We opinine on Debt Reduction and the effectiveness of Jabs.

Big Al
August 24, 2022
Depress play symbol to listen
Speaker Pelosi said that only Congress can gorgie debt. How about them apples?
    Aug 24, 2022 24:41 AM

    Hey larry………. this is for you and from usawatchdog…………
    Dr. Eads says, “You are talking about billions of dollars, and they are not going to be able to afford to pay out all these claims. . . .It’s going to bankrupt Big Pharma, and Big Pharma will end up collapsing. Hospitals will also end up collapsing because they were complicit in death by ventilators and remdesivir. Mass medical bankruptcies are coming 100%. This is going to be the collapse of the Rockefeller medical industry.”

    Every time you get a shot, you lose more of your immune system. You lose 30% after the first shot, 60% to 70% after the second shot, 80% or more after the third shot, and you lose 100% of your immune system after the 4th shot. You also have the propensity to develop vaccine induced aids.”

      Aug 24, 2022 24:48 AM

      I have seen it reported that every vaccine shot actually reduces immunity TO OTHER DISEASES by 30% each time.
      I believe this to be reporting by a relatively unscientific (humanities-type) reporter.
      First there are two distinct parts to immunity:
      1. Innate immunity.
      2. Stimulated immunity.
      I do believe the vaccine (or more specifically, the spike proteins therein) damage the innate immune system.
      I do believe the vaccine enhances the stimulated immune system to produce antibodies which tend to decay over time.

        Aug 24, 2022 24:35 PM

        anyway you cut it…………….. shots are BAD……….. your immune system ……. with Vit D and Zinc….. was enough to keep FAKE COVID at bay……… in a healthy person………..
        Anyone that got the shots, was told a lie……..

      Aug 24, 2022 24:57 AM

      The Constitution does actually say all spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives.

      As far as I can understand……Nowhere mentions the legitimacy of an “Executive Order”

    Aug 24, 2022 24:01 AM

    I saw that Jerry…posted it prior…I enjoy my position here at ker…al does not recognize my input because he does not get things in a meaningful timely fashion…like on every issue…literally years and years behind a realization trigger…i find it amusing….lmao

      Aug 24, 2022 24:50 AM

      You should talk Larry. A lot of your comments are asinine. Regarding the Internal Revenue Service you don’t know nothing about it your just shooting your mouth off. Then, you tell me traders are going to be taxed 1% on every trade on 2023 that was another misleading hot load of trash comment. How about your hero Bill Holter that’s been predicting 50,000 gold for the last 10 years. Matterhorn Asset Management sells gold and you’re going to listening to their hot load of how gold’s going to perform, they’ve been doing this for years.

      You don’t understand false teaching either and that takes a very dysfunctional person to ignore the consequences to our society and of course the ones being led to eternal punishment.

      How do you account for your high education you still can’t understand scripture ?

      All you do is play stupid Larry. Narcissistic characteristics and you are crafty with your tactics I’ve noticed. Always trying to engage me for the wrong reasons and hoping I’m going to trip over my shoelaces. LOL

        Aug 24, 2022 24:57 AM


          Aug 24, 2022 24:01 PM

          LOL, you are dysfunctional.

          And you know what you can do with your disinformation and hot loads of garbage🗑️

            Aug 25, 2022 25:27 PM

            That’s hilarious, Larry likes to dish it out however he can’t take his own medicine. LOL

            There’s much more than the comments I posted above regarding a lot of deceitful tactics he failed to be successful on and looking for supply 👉(enjoy disparaging others) narcissistic personalities. These tactics are real crafty too. It’s all a set up and then they pull the rug out thinking that they’re your friend. LOL

            There’s plenty of incidents. Larry knows what they and he’s well aware.

            Another tactic, he loves to play stupid. LOL

            Your supply was cut off Larry. Caught on to you a long long time ago.

            You’re just a highly educated dysfunctional deadbeat. Playing games however not everyone’s playing your game. LOL

        Aug 24, 2022 24:58 AM

        Oh S**T …. here we go again !!!!!

          Aug 24, 2022 24:06 PM

          Stay out of it, because that’s what you got for brains

            Aug 24, 2022 24:58 PM

            OK BOSS.

