns, and they were completely wiped out.

        Another load of hot garbage was Trump’s pitching the Fed to lower interest rates to zero. Insisting and claiming there’s there’s no inflation.


        Trump was busy building bubble assets in the stock market and boasting and bragging every day about it.

        INSTEAD JIM… of being more conscientious and focused on our moral values, all he did was focus on destroying our moral fabric with materialistic lifestyles would cure our nations problems.

        WRONG JIM… dead dead wrong. If the citizens and our people don’t get busy getting right with God and put an end to all this sexual immoral perversions.


        Many professing Christians just claim to be Christians however they have no love for the truth, God’s Holy Word.

        NO, GOD IS TRUE AND MAN IS THE LIAR. Romans 3:4

        Psalms 9:17 a nation that forgets about God is turned into hell.

        Here we are and it’s just going to get so bad that it’s going to become a desolate and depopulated nation. Unless things change spiritually. Regretfully, it’s only getting progressively worse

    Aug 14, 2022 14:39 PM

    Planned Parenthood now switching to do-it-yourself abortions by mail.

      Aug 14, 2022 14:01 PM

      Sounds like nothing’s changed, they just rearranged everything to accommodate abortions and find loopholes in the laws. The public are against stopping abortions for the most part and further proves the immoral condition of society.

      Whose responsible, it’s the false Christian teachers who destroyed our society and world through ignoring sin and judgment. That’s what God’s Holy Word teaches.👉 All the books in the Bible are just filled with condemning sin and judgment. The false Christian teachers are completely contrary to the Word of God.

      THEY’VE DESTROYED OUR ENTIRE WORLD. These false Christian teachers their deeds are completely wicked including those that keep company with them. Should have absolutely no communications with them whatsoever. These are very dangerous people. For many reasons and also you’re inviting seducing demonic spirits and demons in your life. They plan on washing your brains. That’s their goal, to lead you straight to the gates of hell

    Aug 14, 2022 14:47 PM

    In the case of Alec Baldwin, one of the figureheads and responsible party on the movie set. How can the responsible party on the movie set account for recklessly and carelessly not checking the gun himself before he would have pulled the trigger. After all, you’re handling a fire arm and then you’re going to point at someone and pull the trigger. Law enforcement said he did pull the trigger recently through their forensics. Of course he did, who else did it.

    Alec Baldwin was completely negligent as the responsible party on the set. Someone lost their life because his negligence. Stupidity of law enforcement and he still hasn’t been charged. Cost someone their life and totally negligent and he should be charged with third degree murder.

    Aug 14, 2022 14:25 PM

    The only individuals that I consider vermin of the earth are those that are false Christians, that teach wrongfully completely responsible including main contributors to destroying our world right now. They use deceitful tactics eliminating the holiness and righteousness that Christians are called to be throughout scriptures and every book of God’s Holy Word. Sorting out and cherry picking scriptures refusing to condemn sin and eliminating everything else to lead people on the broad path that leads to eternal shame and condemnation.

    Those that associate with these false Christians who teach wrongfully are accomplices, further assisting and destroying our world around us. Answer : Need to disassociate with these vermin of the earth who are destroying our world around us.

    Otherwise, you’re just being played as a fool. And…. a fool you are.

    Aug 14, 2022 14:21 PM

    Biden somehow believes Al Gore….and global warming dependent on CO2.

    Atmospheric CO2 concentration has NEVER correlated with global temperature, so how is that possible?

    Aug 14, 2022 14:52 PM

    I’m depressed.

    Theories of conciousness receive a knock-out blow.

      Aug 14, 2022 14:05 PM

      Antidepressants do not work long term. They actually make matters much worse and cause patients to commit suicide. The stupido physicians are prescribing toxic poison. Also causes, heart failure, strokes and all kinds of health problems.

      Fast food is a cause of depression has a lot of chemicals and sodium that just does not help, actually assists in causing depression.There’s much more on this subject.

