Monday’s Editorial

September 19, 2022
    Sep 19, 2022 19:21 PM

    Biden WILL NOT RUN IN 2024, even if he lives that long.
    He is TOO OBVIOUSLY SENILE – people will not vote for a “leader” who is mentally deficient.

      Sep 20, 2022 20:53 AM

      I disagree with you CFS as I think that a large number of people will vote for Biden if he runs in 2024. There aare a larlge number of democrats who think tht he is doing just fine! Sad but true.

    Sep 19, 2022 19:37 PM

    The Western Governments are Attacking the Western small Businesses ! No Putin ! I tray to stay positive yes AL ! But no Blind ! Jimmy it’s the same in Belgium sudden and strange Deaths and sick’s , are devently UP ! Stay strong it will be UGLY ! Jimmy ! The 70 Billion $ off Ukraine Helpe is londert Back to Western Banks . No Putin involved ! 24 / 7 Corruption ! All is Bill-ding the Electronic Fake green Prison !

      Sep 20, 2022 20:56 AM

      That is an interesting obsrvation, Franky about the western banks. I have not experiened that so far.

    Sep 19, 2022 19:38 PM

    Statistically, the vaccines for covid-19, as measured BY EXCESS DEATHS, degrades the innate immune system and shortens lives.
    This has now been reported by statistics in USA. Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, U.K., Gambia, Denmark and Switzerland.
    There are NO COUNTRIES that report increased life expectancy after vaccination.

    Sep 19, 2022 19:02 PM

    If you think the economy is bad now…..wait until heating bills hit.

    Depending on region of the country Natural Gas is already up y-o-y about 20%.
    Many (if not most) utility companies have further rate increase requests pending.

    Further, with European gas prices much higher than the U.S., more profit can be made by exporting LNG, which will be limited oinly by shipping capacity.

      Sep 20, 2022 20:11 AM

      I agree that this winter could bring some economic chaos!

    Sep 19, 2022 19:12 PM


    Senile Joe may not realize it,

    BUT Biden can no longer issue Executive Orders under Emergency Powers.
    Senile Joe just declared the emergency over.

      Sep 20, 2022 20:09 AM

      I just spent a weekend in Seattle and the majority were still wearing masks. I mean the MAJORITY.

        Sep 20, 2022 20:52 AM


    Sep 19, 2022 19:36 PM


    The vaccines CONTINUE TO MAKE THE SPIKE PROTEIN in the body for at least 6 months.

    It is the SPIKE PROTEIN that does the damage.

    Sep 19, 2022 19:51 PM

    J.M. you are not alone in your loses…The world is fighting back…

      Sep 19, 2022 19:22 PM

      Nice Jerry ! Have a look jimmy !

        Sep 20, 2022 20:41 AM

        I hope it resonates – we need an awakening and retribution for evil.

      Sep 19, 2022 19:03 PM

      THANKS LARRY…………………. the vid……. should be an EYE OPENER FOR THE STUPID…………

    Sep 19, 2022 19:09 PM

    BIDEN IS WORTHLESS………….. and has been for decades………

    Jimmy I am sorry to hear about your loses………. Respectfully…….

    Sep 19, 2022 19:47 PM


    U.S. Health Sec. Xavier Becerra supported a surprise comment over the weekend from President Joe Biden, who declared the pandemic over.

    “The president is correct,” Becerra told Yahoo Finance Monday.

    “He’s made it clear that Americans are still dying in the hundreds every day from COVID, and so we have to stay at this. The vaccines are the most effective way for us to stay protected,” Becerra added.

    LIKE DUH………….’the vaccines (JABS)….are MOST EFFECTIVE”……….. I CALL THAT TREASON…against the AMERICAN SHEEPLE…………..

    Sep 19, 2022 19:40 PM


    I can’t recall but I think CFS maybe posted it…info on groups helping people get autopsies regarding the shots the deceased relatives had. And sorry for your losses.

      Sep 20, 2022 20:30 AM

      We are, let all know if we find anything.

    Sep 19, 2022 19:53 PM

    To the best of my knowledge conventional naval warfare has ceased ro exist,
    Ships can stand off 100 hundred miles and sink opposing ships.

    Satellite surveillance is most important.
    Despite what senile Joe may say the U.S. does not have the capability to help Taiwan AFTER an attack by China.
    The U.S. will lose ships.

      Sep 20, 2022 20:46 AM

      There will be a rude awakening to US war planners if we fight China, DF 21, DF 26 carrier busters, DURFIM Jammers, J6 fighters. Can we win? Yes, but at what cost and why? No one will win, it will come down to who looses the most.

    Sep 19, 2022 19:59 PM
    Sep 19, 2022 19:14 PM

    You think you live in a civilized country ?

      Sep 20, 2022 20:35 AM

      My cell phone is turned off 75-80% of the time. Most calls I make to friends and relatives out of state, are via WiFi. There’s a line I thought of some time ago about people who walk about with their noses buried in their “smart” phones, oblivious to surroundings.

      Recently I finally used part of it after I finished my swimming workout at the health club.
      As I opened the door to the locker room, there was a young hulk, stopped dead, blocking the way, with his nose in his phone. Whether he heard me or not, I used part of the line:

      “I know a good place for that phone if your head weren’t there already.”

      I used the first part, not the part about the location of his head.

    Sep 19, 2022 19:25 PM

    Sahsa Stone, survivor of The Doors Strange Days, recent Republican Oscar-winning convert, may very well have a future working for the Queen of Spain. As per Carrie Ann Moss, stay tuned…

    Sep 20, 2022 20:52 AM

    Jimmy… You have my sympathy on the loss of family members.

    Unfortunately, the covid jab may be a contributing factor. Excess death numbers point to a high correlation with the jabs, but official sources won’t even acknowledge that. They failed to test and ensure jab safety in the first place. And now, they cannot even consider and admit that the jab program was and still is reckless and probably killing people.

    Sep 20, 2022 20:18 AM

    I guess societal downhill decline now includes your food loving connoisseur palate…funny that book ‘soylent’ chose to use the term green for eating people……go green…no doubt…

    I now regret not eating lobster as a young man in Boston where I did some training…I thought it was too pricey…………………. I assume eating people will be cheap?…What if it is pricey…What then?…That is really loosing in a big way…..g-d bless comrade biden…

      Sep 20, 2022 20:25 AM

      Pizzagate,…….will take on a new meaning…… or just remind us , that it was just them getting some practice in before going green….

    Sep 20, 2022 20:41 AM

    Hey EBO…………. McDuff, is going to talk about RAND….today…at 11 am…..

    McDuff’s Mindfields, ep. 188: “Breaking Russia: The RAND Corporation plan”

    Sep 20, 2022 20:57 AM

    Hah! Boys! Biden says it’s a matter of that old expression, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Maybe he can eat some Putin Pudding….

    Can you boys make heads or tails of what Uncle Joe is saying???