            Aug 24, 2022 24:26 PM

            That be BOSS HOG……………… lol

    Aug 24, 2022 24:12 AM

    Praise Joe Biden for Vaccine effectiveness ! And Blame Donald Trump for Vaccine Injuries ! Keep Jabbing To keep the Vaccine stocks Up ! The population of the western world is Insane ! Jimmy Vaccines Injuries are offer the ( TOP ) And diss winter you will see A explosion in Deatd and injuries !

      Aug 24, 2022 24:16 AM

      Well put………. Franky

      Aug 24, 2022 24:52 AM

      Bade-way Jimmy Russia is starting A offensive in Ukraine ( Nikolaev ) Ukraine Forces push back from Donetsk ! And NATO will pay $3B to MIC poland to dismantle Nord Stream 2 !

        Aug 25, 2022 25:34 AM

        Russia is sending missiles out of desperation and to induce fear, but militarily useless – after the Dugin assignation attempt – I wouldn’t count out FSB actually killing Dugin’s daughter to inflame the public – but Russia is still in a quagmire. And we are nowhere near October.

    Aug 24, 2022 24:37 AM

    I believe the chemistry and cell dynamics of SARS CoV-II are NOW WELL UNDERSTOOD.

    To my best understanding the vaccines have TWO SEPARATE and distinct actions.
    Part of the action parallels the actions of other vaccines, in stimulating an antibody response which enhances the learned immunity response. The increased immunity lasts 3-6 months.
    (It has not yet been determined whether this drop off is due to antibody decay rates or from mutation of the virus with time, making the antibodies no longer relevant.)

    The second reaction of the body to the vaccines (Due to the spike proteins) is a SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION OF THE INNATE IMMUNITY of a person. i.e. the inate immune system of the body FAILS TO RECOGNIZE ALIEN CELLS and eliminate them.
    IT IS THIS LATTER PROPERTY of the Chinese manufactured bioweapon THAT REALLY SCARES THE CHINESE.
    It is this latter property (A significant reduction of innate immunity) that has the potential to permit the development of long-term cancers, etc.
    The Chinese clearly know more about their lab-made bioweapon than do Western doctors, and it is the Chinese EXTREME REACTION TO ISOLATE SICK PEOPLE that really scares me.

    I believe, the CCP reacts and isolates covid-19 infected people with EXTREME MEASURES because the CCP believes there are DISASTROUS POTENTIAL LONG-TERM SIDE EFFECTS of the virus.
    It has been multiply reported that the CCP is quite prepared to KILL (by starvation) all occupants of a building rather than have the disease spread.
    The entrances to several apartment buildings in Wuhan were welded shut.
    Streets in Wuhan were patrolled and sprayed dailly with chemical disinfectants.
    This is now happening in Shanghai. (China would not be doing this unless they knew something we do not)

    Aug 24, 2022 24:19 PM

    UK Statistics on Myocarditis and pericarditis (majority young males) DUE TO VACCINES are coming at about 0.3% for twice vaccinated young males.
    While not very high, since they are incurable and since 50% typically die within 5 years of diagnosis, this is a concern.

    Aug 24, 2022 24:10 PM

    Greg Hunter discusses FAUCI lies with Dr. Eads:

    CROOK FAUCI>>>>>>> punishment will come.

    Aug 24, 2022 24:12 PM

    UK Heart problems due to vaccines:

    Aug 24, 2022 24:24 PM

    Certain MEMBERS of CONGRESS KNEW about toxicity of covid vaccines:

    I, CFS, believe certain leaders in Congress are deliberately choosing to KILL MEMBERS of the U.S. POPULATION, by mandating covid vaccines.
    I’m guessing this is their way of reducing the problem of the lack of funding social security.

    Aug 24, 2022 24:28 PM

    What A F**king Rip – Off , of taxpayers money. European & American tax payers are getting F**KING SHAFTED ……………… This is what the CLOWN BORIS Just Said…. We the stupid public are funding a proxy war against Russia……………. F**K these BASTARDS.

      Aug 24, 2022 24:50 PM

      yupper Tony, look around at how much the U.S. alone has sent. Numbers are all over the place, which to me means their not keeping accuate records. 60 billion was the most recent number I read.
      750-775 million more approved. Thats just the states.

