Jimmy comments on counter intelligence

Big Al
August 26, 2022
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Consider what Jim has to say as he pours over this information more than any who I know.
    Aug 26, 2022 26:44 PM

    Hi JIMMY…. Thanks for the mention , of the person on the blog , who is causing mayham. I am all for free speech , but not for those who think that their oppinion , overrides the the believes & oppinion of others.

      Aug 26, 2022 26:06 PM

      I believe that this recording and the mention of me at the 9 minute mark was done before the conversations I had with Jim afterwards. If, Jim is still the same opinion, I will not be conversing with him any longer.

      And you Tony, your comments are completely false. I have been falsely accused for several days and it’s not me that’s a liar.

      Take your false misinformation and your lies and keep them to yourself.

        Aug 26, 2022 26:37 PM

        DITTO TONY……………………..

        Aug 26, 2022 26:39 PM

        Hello hg … What false information & lies are you talking about. I am just trying to have a conversation with you , but you come back at me , with venum by calling me a wolf , & claiming i have S**T for brains . I am trying to understand what makes you tick . I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY.

          Aug 26, 2022 26:52 PM

          Please, never called you a wolf. That’s a lie and you’re a false accuser.

          Please provide the proof.

          You’ve done nothing but harass me in here asking me questions and then when I bring forward the information in goodwill , then claiming I’m arrogant. You insisted for me to deny the correct answer. That I’m wrong. Again and again even though I confirm the answer. Told you several times you can believe the other interpretations I’m not forcing you. I told you and go believe the other opinions.

          You’re more than welcome I told you to take the other interpretations and I’m not forcing you. Had to tell you several times just kept harassing me for no reason.

          It’s true too, I’ve been falsely accused for the last several days. However, according to you I’m the predator. This has been going on for years.

          It’s all unnecessary abuse.

            Aug 26, 2022 26:10 PM

            Hi hg… I never once called you a predator . I am trying to reach out to you as a fellow human being. I am trying to have a friendly conversation with you. Why do you treat all others as your enemy ? I just can not understand why , you treat everybody , who doe’s not agree with you as your mortal enemy. HG.. We are good people on this blog , we care for each other , even you.

            Aug 26, 2022 26:25 PM

            Again, your false accuser. I never did say that you called me a predator. Can you read. Read my comment again. LOL

            Stop lying, it’s an analogy because you keep portraying in your comments and the original comment on the blog that I’m the aggressor.


            You don’t even remember what you posted and all your commentary LOL

            We have many lies now, you accuse me of calling you a wolf and that’s completely false.

            Ha Ha. .. we’ll, falsely accusing me and lying consistently and you’re claiming these are good people and there are but I’ve been falsely accused and abused. It’s the good people that aren’t doing it. Hello! LOL

            Like I said the original comment to you. Take your false accusations and all your lies and keep them to yourself including all your malicious rhetoric that’s unnecessary.


            Nothing but false accusations and many lies now.

    Aug 26, 2022 26:21 PM

    The FBI Affidavit for the Mar-A-Lago search warrant Is So Redacted, They Even Redacted Their Reasons For Redacting What They Redacted.

    The judge should be impeached for:
    1. Ignorance of the law.
    2. Laziness for failing to look up the law.
    or 3. Extreme bias.
    any which way he is a disgrace to the justice system……lifetime tenure invites incompetence.

    Aug 26, 2022 26:31 PM

    JIMMY…………..BARR AND MUELLER WERE PART OF IT>…………… we covered the facts over the years…..

      Aug 26, 2022 26:43 PM

      Hi Jerry, I agree , but i am sure Jimmy knows that. But i believe in his position , he must be carefull about what he say’s.

        Aug 26, 2022 26:46 PM

        Yes, …….. I would tend to agree with your thoughts on his position….

    Aug 26, 2022 26:44 PM

    Hello Tony………….. Hope everything is going OK………………. Hang in there……….

      Aug 26, 2022 26:35 PM

      Hi Jerry … Yes i am fine. I am traveling to Ireland next week , to see my older sister & younger brother, & other family members , who i have not seen in 3 years, because of the fake lockdowns. I have missed them so much . So no more silly comments from me , to the people on this blog from next Monday , for two weeks….. I know there will be sorrow & a knashing of teeth , for my absent…… LOL… But i’l be back.

        Aug 26, 2022 26:16 PM

        BTW…. hg will be be so angry that i have gone… one less person to be angry with & diducule.

        Aug 26, 2022 26:26 PM

        Have safe travels……… and have a wonderful time…….. great to have family members to share some time with…….. hoping for your safe return…..
        Best to you,

    Aug 26, 2022 26:10 PM

    Traitor Joe clearly violated Trump’s CONSTITUTIONIAL RIGHTS and should be impeached.
    Since when does any President have the right to act like a dictator and classify all records inpossession of a previous President, AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN DE-CLASSIFIED. JUST SO THE FBI COULD GO ON A WITCH-HUNT.

      Aug 26, 2022 26:27 PM

      Hi CFS …. It’s not biden , Right now America DOE’S NOT HAVE A PRESIDENT, not since 2022. What America has , is a usefull puppet……………….. The real President lurkes in the backround, it’s not kamila . my guess its O , another puppet.

        Aug 26, 2022 26:39 PM

        I agree Joe is non compus mentis and Obama or a group from the DNC are pulling the strings.

    Aug 26, 2022 26:14 PM

    What’s really funny all the pundits figured the Fed was going to go dovish.


    All these analysts, newsletter writers and listening to Bill Holter the big guru been off for 10 years and Matterhorn Asset Management selling gold and pumping out bullish information so they can sell their products that’s all.

    LOL x infinity

    2023 and 24 looks like the worst financial crisis in world history.

    The leverage is just stratospherically astronomical and look out below.


    Coupled with a World War right on your own soil and it’s going to be a fire sale all right🔥 there’s a specific reason too

    Aug 26, 2022 26:08 PM

    We live in a new era of left-wing McCarthyism.

    Impeach corrupt Joe Biden.

    Aug 26, 2022 26:15 PM

    The leadership of the FBI are clearly corrupt and NEED to be FIRED.
    but won’t be because Hiden is dirty.

    Aug 26, 2022 26:39 PM

    Pink Floyd, MAGA DEPLORABLE, has recently been tagged as semi-fascist. Sanford & Son, AKA Biden & son/daughter, have therefore become Ipso facto: semi-intelligent hypocritic thugs