Cartier Resources – A Dive Into The 25,000 Meter Drill Program On The Now Combined Chimo Mine Property

August 23, 2022

Philippe Cloutier, President and CEO of Cartier Resources (TSAX.V:ECR – OTC:ECRFF) joins us to highlight the 25,000 meter drill program that commenced last week at the Chimo Mine Property. This is the newly combined Chimo Mine Property which includes the recent acquisition of the Nordeau West deposit (from O3 Mining).


We have Philippe outline the overall goals of the program, which is mostly focused on growing the combined 2.2million ounce gold resource. We also focus on the major targets being drilled, which can be seen in Figure 1 below. Upcoming is also an updated resource and PEA. 


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Figure 1 from the August 16th news release.

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    Aug 23, 2022 23:31 AM

    There are a ton of very important potential MA crosses that are set to occur in 2023, with many of them set to occur in the spring of ’23, including XAU:gold’s cross of its 200 and 600 WMA (last time that happened was almost 30 years ago!), the HUI’s cross of its 200 and 600 WMA, and silver’s cross of its 200 and 600 WMA.

    In a truly bullish case, I would expect prices to pop up above the 200 WMA prior to the crosses occuring.
    In any event, 2023 is set to be a very important, historic year for the PM complex.

    I say “potential” because its possible a 2008-09 type crash could prevent those crosses from happening.