      Russia is crushing the west, both economically and militarily, the casualties Russia is inflicting are mind boggling.

      At least the arms manufacturers are getting richer.

        Aug 24, 2022 24:02 PM

        southfront……………. It’s always about the bankers/ the mic/ &money. & we the tax paying suckers , pay for it all.

        Aug 25, 2022 25:37 AM

        Check your sources on casualties, Russia is destroying lots of buildings, leveling communities, killing innocent people – but their military losses are 3x higher than they are inflicting on Ukraine at almost any estimate but the Kremlins.

          Aug 25, 2022 25:37 AM

          Pumping opinions like that helps to prolong the war.

          Every day that war goes on weakens us, only great for the arms manufactures.

          Ukraine needs to negotiate a surrender, the sooner the better, before the point Russia simply dictates terms.

          Does the west realise yet what the consequences of this war will be?
          Being lead by incompetence I doubt they do.

          We gonna go to the old school of hard knocks.

            Aug 25, 2022 25:49 AM

            Maybe Russia needs to stop killing innocent people for power and control?

            Aug 25, 2022 25:36 AM

            Your believing the people that told you there were wmd in Iraq, was it the Iraqis or someone else that was throwing babies out of incubaters?

            Standard procedure to claim your enemy is evil.

            The fact is, Russia has/is doing everything they can to avoid civilian casualties.

            Was Marupal flattened, you bet, maybe the Azovs shouldnt have been hiding amungst civilians.
            Standard procedure for Ukrainina troops to hide behind civilians.

            Why do you think Russia is moving so slowly?

            Watch films of what the americans did in Iraq, THAT is flattening a city without concern of civilians.

            There is a dif and it can be seen if you watch.

            Just for fun look at the map of the front line, imagine the position the Russians have the Ukrainins in.
            The Russians have no timeline for progress.
            That map explains why the Ukrainians are suffering HUGE casualties.

            Zelensky: Ukrainian army suffering up to 700 casualties daily KYIV POST, thats a Ukrainian source not from the Kremlin.

            Aug 26, 2022 26:08 AM

            I repeat, what is the Russian objective? Kill as many Ukrainians as possible, beat them into submission?? Dude, I was in the middle east, I was in crapistan – you have no idea how much effort went into avoiding casualties, to the loss of American lives. We are not Russia — know it alls who think we are the same ought to learn some history.
            And maybe you out to read the 1996 UN report and Iraqi declarations on WMD – you might learn something:

            Aug 26, 2022 26:26 PM

            Amazing, Jim “I repeat, what is the Russian objective?”
            Russia has made that painfully clear for years.

            No offence, but if you understood what this is all about you would know that.
            You would have heard and listened to what Putin was saying repeatedly.

            Unfortunatley, Russia was ignored.

            As for americans avoiding civilian casualties, honustly, I dont know how a person would have to look at that to believe that.

            In any case, we all have our view points which really mean nothing, the neocons will decide what happens.

    Aug 24, 2022 24:07 PM

    Ukraine is really corrupt, the Bidens had some dealings there. It wouldnt surprise me if the Bidens were capitalizing on the money being sent.
    Apperantly alot of the weapons sent end up on the black market.
    Ive read numbers of as much as 70% not reaching the front lines.
    That would include the Russians preventing them as well tho.
    Still, thats alot sold.

    Aug 24, 2022 24:32 PM

    It’s all in the translation…..

    Let me teach you the right way to pronounce Bjdenese.

    Aug 25, 2022 25:11 AM

    Mr. McKinney

    Next time, keep your false accusations to yourself. You have absolutely no business in my affairs defending the Word of God. Not only that, you caused more discord because you’re not well studied and approved. 2 Timothy 2:15. All my actions are scripturally based. 1 Corinthians 2:15 ( I am judged by no man) in God’s eyes because I’m using scripture, not my own philosophies. John 7:24 (judge righteous judgment)

    Righteous anger, Ephesians 4:26. A false Christian teacher whoever that might be, is leading others to eternal punishment hellfire forever through changing the truth of God into a lie. Whatever dishonest tactics are being used and there’s many of them. I’m very familiar with all of them because I have been defending the Word of God for many many years.