      Aug 15, 2022 15:04 AM

      moron..only 25 years behind the curve on serotonin…he teaches…of course…lmao……..his ramblings on covid were constantly lagging the leaders info…he is a system stooge firstly…an arbiter of truth only if it is required to maintain some semblance of honesty and relevancy…looser system shill

    Aug 14, 2022 14:14 PM

    step by step expose’ regarding post jab random complication….guillian barr disorder…medical cartel accuse patient of psychological issues…as per doc freda expertise to step into the theater and absorb the dumped destroyed patient…sad

      Aug 14, 2022 14:22 PM

      They have to find someone else to point the finger at. That being you LOL or someone else’s fault that leads you down a rabbit trail and leads to nowhere. A vicious circle. Inducing nervous breakdowns for those that fall prey to these goons.

      Just business as usual in many professions. LOL

    Aug 14, 2022 14:17 PM
    Aug 14, 2022 14:36 PM

    Sometime in October I expect a biden executive order giving illegals the right to vote.

      Aug 15, 2022 15:14 AM

      I still think Biden won’t last that long, but I didn’t think it possible to win the nomination, win the election or survive 6 months in office – so maybe he’ll be relected to two more terms. ‘Weekend and Bernie’s, oops, I mean Biden’s”

    Aug 14, 2022 14:50 PM

    Here’s a clip with major violence that’s taking place right here and now on our Southern border in Mexican cities.

    China and especially China with Russia will trounce on our southern border. A complete catastrophe for all of us of monumental proportions. Everyone will panic when that happens. It’s’ going to be complete chaos and mayhem. This whole nation will turn into a war zone. Citizens will panic everywhere.

    That’s precisely what’s coming too. It’s ugly and then you have the buffoons out there that are going to criticize everything that’s transpiring right under our noses. Everyone’s on something too. Judgment is completely misplaced and it’s a pot smoking nation. You can blame the false Christian teachers too. These wolves and the vermin false Christian teachers of this earth led our whole nation down to the immoral sewer hole as I explained in my previous messages. These vermin false Christian teachers are completely responsible and the main reason everything’s going to be destroyed including major loss of life. Our way of life has been destroyed because of these vermin false Christian teachers.

    Aug 15, 2022 15:53 AM

    the expose’ posted 5 above by me on sunday…if anyone witnessed that exposure of the medical game…you grasp the war against your health in cinemax big screen… first,F you up….second,deny that our medical geniuses caused it…third, blame it on your sudden onset psychologic collapse…the psychologists become calm sage weapons against the person destroyed…how do you like that?…over and over millions of medical cases a year….the medicos are perfect but the patients are deficient…it is a monopoly….got deep pockets for an attorney?

    Aug 15, 2022 15:15 AM


    My message was posted and removed last night.

    Discussing the border situation and cities along the Mexican border on that on their side, is breaking out into major violence. Was referring to all the consequences this could have in the future. It opens the border up for an invasion by especially the Chinese and I had links in there and everything.

    Including primarily, who’s responsible as well.

    WHO WOULD CENSOR A POST LIKE THIS. Silencing the truth.

      Aug 15, 2022 15:37 PM

      Addendum to the above message

      Please ignore my message above.

      Thank you, everything has been corrected and the message was posted several messages above

    Aug 15, 2022 15:33 AM

    health ranger exhibiting exceptional clarity of thought as per usual…

    Aug 15, 2022 15:43 PM

    Manic Street Preachers ….. We Live In Orwellian Times …. A nice touch with the use of barcodes.

    Aug 15, 2022 15:45 PM

    Why the raid on Mar-A-Lago ?

    Trump had collected all the proof and papers proving, as we know, that his impeachments were totally unjustified Democrat conspiracies…..e.g. Hillary bought and paid for the Russian Dosier, WITH the HELP of DoJ (Obama) officials. AND TRUMP WAS ABOUT TO PRESENT ALL THE FACTS TO THE UBLIC. (All classified secret document were DECLASSIFIED before he left the White House.)
    The purpose of the raid was to take away the evidence BEFORE Trump could use it just before the November election.