Novo Resources – Exploration Overview Now That Drilling Has Started At Purdy’s North and A Capital Update

August 18, 2022

Mike Spreadborough, Executive Co-Chairman and acting CEO at Novo Resources (TSX.V:NVO – OTCQB:NSRPF) joins me for an update focused mostly on the exploration underway and also touching on financial news over the past month.


Starting on the exploration front I have Mike outline the overall strategy and focus for the Company. Drilling has just started at gold and nickle-copper targets at the Purdy’s North Project. Mike breaks down the different targets in terms of potential and related to other discoveries close by. We also discuss the Fresh ore targets with the goals of putting those in production.


On the financial front the Company recently sold the final tranche of the New Found Gold shares and paid off the Sprott credit facility to go debt free.


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