    Titus 1:13 & 2Timothy 4:2 I’m obligated to defend the Word of God.


    Especially when someones harassing me with their lies and molesting me with deceitful tactics leading me on the broad path including anyone else to eternal punishment.

    Not only that, destroying the moral fabric of our society. This is the main contributor to all the corruption and the problems that were experiencing today.

    Also, Mr McKinney I didn’t consider the debate with you regarding Trump was such a problem. As I stated above, those are very serious matters.

    Regardless, if you’re going to engage me on any subject matter, please be certain you’re well educated and informed. In the case of Trump, your knowledge was very limited. Trump is not a Christian, at least by all spiritual standards. Just a professing Christian who again is a tare, a false Christian. Scriptures prove it.

    Christians claim they’re following in God’s footsteps although they don’t read the Word of God. Completely a lie and it’s impossible. Again, these are tares. No love for the truth and this equates for no love for God.

    Read the parable of the wheat and the tares. The tares, the false Christians are condemned to eternal punishment and shame forever.

    Romans 3:4 let God be true and every man is the liar.

    (Or perish and suffer shame and condemnation forever)

      Aug 25, 2022 25:42 AM

      HG, you should take a breath. Everybody has a right to their opinion, and to their faith – your interpretation is not the only answer. If I suffer the consequences, so be it.

      That is between me and God.

        Aug 25, 2022 25:01 AM

        Mr McKinney,

        Stop, it’s not my interpretation, you just can’t acknowledge scripture.

        You can’t read ? You don’t want to read because you’re contrary to the Word of God. The truth offends you.

        Take a breath, what kind of remark is that when someone’s leading me to eternal punishment through lies. Harassing me daily. None of that bothers you and leading others too, to hellfire.

        My message above those are God’s Words, those are not my interpretations.

        Now Mr McKinney, I fully understand and your message is very clear.

        You too, are contrary to the Word of God. You’re offended by the truth and you can’t endure sound doctrine that’s all in scripture, look it up. It’s no wonder you defend the false teacher. You’re the same breed.

        May God open your eyes and speak to your heart before it’s too late.

        That’s just it, God doesn’t send anyone to hell, we send ourselves there for disobedience. Refusing to listen. Lord Jesus is supposed to be the Lord in our lives. Professing Christians don’t see it that way. They want to do it their way and that leads to eternal punishment and that’s also in scripture.

          Aug 25, 2022 25:46 AM

          Who wrote scripture, HG? When was it written? How much did Jesus write to spread his word? You have all the truth? Oh no, but scripture does – though every human being interprets scripture differently, or do we all see it exactly the same? Genisis? Revelations? Seems you are missing some simple points that Jesus presented to the world, and these, Matthew 7: 1-6, James 2:13, Romans 14:12,13. Let us have our peace. grant us the freedom to interpret our faith ourselves. I will never pretend to understand all, or know God’s will or his plan.

          Trump is not our savior, and he is not a teacher. But we must unify in a fight for our right to think and believe as we wish, or those rights will die. I support those that take action to protect the rights God granted me at birth. The government does not grant me those rights, but our Constitution guarantees them in ” A republic, if you can keep it.” I will fight to keep it. And I believe in redemption, and forgiveness.

          How about you, who do you support to protect faith in a secular world? Or will you just pray for deliverance? Who will save the innocent, future generations or this nation from tyranny and despair? Putin, Xi? Maybe Biden?

          And arguing with a fool – it’s hard to distinguish which is the fool. Just consider me a fool. I will step out (-;

            Aug 25, 2022 25:30 AM

            I was raised by my parents as a Christian, but after decades of studies of early Christian History, I no longer claim any allegiance to Christianity, while I do agree with most Christian moral values.
            Having made that disclaimer, may I support Jim M. in his attitude and statements.

            Aug 25, 2022 25:33 AM

            We’ll no Jim, I do respect your comments and The Holy Bible is completely accurate within about 98% I mean I know there’s some translations that are not 100% however a lot of the scriptures aren’t changed significantly at all. In most cases, doesn’t change anything. Nothing !

