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Big Al
October 7, 2022
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    Oct 07, 2022 07:27 PM

    Biden is a sociopath as are nearly all politicians.

    Oct 07, 2022 07:28 PM

    Biden had “Just TWO words” for us…….
    “Made (1) in (2) America (3)”

    On climate change……
    It is most dependent on the Sun, not on earth’s atmosphere; although the atmosphere can affect localities in earth.
    While the theory of the sun and its corona is not yet fully understood, what is understood would seem to me to indicate in our future (few years) probability would indicate lower temperatures.

    Planetary alignment, unfortunately, also indicates a not insignificant possibility of a Carrington type event.

    Oct 07, 2022 07:51 PM

    We have two problematic areas in the U.S.

    The easy one to solve is government over-spending.
    Unfortunately , human nature being what it is, it will NOT be solved until an economic collapse imposes a solution.
    The other major problem is relative deterioration in education.
    (I suspect the invention of television – providing opium for the masses – plays no insignificant part in the problem. It is so much easier to sit in front of a screen and be entertained, than to seek knowledge.)

    Oct 07, 2022 07:25 PM
    Oct 07, 2022 07:46 PM
    Oct 07, 2022 07:55 PM

    One of the problems of having a senile leader…..

    A year ago, as interest rates were bottoming out, the U.S. could have locked ALL ITS DEBT at about 1.7% interest rate.

    But our leader and other politicians are self-centered morons. Did they go to long-term debt financing as almost every radio station was advertising “Last chance low interest mortgages” ?
    Of course not ; we are led by financially ignorant fools.
    I am simply forced to believe our politicians are too stupid. They must see some political advantage from deliberately crashing the economy.

    Oct 07, 2022 07:25 PM

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given almost $58 million to the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) over the last thirteen years. Most recently, in September 2022, the Gates Foundation committed $560,021.00 to the Clinton Health Initiative “to leverage manufacturing capabilities in China to increase supply security and enhance the supply of key health commodities in low- and middle-income countries.” In other words, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Health Access Initiative are collaborating to make developing countries depend on communist China for healthcare and medical products. And they’ve been doing so for years.

    The alliance between the Gates and Clinton foundations to foster global reliance on China comes at the same time as the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)—the signature event of the controversial Clinton Foundation—returns after a six-year absence. As reported by Natalie Winters of the National Pulse, the Gates Foundation provided no additional details on how the Clinton/Gates partnership would carry out its goal of promoting reliance on communist China, which is slated to run for 18 months.


      Oct 07, 2022 07:35 PM

      Gates is OLD NEWS…………… and nobody…….. is going to do anything about it………
      Gates has the perverted mind……… goes way back……. Planned Parenthood with his daddy….
      Mommy is the IBM…..stooge…… for Watson….. WW2…..
      NO BODY CARES………………
      Perversion with all the shots in INDIA, HAITI and AFRICA……… NO BODY CARES… sad,
      the pervert has been able to hoodwink the public ….

    Oct 07, 2022 07:29 PM

    This is FREAKY FRIDAY………………… NOT THURSDAY……….

    Biden is the Puppet……for the CORPORATION …

    The agenda ………. has not changed for a very long time, …..only the puppets have changed.

    Even if proven that he is corrupt………. NO BODY IN DC…… is going to do anything about …
    Just like they did nothing with HILLY,…. All BS……….

    Oct 07, 2022 07:45 PM

    It looks like Bakhmut will fall to Putin’s forces in the next few days…..the whole of Donbas will follow.
    Looks to me everything is going fine for Putin, as he planned. (I don’t think he ever intended to take all of Ukraine.)

    Oct 07, 2022 07:47 PM

    While occupying the office of U.S. Vice-President, Joe Biden used his position to secure the firing of a Ukrainian Prosecutor who was investigating the possible criminal activities of Hunter Biden, his own son.

    Joe Biden bragged about this abuse of power and thought it was just fine to use his position as Vice-President to economically blackmail another country and subvert justice for personal gain and protection.

    Clearly, such a man lacks the moral compass we need in public office, and yes, it is entirely credible that he would act illegally to promote a secretive attack on the Nordstream pipelines— both out of personal pique and commercial greed.

    This thuggish disregard for law is part and parcel of Joe Biden and the political party that supports him. It was the Soup du Jour during the eight year-long crime spree known as the Obama Administration and it is the same now.

    Under Obama we watched our military dismantled and denigrated, our enemies given arms while our friends were killed by “friendly fire”, and our money was counterfeited offshore with the President’s personal approval. Illegal arms sales to enemy forces by the Obama State Department were at the heart of the Benghazi Massacre.

    And we still haven’t learned our lessons?

    We have just witnessed the dismemberment of the Ukraine. Why? Because it was being used as the base for criminal activities—- the staging ground for illegal NATO biological warfare facilities, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and arms trafficking.

    Our own country is being used in much the same way to provide the white collar support for these patently evil and illegal activities.

      Oct 07, 2022 07:06 PM

      It seems to me that many Ukraine commentators do not take into account Russians are fighting in Ukraine to liberate Russian speakers, not to conquer them.
      Russia does not want to kill those.

    Oct 07, 2022 07:00 PM

    Russia appears capable of jamming Starlink satellite communications being used in Ukraine.

    Oct 07, 2022 07:43 PM
    Oct 07, 2022 07:23 PM

    Big Brother needs to be eradicated. we should never accept fascism.

    Oct 07, 2022 07:54 PM

    Pretendent Biden, I want to end my day with just TWO words for you”
    “Let’s go, Brandon”