            So, I heard this argument before and those are false misleading lies otherwise if only some of it is good then none of it’s good, so why bother with it. It’s worthless. However, that’s untrue just because God wouldn’t let that happen. Reading all the Holy scriptures everything is completely accurate, it’s all holy and righteous and the disciples wrote it was all inspired by God nothing’s inaccurate very slight difference and that’s meaningless. Doesn’t change the Word of God at all. LOL

            Also, if you read the debates that have been going on it’s all about using grace to continue in a sinful habitual lifestyle as a cover. Corruption whatever sexual morality dishonesty etc etc

            Bottom line, if people want to use grace to continue in a sinful lifestyle that’s up to them but that’s completely contrary to what the Bible teaches and I’ve already discussed the implications and consequences on this site many many times.

            If you believe something different, because the Bible teaches contrary to these other beliefs you can use grace and just go out and have fun and do whatever you want.

            I do appreciate the rest of your comments however the argument has been not regarding that at all and it’s all of the above that I’ve pointed out.

            That’s all insignificant, it’s the using of grace as a cover to continue in sin and that leads to eternal punishment although people will want to refuse enduring sound doctrine. The abominable part about this is false teachers spreading these lies and destroying everything around them including the people leading them to eternal punishment.

            All the best and I hope this clear some misunderstandings however the above has been the argument and everything else is very insignificant what you’re discussing. All depends, it’s just this liberal grace that leads to sinful lifestyles and that leads to eternal punishment. Like I said, this is the very serious matter. The very reason why I’ve been in contact with you regarding this.

            Forgot to mention, everything in my previous comments holds true. “”Regardless”” of using grace as a cover to continue in sinful habitual lifestyles.

            Everything I have posted and the commentary is completely accurate. On all the blogs. Everything, is all based on scripture.

            Bottom line, there’s nothing being altered, changed or removed in all my comments

            Aug 25, 2022 25:53 PM

            Here’s a comment Jim, Big AL made a remark many many years ago I never forgot it. I guess I’ve been blessed with a fairly good memory and why, I remembered, I don’t know.

            Big AL said and I have a grown by leaps and bounds as a Christian since then. I’m always learning of course.

            I was very skeptical when he said this. In the quotes below. Fairly close but this is not the exact words. Maybe LOL

            “”I don’t think there’s going to be very many in heaven””

            We’ll, after carefully studying the Word of God all these years couldn’t be more true. I never thought it was going to be like this because it’s a very very narrow road and few will find it.

    Aug 25, 2022 25:14 AM

    Even Pocahontas admits student loan forgiveness is vote buying.

    Aug 25, 2022 25:32 AM

    Biden’s left-wing censorship of MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS IS NOW ALMOST COMPLETE.

    This includes facebook, twitter and Tik tok as well as all the legacy media netwotks.

    Even Goebbels did not have so complete censorship. !!!!

    Aug 25, 2022 25:03 AM

    I am disgusted as the science morons in politics and in the media LIE, LIE, FALSIFY REAL DATA and then lie about that.

      Aug 25, 2022 25:00 PM

      The Democrats are ignorant morons, who prefer to kill the U.S. economy rather than lose control.

      They don’t seem to care about the welfare of citizens or whether they starve or thrive…..everything is about maintaining control.
      Such an evil party deserves to die and be buried in ignominy.

    Aug 25, 2022 25:28 AM

    Support is growing for Russia in the international community. The world coming to grips with the war crimes of the NATO partners and what they have done in Ukraine since 2014.
    The international community also knows the nazi regime of Zelensky is attacking its own people to blame on Russia.
    Based on the main stream news and talking points of the CIA clowns🤡, a false flag blaming Russia is coming, because of the deep states desperation going into blind panic.
    They know the end is near. That’s why all the country leaders associated with the deep state are stepping down. Tribunals are coming.

      Aug 26, 2022 26:04 AM


        Aug 26, 2022 26:28 AM

        👎 the entire comment is fabricated pipe dreams
        Tribunals ? LOL x infinity

    Aug 25, 2022 25:48 AM

    Clif High on the impending death of the dollar:

    Aug 25, 2022 25:52 AM
    Aug 25, 2022 25:09 PM

    New data shows long Covid is keeping as many as 4 million people out of work

    Aug 25, 2022 25:10 PM

    Mar-a-Lago affidavit with redactions to be released noon Friday.

    Aug 25, 2022 25:41 PM

    Also Jim, I’m posting down here because it’s less crowded. I’m not sure where the post is going to end up at the top where we were discussing these matters.

    I heard all these stories before and I have debated them many times. Many claim the Catholics changed the Holy Bible and just many false spreading of lies and even old wives tales.

    Here is the facts, with some of the most highly brilliant and intelligent people making these false claims
    can never provide me where the changes were made in the Holy Bible with all the books and all the scriptures intact.

    The reason is, because the Holy Bible is just filled with wholesomeness, holiness and righteousness. Teaching good morals and not to do things wrong to inflict pain on others. There’s nothing in all the scriptures that teaches anything else.

    Here’s what I tell everyone, if anyone including the Catholics changed anything, they did it in God’s favor because it’s all holy, righteous and good.

    Unless of course, people love darkness. LOL and that’s the problem because men love darkness and they are contrary to God’s holiness and righteousness.

    That’s the problem. It’s not the Holy Bible, it’s man himself that is a fallen creature and refuses to change. Thereby, leading that person to eternal punishment. They reject God’s holiness and righteousness and they’re proven wicked and they’re going to suffer with the wicked because that’s who the wicked are all on their way to eternal punishment forever. God is true and it’s man that’s the fallen beast and the liar.

    Especially with sexual immorality and now today you have addictions with perversions. Most do with sexual immorality and this is a problem they will not give up their sexual immorality.
    Everything goes today. People do not want to part with it and so therefore they’re hostile against God’s holiness and righteousness and in complete defiance.

    That’s why Matthew 7:14 the path is narrow, difficult and few will be there to find it. Jesus own words.

      Aug 26, 2022 26:45 AM

      It is a narrow path, and I won’t know til I’m there if I get there. LOL!

      But the most important thing Christ gave to us peons is hope, hope that if we do our best to serve God and treat each other with charity, we will find forgiveness for our sins and attain HIS grace – not man’s grace.

        Aug 26, 2022 26:37 PM

        Anyway Jim, I think we had a discussion after this message was posted. Didn’t realize you messaged me.

        Anyway, we have to be on the narrow path now, it’s not later. It’s too late after the fact.

        The trick here is, we are all sinners however like I said in the other messages, we just can’t take pleasure in sin and unrighteousness. Enjoying our sin and these sinful lifestyles and habitual willful living is leading those that do this to eternal punishment. There’s no questions about it, no if’s, or buts, leads to eternal punishment.

    Aug 25, 2022 25:25 PM

    Traitor Biden is facilitating the sale of U.S. farmland to China.

    While this may prop up the dollar in the very short term, it WILL, mark my words, result in inflation, food shortages in the U.S. and even possibly a war if/when the U.S. stops exports of food to China.

    China now owns 60% of major meat processor firms in the U.S.

    We have a developing problem.
    Has Biden sold out to China? Hunter and Joe BOTH.

      Aug 25, 2022 25:31 PM

      You’re right, that’s very discerning and completely tragic for our future.

      Does not look good, even for the short term. Short-term, I would consider a year or two out.

    Aug 25, 2022 25:33 PM

    The United Front Work Department is a billion-dollar operation executed by the Chinese Communist Party seeking “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and “influence foreign individuals and the policies of foreign states to serve Beijing’s interests,” according to the federal U.S.-China Security and Economic Review Commission.

    The easiest way to destroy a country is bribe its corrupt leadership.

      Aug 25, 2022 25:42 PM

      Those are the protocols.

      CCP tentacles devouring and coiling up like a cobra, ready to strike when the time is right. CCP SHTF plan for USA

    Aug 25, 2022 25:56 PM

    I see Hunter is back to his old tricks, AND STILL GETTING PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT:

    Aug 25, 2022 25:40 PM
    Aug 25, 2022 25:21 PM
    Aug 25, 2022 25:46 PM
      Aug 25, 2022 25:12 PM

      Control the media and you control the minds of the sheep.
      Thanks to the education system, the majority are now sheep.

        Aug 25, 2022 25:38 PM

        I know you support that group that ‘controls’ the media. However, the people are waking up.
        Sheep no more. (bad for you). 🤡

          Aug 26, 2022 26:00 AM

          If you’re taking to me, Chartster….
          How do you explain my LEAVING CALIFORNIA?

          Hint: I could not stand the left-wing media and sheeple marching in lock-step.

    Aug 25, 2022 25:58 PM
    Aug 25, 2022 25:05 PM

    You may not remember that it was good OLD Joe that introduced the senate bill that made student loan debt non-dischargeable by bankruptcy.

      Aug 26, 2022 26:54 AM

      Real food for thought

    Aug 25, 2022 25:43 PM


    Black Criminal Gangs Loot California Stores

    San Francisco mass looting spreads to Los Angeles and Walnut Creek

    Los Angeles PD warns criminals against making latest looting tactic ‘a new trend’

    The Los Angeles Police Department is warning people in the city not to create a new looting trend where suspects form a “flash mob”

    Smash-and-grab thieves attack stores around the country, California security guard shot dead as crime rages

    A former police officer was shot and killed while protecting a news crew reporting on a smash-and-grab incident.


    Our nation is descending into a real third world crime ridden festering cesspool. Will this nation be recognizable in a couple years ? Will it even be safe anymore in our own dwelling ?

    And the cause ? You guessed it !

    Aug 25, 2022 25:59 PM

    million dollar home flops
    🏘️🔨 panicked sellers

    🗣️ I just want out

    Aug 25, 2022 25:28 PM

    The Pope warns of nuclear ☢️Armageddon. Says world must deescalate immediately.

    What if it escalates though. OOC then what ❔

    Aug 26, 2022 26:59 AM

    effectiveness of JAB discussion..Right al…lmao

    Aug 26, 2022 26:35 AM

    al or Howard are enlightened and ask the smart questions…

    Aug 26, 2022 26:39 AM

    so in summary…yes al the jabs ARE effective…lmao

      Aug 26, 2022 26:40 AM

      This story is about multi-talented con man Mike Adams of Natural News, considered the number one lunatic of the pseudoscience and anti-science pushing American Loons (a particularly vile form of worldwide loons).

      Mike Adams, who styles himself as the Health Ranger (more like the anti-Health Ranger), runs the anti-science website, Natural News. Adams claims that Natural News is a science-based natural health advocacy organization, led by himself, a proclaimed “activist-turned-scientist.”

      Mike Adams: A brief history of a health scamster turned political scamster

      Mike Adams as the ultimate example of how to monetize quackery through social media, but, as regular readers know, Adams is nothing if not a multitalented con man. Health misinformation was just the grift to which he turned after the turn of the century after having peddled Y2K scams that had become useless as the year 1999 turned into 2000 without much in the way of major disruptions of computer networks. My knowledge of his history, in fact, was why I doubted that Adams had been Willis’ mysterious employer; basically, Adams had a long history of mastering the dark arts of spamming and black hat SEO and had already achieved this before Willis came to work for him:

    Aug 26, 2022 26:11 AM
    Aug 26, 2022 26:26 AM

    JIM, I COULDN’T ADDRESS EVERYTHING. (Your original comments are below and for proof)

    First, I had to bring understanding to why the Word of God is valid. Anyone that disregards scriptures is not in faith and that individual hellbound because that’s unbelief. With your comments below you’ve already changed the Word of God. You changed the truth of God into a lie that’s in scripture and anyone that changes,ads or subtracts will be removed out of The book of Life. Hellbound. Revelation 22:19


    “””Let us have our peace. grant us the freedom to interpret our faith ourselves.”””


    Most of the scriptures you’re quoting are all the scriptures false teachers use in false accusations that judging is wrong. Yes it is wrong if you’re not judging righteously and this is rightly dividing the word of truth God’s Word and we need to turn to the full council of God.

    The Word of God contradicts what you’re saying because here it is we need to judge righteously.
    . 1 Corinthians 2:15 ( I am judged by no man) in God’s eyes because I’m using scripture, not my own philosophies. John 7:24 (judge righteous judgment)


    If you stay in that condition, you know what the consequences are and that’s your decision. Including it’s your business.

    Your original comments are below for reference to your false teaching.


    jim m
    Aug 25, 2022 25:46 AM
    Who wrote scripture, HG? When was it written? How much did Jesus write to spread his word? You have all the truth? Oh no, but scripture does – though every human being interprets scripture differently, or do we all see it exactly the same? Genisis? Revelations? Seems you are missing some simple points that Jesus presented to the world, and these, Matthew 7: 1-6, James 2:13, Romans 14:12,13. Let us have our peace. grant us the freedom to interpret our faith ourselves. I will never pretend to understand all, or know God’s will or his plan.

      Aug 26, 2022 26:02 AM

      Guess who’s blog this is HG, you can leave, I will not. I was talking to you when I said ” Let us (us meaning other bloggers with inquisitive minds) have our peace. grant us the freedom to interpret our faith ourselves.”

      That is not scripture, that was a polite request for you to stop spewing your false righteousness (we are all sinners, brother) on the other people who are tired of it.

        Aug 26, 2022 26:23 AM

        Jim, you say false righteousness.

        2 Thessalonians 2:12

        12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.


        In reference to the above scripture. I have hundreds and hundreds of scriptures that we can’t take pleasure in willful sinful habitual lifestyles. It leads to eternal punishment if you can read.

        Show me in my comments I asked you to leave. That’s another lie.

        I just stated, I didn’t want you addressing me and didn’t want any further comments from you but that’s fine, I’m defending the truth here that’s a different story right now.

        However, once you’ve decided to stay in that spiritual condition as a false teacher spreading lies, I have nothing to do with that. I want no more conversations with you. You stay on this blog as long as you want, just don’t address me. I don’t want your lies. That’s the only defense against the truth is your lies and you keep lying. You’re an abominable false teacher.

          Aug 26, 2022 26:05 PM

          Once again, arguing with a fool….I guess I am (-;

            Aug 26, 2022 26:35 PM

            Jim, absolutely not.

            Once upon a time I was living a lie.

            Romans 1:22

            Professing to be wise, they became fools

            I decided, from studying the Word of God I could no longer live that a lie. The price I would be paying would be for eternity. There’s no turning back either and that’s why I’m using everyday as an opportunity to stay out of that eternal shame forever. Pain and suffering beyond human imagination. Nothing here is worth that price.

            The Word of God has taught me, just like the scripture above says.. professing to be wise and I was only a fool.

            The only difference in all of us, is that we are all sinners and the problem is that people are taking pleasure in it.

            Can’t take pleasure in it, especially for a habitual sinful lifestyle on a regular basis.

            Anyway, there’s much more however it’s just like Matthew 7:14 says in Jesus own words.

            The road is narrow, difficult and few will be there to find it.

            Is that ever true and several years ago I would have never believe that it’s such a very very narrow narrow road.

            “””Here’s the bottom line, if we’re doing everything right, the righteous are scarcely saved, we barely make it.”””

            1 Peter 4
            18 And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?


            No one can boast either however we can’t continue in sinful habitual lifestyles and that’s what’s being taught out there. Continuing in that kind of lifestyle leads to eternal punishment forever. Enjoying sin. No, we can’t do it, going to pay a price forever, pain and suffering beyond human imagination. That’s who the wicked are, they’re enjoying their sin and wickedness.

    Aug 26, 2022 26:50 AM

    The 14 pages of the release affidavit were redacted into uselessness.

    It does not surprise me so much redaction…..the judge has extreme bias and is happy to cover-up.

    Aug 26, 2022 26:18 AM
    Aug 26, 2022 26:08 PM

    My gold short forecast from last week is working out perfectly. In the junior mining sector.

    That trade, depends on the short position taken on certain stocks or the gdxj for instance is currently in a profit of at least 6% from the time I forecasted it. Some of the individual stocks at least twice that.

    That’s why the rookies are wrong. This was a trade not based on greed. Always dreaming and never realistically analyzing the market these hopefuls.

    I just want to make money LOL

    That’s what they’re going to lose money all the time. They’re trading principles and strategies are non-existent.

    Always shooting from the hip LOL